1st Edition

Behaviour Change for Sustainability

By Adam Corner, Gareth Kane, Paula Owen Copyright 2012

    Behaviour Change for Sustainability is a compilation of 3 bestselling sustainability guides that gathers together, in one place, a variety of effective tools and techniques for encouraging a lasting shift to sustainable behaviours in business and society.

    Promoting Sustainable Behaviour offers the definitive guide to building a sustainable behaviour campaign that works. By summarising "what really works" and pulling out the most important messages from the evidence base, this book contains all the tools you need to maximize the success of your sustainable behaviour initiative – in households, when commuting, in the workplace and beyond.

    Green Jujitsu outlines the smart way to embed sustainability within the culture of any organization, by working with employees' strengths and interests. Gareth Kane points out the hallmarks of unsuccessful approaches to cultural change, which are often confused, unimaginative or confrontational. He puts forward an alternative framework designed to play to people's strengths and interests and genuinely engage them in problem-solving.

    Gamification is fast emerging as a user engagement and behaviour change tool that succeeds where other tactics and strategies have failed. How Gamification Can Help Your Business Engage in Sustainability contains all the information businesses and other organizations need to make an informed decision about whether to adopt gamification as part of their own business and sustainability strategies – and the tools to get started.

    Promoting Sustainable Behaviour: A practical guide to what works, Abstract, About The Author, 1. Promoting Sustainable Behaviour: What’s The Point?, 2. Framing Your Messages: What Values Are You Appealing To?, 3. Harnessing The Power Of Social Norms, 4. Breaking Bad Habits and Creating Good Ones, 5. Using Scare Tactics: Does It Work?, 6. Putting It All Together: Making Wider Change, Green Jujitsu: The Smart Way to Embed Sustainability into Your Organisation, 1. Why Sustainability Programmes Fail, 2. The Green Jujitsu Approach, 3. Providing Information, 4. Engaging Emotionally, 5. Nudging People Onto The Right Path, 6. Human Resources Issues, Conclusions, Annex: Group Exercises, References


    Corner, Adam; Kane, Gareth; Owen, Paula