1st Edition

Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas

ISBN 9780415563260
Published August 7, 2009 by CRC Press
998 Pages

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Book Description

Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas comprises the latest progress in both theoretical and experimental research on the behaviour of steel structures in seismic areas. The book presents the most recent trends in the field of steel structures in seismic areas, with particular reference to the utilisation of multi-level performance based design concepts, the analysis of factors influencing the steel structure behaviour during strong ground motions, minimizing earthquake damage, seismic retrofit, the collapse behavior of steel structures, recent developments in advanced large-scale experimental techniques, and the utilization of large-scale seismic testing facilities. A valuable resource for engineers, scientists, and Ph.D. students in Civil Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Steel Construction, Steel Development, and Building Disaster Prevention.

Table of Contents

Keynote lectures

Damage-free seismic-resistant self-centering steel concentrically-braced frames
D. Roke, R. Sause, J.M. Ricles & N. Gonner
Presented by: R. Sause

Full-scale tests of passively-controlled 5-story steel building using E-Defense shake
table part 1: test concept, method, and building specimen 11
K. Kasai, S. Motoyui, H. Ito, H. Ozaki, M. Ishii, K. Kajiwara & T. Hikino
Presented by: K. Kasai

The structural response of submerged floating tunnel to multi-support seismic excitations
G. Martire, M. Esposto, B. Faggiano, F.M. Mazzolani, R. Landolfo, A. Zollo & T.A. Stabile
Presented by: F.M. Mazzolani

Behaviour of heavy sections welded moment connections
A. Plumier, C. Lequesne, H. Degée, A. Bannister & W. Hoelbling
Presented by: A. Plumier

Session 1: Advanced steel structures and testing methods

Seismic response of 2D and 3D buildings incorporating buckling-restrained and self-centering bracing systems
H. Choi, J. Erochko, C. Christopoulos & R. Tremblay

Performance based evaluation of steel special moment resisting frames with viscous dampers
H. Kit Miyamoto, A.S. Gilani & A. Wada

A framework for hybrid simulation of semi-rigid steel frames
H.N. Mahmoud & A.S. Elnashai

Experimental performance of full-scale eccentrically braced frames with replaceable shear links
N. Mansour, C. Christopoulos & R. Tremblay

Experimental assessment of the seismic performance of a self-centering steel MRF system with beam web friction devices
Y.C. Lin, J.M. Ricles, R. Sause & C.Y. Seo

Large-scale real-time hybrid simulation of steel MRFs equipped with compressed elastomer dampers
T.L. Karavasilis, C. Chen, J.M. Ricles & R. Sause

Innovative bracing system for seismic resistant steel structures
O. Palkopoulou, P. Karydakis & I. Vayas

Experiences of design, fabrication and installation of TV towers with concrete
shaft and head steel structures
M.R. Eslami, B. Haghighi & F. Rahiminia

Session 2: Passive, semi- and active control

Full-scale tests of passively-controlled 5-story steel building using E-Defense shake table part 2: preliminary analysis results
K. Kasai, Y. Ooki, H. Ito, S. Motoyui, T. Hikino & E. Sato

Full-scale tests of passively-controlled 5-story steel building using E-Defense shake table part 3: full-scale tests for dampers and beam-column subassemblies
Y. Ooki, K. Kasai, S. Motoyui, K. Kaneko, K. Kajiwara & T. Hikino

Seismic design and evaluation of steel MRFs with compressed elastomer dampers
T.L. Karavasilis, R. Sause & J.M. Ricles

Performance assessment of buckling-restrained braced frame dual systems
C. Ariyaratana & L.A. Fahnestock

Test of two story steel frames installing viscous wall damper
T. Sawada, K. Nagashima, M. Ikenaga, S. Nagata, K. Suzuki & A. Wada

Session 3: Global behaviour I

Full scale shaking table collapse experiment on 4-story steel moment frame: part 1 outline of the experiment
S. Yamada, K. Kasai, Y. Shimada, K. Suita, M. Tada & Y. Matsuoka

Full scale shaking table collapse experiment on 4-story steel moment frame: part 2 detail of collapse behavior
K. Suita, S. Yamada, K. Kasai, Y. Shimada, M. Tada & Y. Matsuoka

Simulation of E-Defense full-scale shake-table test results of moment-resisting steel frame
T. Hikino, M. Ohsaki, K. Kasai & M. Nakashima

A comparative analysis of performances of high strength steel dual frames of buckling restrained braces vs. dissipative shear walls
F. Dinu, D. Dubina & C. Neagu

Cyclic performance of full-scale two-story narrow steel plate shear walls
C.H. Li, K.C. Tsai & C.H. Lin

Session 4: Connection behaviour I

Qualification of beam to column connections of cold formed steel shapes
G.F. Valencia-Clement

Effects of gauge distance of angle on moment-rotation behavior of top- and seat-angle connections
N. Kishi, M. Komuro, Y. Sato & W.F. Chen

Structural behavior of steel framework with knee brace in H-section weak axis column-to-beam connection with high-strength bolts
A. Nomoto, K. Ebato & Y. Harada

Ultimate behaviour of dissipative T-stub connections
M. Latour & G. Rizzano

Experimental studies on steel and steel concrete composite joints under symmetrical and asymmetrical loads
D. Dan, V. Stoian, T. Nagy Gyorgy & I. Demeter

Collaborative substructure pseudo dynamic test on building with new column-bases
H. Tamai, T. Takamatsu, T. Yamanishi & M. Tada

Session 5: Member behaviour; mixed and composite structures; global behaviour

Failure assessment of bracing members under cyclic loading
K.H. Nip, L. Gardner & A.Y. Elghazouli

Bending shear behavior of shear yield precedence short-span beam part 3: experimental results and evaluation of maximum strength
Y. Sawamoto, S. Yoshikai, N. Tanaka, Y. Harada, K. Morita & A. Hotaka

Results of a probabilistic analysis on the seismic performance of PR steel-concrete composite frames
C. Amadio, M. Bella, V. Bertoni & L. Macorini

Dynamic behaviour of cold-formed steel structures under seismic loads
B. Calderoni, C. Giubileo & A. De Martino

Investigations on the effect of frame member connection rigidity on the behavior of steel plate shear wall systems
M. Dastfan & R.G. Driver

Seismic vulnerability of RC structures integrated with metal shear panels: a study case
A. Formisano, F.M. Mazzolani & G. De Matteis

Session 6: Connection behaviour II

Shear lugs for column bases
C. Aguirre & I. Palma

Structural behaviour of tension type high strength bolted connection between web plate of wide flange section and split-T
K. Ebato, Y. Harada & A. Nomoto

Behavior of exposed column-base exhibiting spindle-type restoring force characteristics
T. Watanabe, H. Kadoya, T. Hagino, T. Nakano, H. Masuda & K. Morita

Cyclic test of new steel structure with metallic dampers
Y.J. Kim, S.D. Kim, S.H. Oh, H.S. Ryu & M.H. Yoon

Built-up T-stub connections for special and intermediate moment frames. Numerical and experimental testing for prequalification
E.G. Hantouche, G.A. Rassati & J.A. Swanson

Session 7: Global behaviour II

Partial frame testing of a sustainable building steel structure system
M. Iwata & Y. Shima

New criteria for taking account of P-Δ effects in seismic design of steel structure
J.M. Aribert & H.T. Vu

Influence of the brace overstrength on the seismic behavior of chevron braced frames
M. Bosco, E.M. Marino & P.P. Rossi

Effect of gravity columns on mitigation of story drift concentration for concentrically braced steel frames
X. Ji, M. Kato, T. Wang, T. Hitaka & M. Nakashima

Improvement of seismic behavior of concentrically braced frames making use of fuse elements in brace members
A. Rezaeian, R. Izadifar & S. Sharifi Pirkoohi

Session 8: Mixed and composite structures I

A study on the connection of concrete filled steel tubes (CFT) with built-in steel bars
Q.Y. Qiao, A. Kawano, A. Nawa, K. Kutani & T. Shirakawa

Improving the seismic robustness of reinforced concrete frames by using locally hybrid steel-concrete columns
H. Degée & A. Plumier

Experimental analysis of the cyclic response of CFT-SHS members
F. Iannone, L. Mastrandrea, R. Montuori & V. Piluso

Experimental behavior of composite beam-column flush end plate connections subjected to low probability, high consequence loading
O. Mirza, B. Uy, P. Chalhoub & D. Maenpaa

Numerical analysis on composite steel concrete structural shear walls with steel encased profiles
A. Fabian, V. Stoian & D. Dan

Analytical investigation of through plate connection to concrete filled tube (CFT) column
Y.B. Minouei, R. Mirghaderi & S. Ahlehagh

Session 9: Global behaviour III

Incremental dynamic analysis of multi-storey concentrically braced steel frames
L. Tirca & R. Tremblay

Relationship between global and local indicators of the performance of eccentrically braced frames under seismic loads
S. Koboevic´, J. Rozon & R. Tremblay

Optimal design of eccentrically braced frames with vertical link (V-EBFs) in order to maximize energy dissipation
F. Hamedi, S. Taherkhani & A.R. Rezaeian

Plastic limit analysis of self-centering steel moment resisting frames
P. Rojas, M. Caballero, J.M. Ricles & R. Sause

A design procedure for dual eccentrically braced-moment resisting systems: theory
M. Bosco, A. Ghersi & P.P. Rossi

A design procedure for dual eccentrically braced-moment resisting systems: numerical investigation
M. Bosco & P.P. Rossi

Session 10: Performance-based design

Modeling of component deterioration for collapse prediction of steel moment frames
D.G. Lignos, H. Krawinkler & F. Zareian

Seismic performance evaluation of moment-resisting steel frames with different levels of ductility
H. Daneshvar & R.G. Driver

Evaluation of design procedure for steel self-centering moment frames
G. Herning, M.E. Moreyra Garlock & E.H. Vanmarcke

A new hybrid method for seismic design of steel building frames
T.L. Karavasilis, N. Bazeos & D.E. Beskos

Seismic design of steel structures using modal strength reduction (behavior) factors
G.A. Papagiannopoulos & D.E. Beskos

Session 11: Connection behaviour III

Performance of dual-steel connections of high strength components under monotonic and cyclic loading
D. Dubina, D. Grecea, A. Stratan & N. Muntean

Mechanical identification of PTED beam-to-column connections according to Eurocode 3
M. Esposto, B. Faggiano & F.M. Mazzolani

Experimental and numerical studies of moment resisting frames with replaceable links
Y. Shen, C. Christopoulos, N. Mansour & R. Tremblay

Welded tubular column to H-beam connections: three dimensional cyclic tests
W. Wang, Y.Y. Chen, W.Q. Li & X. Chen

Reduction of residual story drift of moment resisting frame using self-centering column bases
M. Ikenaga, M. Nakashima & T. Nagae

Seismic assessment of early steel buildings with riveted connections in NZ
M. Naderi

Session 12: Global behaviour IV

Estimation of increasing response of steel frame after fracture of structural member under strong earthquake ground motions   J. Iyama

Available ductility of RBS steel structures—comparative studies
P. Alexa, H. Mociran & Ioana Ladar

The effect of panel zone rigidity on behavior of tall buildings with tubular steel moment-frame systems
F. Abedi-Nik

Energy-based method in seismic design of eccentrically braced frames
S.R. Mirghaderi, Sh. Dastmalchi & S.M. Zahrai

Energy-based damage model for MDOF steel structures
E. Bojórquez, A. Reyes-Salazar, A. Terán-Gilmore & S.E. Ruiz

Seismic analysis and design approaches for crane-supporting steel structures
J. Richard, R. Tremblay, S. Koboevic´ & R.A. MacCrimmon

Limit state evaluation for container cranes constructed of stiffened steel box stub-columns
B. Kosbab, R.T. Leon & R. DesRoches

Session 13: Strengthening, repair, and monitoring

Seismic upgrade of existing semi-continuous steel frames: a comparison between the use of concentric steel braces and viscoelastic dissipative systems
C. Amadio, M. Bella & L. Macorini

On the use of metal shear panels for seismic retrofitting of RC frames: experimental and numerical investigation
G. De Matteis, A. Formisano & F.M. Mazzolani

Seismic performance improvement of existing steel buildings by rocking structural system
T. Azuhata, T. Ishihara, M. Midorikawa, T. Miyake & K. Matsumoto

Vulnerability of the Greek telecommunications network infrastructure
I. Vayas, M. Papageorgiou, I. Hatzinikolis & A. Avloniti

Effects of rigidity of column base on seismic performance of steel moment frame retrofitted with buckling restrained braces
H. Asada, S. Kishiki & S. Yamada

“All-steel” buckling-restrained braces for seismic upgrading of existing reinforced concrete buildings
M. D’Aniello, G. Della Corte & F.M. Mazzolani

Experimental tests on full scale RC frames retrofitted with buckling restrained braces
L. Di Sarno & G. Manfredi

Session 14: Analytical and experimental methods; global behaviour

A phenomenological model for the prediction of the hysteretic response of structural components to seismic loads
R. Chalasani, G.A. Rassati, P.N.N.S. Kumar & A. Kukreti

Prediction of crack formation at steel welded beam-to-column joints under cyclic loading
V. Karlos, A. Spiliopoulos & I. Vayas

Yield surface applications for nonlinear dynamic analysis of steel frames
K. Ozakgul

Column over-design factor requirements of steel frame structures for specific reliability levels
W.C. Pu, K. Kasai & Y.G. Zhao

Experimental seismic testing of a controlled rocking bridge steel truss pier
M. Pollino & M. Bruneau

Shaking table test of beam-end damper frame using E-defense multipurpose test-bed
T. Takeuchi, K. Kasai, S. Kishiki, H. Ando, M. Midorikawa, Y. Matsuoka, T. Asakawa, I. Kubodera & Y. Kurokawa

A new hybrid cold-formed system for low rise buildings in seismic areas
M.H. Sayyas & S.R. Mirghaderi

Session 15: Member behaviour I

Seismic behavior of steel shear plates stiffened by wood panels
T. Hitaka, M. Nakashima, M. Ito & Y. Murata

Potentially plastic zone details in columns in eccentrically braced frames
H. Köber & B. S¸tef ˘anescu

The elasto-plastic response of steel structural members subject to earthquake
P. Brož, P. Marek & L. Václavek

Panel zone performance in a weak panel-type moment frame consisting of a composite beam and a square hollow section column
Y. Shimada, S. Kishiki, S. Yamada, Y. Matsuoka & K. Suita

Dynamic shear tests of low-yield steel panel dampers for bridge bearing
T. Aoki, J. Dang, C. Zhang, T. Takaku & Y. Fukumoto

Numerical simulation of the cyclic inelastic behaviour of buckling restrained braces
A. Korzekwa & R. Tremblay

A new design equation developed from Eurocode 4-2004 for concrete filled steel tubes
Z.H. Lu & Y.G. Zhao

Seismic design procedures for centrically braced frames
H. Köber & B. S¸tefa˘nescu

Session 16: Performance-based design; passive, semi- and active control

Improved seismic design procedure for steel moment frames
A. Villani, J.M. Castro & A.Y. Elghazouli

Proposal for increasing the ductility of steel structures
V. Gioncu, M. Mosoarca & B.A. Anastasiadis

Displacement-based seismic design of SDOF concentrically braced frames
J. Goggins & T. Sullivan

Plastic design of dissipative truss moment frames
A. Longo, R. Montuori & V. Piluso

Study on seismic behavior of simple-connected steel frame with buckling restrained braces
D.Z. Hu, G.Q. Li, S.W. Chen & F.F. Sun

Improving seismic performance of steel structures due to near-fault earthquakes using hybrid damping system
S.M. Zahrai & A. Tokhmpash

Accuracy of nonlinear static procedures for estimating the seismic performance of steel frame structures
M. Ferraioli, A. Lavino, A.M. Avossa & A. Mandara

Session 17: Seismic, wind, and exceptional loads

Influence of connection capacity on the behavior of floor systems under realistic fire loading
G.A. Cedeno & A.H. Varma

Design of a large scale shake table experiment on a port container crane
L.D. Jacobs, R. DesRoches & R.T. Leon

Wind action on bridges: dynamics and aero-elastics phenomena. The bridge over the Strait of Messina
G. Russo, O. Bergamo, L. Damiani & M. Cappellari

Robustness of seismic resistant multistory frame buildings in case of accidental column loss scenarios
F. Dinu & D. Dubina

FEM analysis of atmospheric tanks under seismic excitation
A. Di Carluccio, G. Fabbrocino & G. Manfredi

Leak proofness of unanchored storage tanks subjected to earthquake loading—experience and simulations
M. Wasicek & F.D. Fischer

Seismic behaviour of steel storage racking systems
C.A. Castiglioni, P. Carydis, P. Negro, L. Calado, H. Degée & I. Rosin

Session 18: Analytical and experimental methods

Design and experimental evaluation of steel MRF with magneto-rheological dampers for seismic hazard mitigation
C. Chen, J.M. Ricles, R. Sause, T.L. Karavasilis & Y. Chae

OpenSees modeling of the inelastic seismic response of steel roof deck diaphragms
K. Shrestha, J. Franquet, C.A. Rogers & R. Tremblay

Seismic design and assessment of steel structures based on rigid-plastic response history analysis
C. Málaga-Chuquitaype, A.Y. Elghazouli & R. Bento

Influence of ground motion characteristics on the seismic response of single and multi degree of freedom steel framed systems
M. Kumar, J.M. Castro & A.Y. Elghazouli

Numerical modeling of steel frames with concrete slab and its evaluation
S. Motoyui, S. Sakai & K. Kasai

Optimized distribution of strength in tall buckling-restrained brace frames
G.T. Oxborrow & P. Richards

Session 19: Seismic, wind and exceptional loads; passive control

Design concept for composite members subjected to impact and blast loads
M. Gündel & B. Hoffmeister

Robustness based design of new and existing steel structures
A. Formisano, A. Marzo & F.M. Mazzolani

Capacity design to provide seismic performance and resistance to exceptional actions
B. Hoffmeister

Simplified analytical modeling of compact pure aluminum shear panels
G. Brando, G. De Matteis & F.M. Mazzolani

Multi-hazard resistant steel plate shear wall bridge pier concept
D. Keller & M. Bruneau

Design approach for the seismic strengthening of an existing RC building with buckling restrained braces
L. Di Sarno & G. Manfredi

Session 20: Analytical and experimental methods; connection behaviour

Development of analytical models for 0.6 scale self-centering MRF with beam web friction devices
C.Y. Seo, Y.C. Lin, R. Sause & J.M. Ricles

Some recent New Zealand research on seismic steel structures
G.A. MacRae, G.C. Clifton & J.W. Butterworth

A responsive modal identification and wireless sensing platform for quasi-realtime earthquake monitoring of long-span bridges
S.N. Pakzad & L. Cheng

A field observation for steel parking buildings near the coast in Japan and an experimental study on remaining structural capacity of corroded bracing members and their connections
K. Sawada, A. Matsuo, N. Kitahara, H. Kato, T. Takamatsu & H. Tamai

Seismic behavior of weak-axis beam-column connections
S. Setia, C.V.R. Murty & V.K. Sehgal

Experimental and numerical investigation of a new reduced beam section moment connection
S.R. Mirghaderi, S. Torabian & A. Imanpour

Design and behavior of welded T-stubs for DST connections
R.A. Herrera, G. Gomez & M. Sarrazin

Session 21: Codification; design and fabrication; material behaviour;
performance-based design

The AISC seismic provisions: summary of the 2005 edition and update on changes for 2010
J.O. Malley

Seismic reduction factors for equivalent static design of braced frames
T. Wang, M. Kato, X. Ji, T. Hitaka & M. Nakashima

Displacement-based performance assessment of steel moment resisting frames
M. Ferraioli, A. Lavino, A.M. Avossa & A. Mandara

Seismic analysis of sheathing-braced cold-formed steel structures
L. Fiorino, O. Iuorio & R. Landolfo

Analysis and design requirements of BRBF in Argentina
G.L. Palazzo & F.J. Crisafulli

Study on the residual deformation capacity of plastically strained steel
Y. Matsumoto

Conventional steel constructions for the performance-based earthquake retrofit of low-rise school buildings
F. Pina, T. White, G. Taylor & C. Ventura

Session 22: Member behaviour II

Floor diaphragm design of steel self-centering moment frames
M.E. Moreyra Garlock, J. Li & E.H. Vanmarcke

Subassemblage tests and finite element analyses of sandwiched buckling-restrained braces with a replaceable core
C.C. Chou & S.Y. Chen

Plastic shear overstrength of short links with axial restraints
G. Della Corte, M. D’Aniello & F.M. Mazzolani

Study of energy dissipation capacity of steel beams under cyclic loading
Y. Jiao, Y. Shimada, S. Kishiki & S. Yamada

Seismic design of boundary frame members of steel plate shear walls
B. Qu & M. Bruneau

Preliminary results of an experimental program on the cyclic response and rotation capacity of steel members
M. Brescia, R. Landolfo, O. Mammana, F. Iannone, V. Piluso & G. Rizzano

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