1st Edition

Being Alive Building on the Work of Anne Alvarez

By Judith Edwards Copyright 2001
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is a celebration of the work of Anne Alvarez, an enormously influential psychoanalytic psychotherapist whose work on autism and severe personality disorders in children has been important internationally. This book:
    * brings together assessment of the influence of Alvarez's work across a range of child psychotherapy and related areas
    * evaluates how her ideas affect the most current developments in these areas
    * includes contributions from renowned psychoanalysts and psychotherapists from around the world.
    It will be of great interest to child and adolescent psychotherapists in training and practice, and also to clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists working with autistic/severely disturbed children.

    Bridging the Atlantic for Psychoanalysis - An Appreciation of the Contributions of Anne Alvarez. Changing Ideas of Change - The Dual Components of Therapeutic Action. A Contribution to a Technical Frame of Reference. Bisexual Qualities of the Psychic Envelope. Neurobiology, Developmental Psychology and Psychoanalysis - Convergent Findings on the Subject of Projective Identification. 'Think Outside, Not Insider' - Hearability and Intensity in Work With Deprived Children. From Freezing to Thawing - Working Towards the Depressive Position in Long-term Psychotherapy with Autistic Patients. Deficits in the Object and Failures in Containment. Thoughts about the Concepts of Cognitive Development, Reparation and the 'Manic Position' - Two Clinical Examples. The Sense of Abundance in Relation to Technique. Liking Liking Doing. First Love Unfolding - Developmental and Psychoanalytic Perspectives on First Relationships and Their Significance in Clinical Work. Glimpses of What Might Have Been - An Autistic Boy's Struggle to Have a Mind. On Temporal Shapes - The Internalisation of Rhythmical Aspects of Reality and its Relation to Basic Trust.


    Judith Edwards

    "For those familiar with this area of work, it is like reading a 'a state of the art' view on the exciting integration of developmental psychology, neuroscience and developmental psychopathology, as experienced by the clinician in the consulting room" - Monica Lanyado, Young Minds Vol 63 2003

    "Like the thinking and teaching of Anne Alvarez, this collection of essays is rich in content, multi-faceted and extremely rewarding... The depth and breadth of Being Alive are reflected in the professional backgrounds of its contributors, practitioners in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy and child and adult analysis, and teachers, academics and researchers of psychoanalytic theory and related field, spanning three continents, Europe, the USA and Australia... it is a testimony to Alvarez's great gift for giving life to ideas." - Graham Shulman (currently also editor of JCP), International Journal of Infant Observation, Vol 6 No 2, 2003-4