1st Edition

Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas STESSA 2012

Edited By Federico Mazzolani, Ricardo Herrera Copyright 2012
    1134 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas  is a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the field of seismic resistant steel structures. It comprises a collection of papers presented at the seventh International Specialty Conference STESSA 2012 (Santiago, Chile, 9-11 January 2012), and includes the state-of-the-art in both theoretical and experimental research on the behaviour of steel structures in seismic areas. The book is organized in the following sections:

    - Performance-Based Design of Structures;

    - Seismic, Wind and Exceptional Load;

    - Material Behaviour;

    - Member Behaviour;

    - Connection Behaviour;

    - Global Behaviour;

    - Analytical and Experimental Methods;

    - Mixed and Composite Structures;

    - Passive and Active Control;

    - Strengthening and Repairing;

    - Codification;

    - Design, Fabrication and Practice.

    Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas aims to close the gap between the results of academic research, codification and application on the one hand, and common practice on the other. This book provides a complete framework of the most recent trends in the field of steel structures in seismic areas, with particular reference to the utilisation of multi-level performance based design concepts, the analysis of factors influencing the steel structure behaviour during strong ground motions, minimizing earthquake damage, seismic retrofit, the collapse behaviour of steel structures, recent developments in advanced large-scale experimental techniques, and the utilization of large-scale seismic testing facilities. The book is a valuable resource for engineers, academia and Ph.D. students in Civil Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Steel Construction, Steel Development, and Building Disaster Prevention.


    Keynote lectures

    Recent worldwide application of seismic isolation and energy dissipation to steel and other materials structures and conditions for their correct use
    A. Martelli, P. Clemente, F. Saitta & M. Forni

    Multistorey steel framed building damage from the Christchurch earthquake series of 2010/2011
    G.C. Clifton, M. Bruneau, G.A. MacRae, R. Leon & A. Fussell

    Responses of tall buildings in Tokyo during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
    K. Kasai, W.C. Pu & A. Wada

    Seismic performance of steel structures during the 2010 Maule earthquake
    R.A. Herrera, J.F. Beltran, C. Aguirre & A. Verdugo

    Analytical and experimental methods

    Seismic failure analysis of a composite girder bridge
    F. Schanack, J.P. Reyes & R. Luco

    Cyclic tests of beam-upright connections in racking systems with a new hybrid procedure
    L. Calado, C.A. Castiglioni & A. Drei

    Development of standard dynamic loading protocol for buckling-restrained braced frames
    M. Dehghani & R. Tremblay

    Hybrid simulation of a 2-story steel MRF retrofitted with HPFRC infill panels
    D.G. Lignos, D.M. Moreno & S.L. Billington

    Estimation of the risk amplification in steel buildings subject to seismic actions using Monte Carlo simulation
    C.A. Bermúdez, J.E. Hurtado, A.H. Barbat & L.G. Pujades

    Effects of low-cycle fatigue on steel moment frames with RBS
    A. Amiri, F. Rojas & J.C. Anderson

    Reliability-based seismic response transformation factors using Artificial Neural Network
    J. Bojórquez, S.E. Ruiz & E. Bojórquez-Mora

    Finite element modeling of the inelastic cyclic response and fracture life of square tubular steel bracing members subjected to seismic inelastic loading
    A. Roufegarinejad & R. Tremblay

    Experimental and analytical modelling of seismic behaviour of braced framed structures with “zipper” mechanism
    A.M. Reinhorn & M. Schachter

    Application of Endurance Time method in seismic assessment of mid-rise and high-rise steel moment and braced frames
    M.A. Hariri Ardebili, Y. Zarringhalam, M. Yahyai & M. Mirtaheri

    A finite element approach for modeling bolted top-and-seat angle moment connections
    D.J. Ruffley, J.A. Swanson & G.A. Rassati

    Study on concentrically V-braced frames under cyclic loading
    M. Serra, C. Rebelo, L.S. Silva, A. Tenchini, M. D’Aniello & R. Landolfo

    Computer-based nonlinear analysis method for seismic performance assessment of 3D frameworks
    C.G. Chiorean, G. Tarta, G.M. Barsan, Zs. Gobesz & M. Nedelcu

    A fast incremental-iterative procedure for ultimate strength analysis and design of composite steel-concrete cross-sections
    C.G. Chiorean

    Real-time hybrid simulations of a 3-story steel frame building with magneto-rheological dampers subject to strong ground motions
    Y. Chae, J.M. Ricles & R. Sause

    Influence of friction on the constraints with degrees of freedom on the seismic behavior of steel structures
    A. La Tegola & W. Mera

    Seismic evaluation of a braced plan irregular steel structure using hybrid testing
    D.P. McCrum & B.M. Broderick

    Seismic testing of concentrically braced frame models for the BRACED project
    A.D. Hunt & B.M. Broderick

    Connection behavior

    Numerical study on welded beam-to-column joints in hybrid-steel building frames
    B. Čermelj & D. Beg

    Cyclic behavior of a new mechanical beam-to-column connection for steel structures
    J. Iyama, Y. Fukushima, K. Araki, S. Piao, K. Hirosawa, N. Sato & E. Ohata

    Beam-to-column connection for built-up column using ultra-high-strength steel
    X. Lin, Y. Chung, T. Okazaki & M. Nakashima

    Experimental research on hysteretic behavior of non-diaphragm joint connecting cold-formed steel tube and H-shaped beam
    L. Zhang & Y. Chen

    Finite element simulation of cyclic flexural behavior for braced frame beam-column connections
    C.D. Stoakes & L.A. Fahnestock

    Cyclic behavior of welded T-shapes for Double Welded T-connections
    M.A. Bravo & R.A. Herrera

    Prequalification of two beam-to-column welded moment connections with reduced beam section and with cover plate in beam for steel building applications under the action of dynamic load
    C.A. Cerón, G. Areiza & P. Thomson

    Cumulative damage models for steel moment frame connections
    S.D. Campbell & R.M. Richard

    Shim and bolt size effects on the Asymmetric Friction Connection
    H.H. Khoo, G.C. Clifton, J.W. Butterworth & G.A. MacRae

    Experimental study on mechanical behavior of weld-free steel structure with knee brace damper using square tube column
    Y. Koetaka, K. Suita, K. Inoue, N. Uno, Y. Fukuchi & D. Kawai

    On bottom steel plate to concrete anchorage in hybrid steel trussed concrete beams
    N. Cancelliere, P. Colajanni & L. La Mendola

    Control of bolted beam-to-column connections in moment joints by T-stub properties
    D. Grecea, N. Muntean & D. Dubin

    Seismic behaviour of the diagonal through plate moment connection
    S. Torabian, S.R. Mirghaderi & F. Keshavarzi

    Study on structural behavior of weldless joint in beam-to-column connection of interior column with knee brace reinforcement
    S. Honma, K. Ebato & Y. Harada

    Friction T-stub joints under cyclic loads: Experimental behavior
    M. Latour, V. Piluso & G. Rizzano

    Strength capacity of the gusset plate connection with fillet welds
    Y. Cui, H. Asada, S. Kishiki & S. Yamada

    PTED beam-to-column connections for seismic resistant steel frames
    B. Faggiano, M. Esposto & F.M. Mazzolani

    Inelastic seismic performance of brace connections in steel tension-only concentrically braced frames
    J. Hartley, C.A. Rogers, P.X. Castonguay & R. Tremblay

    Design, fabrication and practice

    Steel structure base shear coefficient comparison among the codes
    K. Zandparsa

    Design of composite slabs with profiled steel sheeting under concentrated loads
    L. Calado

    Design of the Linked Column Frame structural system
    A.P. Lopes, P. Dusicka & J.W. Berman

    Design of large scale wind turbine towers in seismic areas
    C.C. Baniotopoulos, I. Lavassas, G. Nikolaidis & P. Zervas

    Earthquake resistant design of eccentric, braced frame, steel buildings for improved inelastic response
    M.T. Kyrkos & S.A. Anagnostopoulos

    Seismic design and experimental tests of an Italian cold formed steel structure
    O. Iuorio, L. Fiorino, V. Macillo & R. Landolfo

    Performance of steel tanks in Chile 2010 and 1985 earthquakes
    P. Pineda, G.R. Saragoni & E. Arze L.

    Global behavior

    Seismic performance of a high-rack warehouse structure with vertical and horizontal mass asymmetries
    S. Petrovcic & V. Kilar

    Seismic behavior of steel buildings: Perimeter vs spatial moment frames
    A. Reyes-Salazar, O. Rivera-Leyva, E. Bojórquez-Mora,H.E. Rodriguez-Lozoya & A. López-Barraza

    Comparative assessment of the seismic performance of steel building configurations
    C. Málaga-Chuquitaype & A.Y. Elghazouli

    Seismic simulation and design of low-rise CBF buildings with and without dissipative connections using OpenSees
    L. Tirca, C. Caprarelli & N. Danila

    Control of vibrations by means of independent stiff braces for seismic protection
    R.E. Tosoni

    Seismic performance of high-strength steel moment-resisting frames
    A.T. Silva, C. Rebelo, L.S. Silva, M. Serra, L.R.O. Lima, M. D’Aniello & R. Landolfo

    Cyclic full-scale test of a two-story special steel beam-through braced frame for industrialized steel residential house
    Q. Zhou, W. Wang, Y. Chen & L. Tong

    Seismic response of semi-rigid connections of moment resisting steel buildings: A parametric study on the effects of strength and stiffness
    A. Gómez-Bernal, E. Cruz-Mendoza & H. Juárez-García

    Damage-based seismic performance evaluation of masonry-infilled steel frames
    N. Nanos, A. Elenas & D. Tzourmakliotou

    Local-buckling analysis of lower chord member in steel truss bridge under seismic loading
    E. Yamaguchi & K. Yamada

    Interdependence between seismic damage and masonry-infill wall topology for steel structures with a bare ground floor
    N. Nanos, A. Elenas & D. Tzourmakliotou

    Impact of gravity loads on the lateral performance of cold-formed steel frame/steel sheathed shear walls
    J. DaBreo, I. Shamim & C.A. Rogers

    Response behavior of steel buildings under pulsive earthquake ground motion during inland shallow earthquake
    N. Takiyama, Y. Hayashi & H. Minami

    P-delta effects on the response of steel moment-resisting frame structures
    A.G. Ramos-Zela & T.J. Sullivan

    Field measurements and numerical predictions of the dynamic properties of a low-rise steel building with a flexible steel roof deck diaphragm
    J. Proulx, B. Boulanger, C.-P. Lamarche, P. Paultre, F. Bakhti, R. Tremblay, K. Shrestha & C.A. Rogers

    Seismic performance of steel concentrically braced frames with bracing members intersecting columns between floors
    A. Imanpour, R. Tremblay & A. Davaran

    New aspects concerning the ductility of steel members
    A.S. Anastasiadis, M. Mosoarca & V. Gioncu

    Simplified assessment of the seismic collapse capacity of flexible moment-resisting steel frame structures
    C. Adam & C. Jäger

    Seismic response of dual eccentrically braced systems designed by Eurocode 8
    M. Bosco, A. Ghersi & P.P. Rossi

    Seismic behaviour of a large span welded steel structure considering lateral restraints and initial imperfections: A case study
    Zs. Nagy, I.M. Cristutiu & D.L. Nunes

    Residual stress and out-of-plumb effects on steel column seismic behaviour
    G.A. MacRae, A. Lu, V. Sadashiva, A. Wada, T. Masuno, R. Ziemian & G.C. Clifton

    Contribution of shear connections to the lateral stiffness of steel frames
    M.A. Barber, G.A. Rassati & J.A. Swanson

    Influence of the initial imperfections on the seismic performance of pitched roof portal frames made of welded non-prismatic plated elements
    I.M. Cristutiu & D.L. Nunes

    Seismic behavior of setback and pyramid-shaped steel moment-resisting frames designed by an energy-based method
    Z. Chegini, S.R. Mirghaderi, Sh. Vahdani & F. Keshavarzi

    Global performance of steel frames of shear walls
    D. Dubina, F. Dinu & C. Neagu

    Influence of connections on the seismic behaviour of hybrid hot-rolled and cold-formed steel frames
    B. Calderoni, C. Giubileo & M. Tarantino

    A comprehensive study on the performance of Submerged Floating Tunnels during severe seismic events
    G. Martire, B. Faggiano, F.M. Mazzolani, A. Zollo & T.A. Stabile

    Seismic assessment of existing steel braced frames designed in accordance with the 1980 Canadian code provisions
    Y. Jiang, Y. Balazadeh-Minouei, R. Tremblay, S. Koboevic & L. Tirca

    Member behavior

    Lateral buckling of steel I beams with different boundary conditions by numerical simulation
    H.A. Sánchez & C. Cortés

    Finite element study of the cyclic flexural behavior of hollow structural sections
    M.F. Fadden & J.P. McCormick

    Impact of flange holes on the strength and ductility of steel beams
    K.S. Sivakumaran & P. Arasaratnam

    Experimental study on buckling-restrained steel plate shear walls
    H.J. Jin, Y. Lu, X.L. Liu, F. Sun & G.-Q. Li

    Challenges in designing ultra-lightweight buckling restrained brace
    J. Tinker & P. Dusicka

    Experimental study on brittle fracture of buckling-restrained braces influences of core plate welding specifications and experimental temperatures
    M. Iwata, M. Murai & T. Nakagomi

    Seismic shear response of slab with distributed mass (linear-elastic bay model to story shear)
    C. Iihoshi, S. Kiriyama, T. Minagawa & T. Hanai

    Experimental study on hysteretic behavior of thin-walled H-shaped steel beam-columns under compression and cyclic weak-axis bending
    X. Cheng, Y. Chen, L. Pan & Q. Wu

    Evaluation of plastic deformation capacity of H-shaped steel beams with new value of plate slenderness
    K. Ikarashi, R. Suekuni, T. Shinohara & T. Wang

    Effect of local buckling of core plates on cumulative deformation capacity in buckling restrained braces
    R. Matsui & T. Takeuchi

    The influence of cyclic loading on flexural response of steel beams
    M. D’Aniello, S. Tortorelli & R. Landolfo

    Seismic behavior of flanged cruciform columns in moment-resisting frame systems
    S.R. Mirghaderi & M. Motallebi

    Mixed and composite structures

    Study on the shear strength of composite concrete and steel plate shear walls with binding bars
    D. Zhou, L. Zhu & B. Stojadinovic

    Experimental study on composite steel-concrete shear walls with vertical steel encased profiles
    D. Dan, A. Fabian & V. Stoian

    Experimental study on mechanical behavior of exposed-type square CFT column base with built-in reinforcing bars
    S. Matsuo, Q. Qiao, T. Ninakawa & A. Kawano

    Strength of headed studs in composite structural connection with SFRCC
    Y. Luo, S. Song, Y. Cui, K. Hoki & M. Nakashima

    Strength and ductility of concrete encased composite columns
    C. Campian, V. Sav, N. Chira & A. Chira

    Self-centering seismic systems

    Self-Centering Truss Moment Frame with replaceable energy-dissipating elements
    S.C. Darling & M.R. Eatherton

    Experimental validation of steel post-tensioned connections with web hourglass pins
    G. Vasdravellis, B. Uy & T.L. Karavasilis

    Behavior of self-centering buckling-restrained braces
    D.J. Miller, L.A. Fahnestock & M.R. Eatherton

    Parametric study of self-centering concentrically-braced frame systems with friction-based energy dissipation
    D. Roke & B. Jeffers

    Seismic energy demands on steel framed structures with rigid and, alternatively, with post-tensioned semi-rigid connections
    A. López-Barraza, S.E. Ruiz, E. Bojórquez-Mora & A. Reyes-Salazar

    Shake table testing of a rocking steel frame designed to mitigate higher mode effects
    L. Wiebe, C. Christopoulos, R. Tremblay & M. Leclerc

    Comparison of welded and post-tensioned steel moment-resisting frames
    G.M. Herning, M.E.M. Garlock & A. Freidenberg

    Effects of energy dissipating capacity on seismic performance of self-centering structures
    X. “Bill” Zhang

    Re-centring capability of dual eccentrically braced frames with removable bolted links
    A. Stratan, A. Ioan & D. Dubina

    Seismic performance of a steel Self-Centering Moment Resisting Frame: Hybrid simulations under DBE and MCE
    Y.-C. Lin, J.M. Ricles & R. Sause

    Evaluation of performance-based design methodology for steel self-centering braced frame
    N.B. Chancellor, G. Akbas, R. Sause, J.M. Ricles, E. Tahmasebi & A.L. Joó

    Collapse performance of steel self-centering braced frame systems
    E. Tahmasebi, N.B. Chancellor, J.M. Ricles, R. Sause, G. Akbas & A.L. Joó

    Passive, semi-active and active control

    Hysteretic behavior of dissipative devices for seismic resistant steel frames (FUSEIS 2)
    L. Calado, J.M. Proença, M. Espihna, C.A. Castiglioni & I. Vayas

    Innovative energy dissipation systems (FUSEIS 1)
    D. Dimakogianni, G. Dougka, Ph. Karydakis, I. Vayas, L. Calado & C.A. Castiglioni

    Full-scale testing of the cast steel yielding brace system
    M.G. Gray, C. Christopoulos & J.A. Packer

    Response analysis of a 12-story structural steel building with isolated base subjected to ground motion excitation
    A.J.M. Ojeda Ruiz, B.E. Lluhen Ortiz, C.R. Sánchez Vergara & D.A. Parra Meza

    System DC90—three-axial steel hysteresis-sliding joint support
    Z. Petraskovic

    Seismic resistant composite steel frames with dissipative devices
    C.A. Castiglioni, A. Kanyilmaz, A. Drei, L. Calado, M. Espihna, R.M. Gonçalves, T. Rauert & I. Vayas

    Advanced compressed elastomer dampers for earthquake hazard reduction to steel frames
    R. Sause, J.M. Ricles, A. Mahvashmohammadi, R. Michael, S. Sweeney & E. Ferro

    Base isolation mitigating effects
    O. Prodan, I. Ladar & P. Alexa

    Concurrent design of high-strength TRIP steels and passive damping devices
    G.J. Fraley & G.B. Olson

    Experimental analysis of partially buckling inhibited pure aluminium shear panels
    G. De Matteis, G. Brando, F. D’Agostino & F.M. Mazzolani

    Performance-based design of structures

    Performance evaluation of three pre-qualified steel systems in Canada
    T.Y. Yang & M. Murphy

    A new balanced design procedure for gusset plate connections in SCBF
    K.D. Palmer, C.W. Roeder & D.E. Lehman

    Influence of scalar frequency content parameters on the inelastic seismic demands of steel structures
    C. Málaga-Chuquitaype & A.Y. Elghazouli

    A unitary approach for the design of concentrically braced frames
    M. Bosco, E.M. Marino & P.P. Rossi

    Hysteretic model for steel energy absorbers and evaluation of a seismic design strategy using minimal-damage performance objectives
    T.L. Karavasilis, E. Hale & S. Kerawala

    A simplified calculation method of the structural response function considering the P-Δ effect
    R.J. Liang, J. Wu & C.L. Wang

    Reliability-based record selection for steel frames based on different vector-valued IMs
    E. Bojórquez-Mora, J.L. Rivera, A. Reyes-Salazar & S.E. Ruiz

    Seismic assessment of a new steel moment frame designed per ASCE 7 with ASCE 41
    M. Speicher & J. Harris

    Seismic response of steel columns in MRFs under multi-axial earthquake components
    L. Di Sarno

    Hybrid buckling-restrained braced frames
    O. Atlayan & F.A. Charney

    Seismic behaviour of dual steel concentric braced frames
    M. D’Aniello, G. La Manna Ambrosino, F. Portioli & R. Landolfo

    Evaluation of nonlinear static procedures for seismic performance assessment of BRBF structures
    M. Ferraioli, A. Lavino, A.M. Avossa & A. Mandara

    Robustness based design of steel building frames under extreme loads
    F. Dinu & D. Dubina

    Hybrid moment resisting steel frames
    F.A. Charney & O. Atlayan

    Validation of a design procedure for failure mode control of irregular moment resisting frames by means of IDA analyses
    M.T. Giugliano, R. Montuori & V. Piluso

    Validation of a design procedure for failure mode control of MRF-CBF dual systems by means of IDA analyses
    A. Longo, M.T. Giugliano, R. Montuori & V. Piluso

    Influence of the strength in the seismic performance of steel frame buildings
    A.C.A. Ahumada & B.C.S. Pérez

    Multilevel displacement-robustness based seismic design for ductile steel framed structures
    S.E. López, A.G. Ayala & R. Hernández

    Direct damage controlled seismic design of steel framed structures
    G.S. Kamaris, G.D. Hatzigeorgiou & D.E. Beskos

    Seismic design approach for multi-story frames on the top story of which damage concentrates
    H. Akiyama

    Seismic, wind and exceptional loads

    Damage mechanism of thick fireproof coatings for steel members subjected to monotonic loading
    S. Chen, L. Jiang & G.-Q. Li

    Intensity measure parameters for the evaluation of the seismic behaviour of steel moment resisting frames
    L.H. Najafi & M. Tehranizadeh

    Numerical simulation of collapse behavior of tall core-outrigger structures under severe earthquakes
    F. Sun, R. Ge & J. Xu

    Seismic-aeolian optimal design for wind turbine steel structures in Mexico
    L.E.P. Rocha, A.L. López & I.E.A. Nuño

    Critical accelerations as descriptors of the vulnerability of steel tanks under seismic actions
    L.E.P. Rocha, I.E.A. Nuño & M.A.F. Torres

    Dynamic response analysis of steel portal frames with semi-rigid connection underimpact loading
    N. Kishi & M. Komuro

    Impact loading tests of steel portal frames with different types of connections
    M. Komuro, N. Kishi & Y. Kurihashi

    Testing and seismic evaluation of long span steel truss bridges 1
    I.E. Harik, T. Zhao & J. Hu

    Seismic risk assessment of conventional steel constructions to the hazard of three earthquake types in Southwestern British Columbia
    F.E. Pina & C.E. Ventura

    Instability problems due to dynamic loading
    E. Karatzas, V. Karatzas & G. Karidis

    Vulnerability study of steel storage tanks in a large industrial area of Sicily
    B. Borzi, P. Ceresa, M. Faravelli & M. Onida

    Assessment of progressive collapse-resisting capacity of steel moment frames
    M. Ferraioli & A. Mandara

    Robustness assessment approaches for steel framed structures under catastrophic events
    A. Formisano & F.M. Mazzolani

    Strengthening, repair and monitoring

    Shaking table tests of a timber roof truss model equipped with a post-tensioning SMA-based tie-rod system
    D. Cardone, S. Sofia & D. Nigro

    Seismic evaluation and retrofit of welded moment connection of early high-rise buildings subjected to long-period ground motions
    K. Suita

    Consecutive vibration characteristics monitoring of high-rise steel building
    Y. Hayashi, M. Sugino, M. Yamada, N. Takiyama, Y. Onishi & T. Akazawa

    FRP composites for seismic retrofitting of steel-concrete shear walls with steel encased profiles
    D. Dan, T. Nagy-György, V. Stoian, A. Fabian & I. Demeter

    Estimation of vibration characteristics of steel-structure buildings with damper based on seismic observation records
    W. Goto, M. Suzuki, Y. Sugimura, D. Chiba & H. Dohi

    Strengthening of non-seismic reinforced concrete frames of buckling restrained steel braces
    F. Dinu, S. Bordea & D. Dubina

    Seismic design of RC frames retrofitted with concentric steel braces
    R. Sousa & J.M. Castro

    Seismic strengthening of R/C buildings with soft storey (pilotis) through dissipative steel links
    E. Mistakidis, K.C. Stylianidis, E. Barlas & K. Georgiadi-Stefanidi

    A suspended steelwork solution for the post-war reconstruction of a building in the historical centre of Naples
    F.M. Mazzolani, A. Marzo & A. Formisano

    Miscellaneous (only in e-book version)

    Efficient formulation for nonlinear dynamics of steel frames
    T.N. Le, M. Hjiaj, T.N. Le & J.M. Battini

    Seismic design and strengthening of beam-to-column joints with bolted end plates
    J.M. Aribert

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    Federico Mazzolani, Ricardo Herrera