1st Edition

Being a Lived Body From a Neo-phenomenological Point of View

By Tonino Griffero Copyright 2024

    This book begins with the distinction between the so-called lived body or felt body (Leib) and the physical body (Körper), tracing the conceptual history of this distinction through key figures in philosophical and social thoughts and articulating a theory of the lived body that draws on the New Phenomenology developed by Hermann Schmitz. An explanation of our being-in-the-world in terms of a felt-bodily communication with all perceived forms and their affective-bodily resonance in us, Being a Lived Body integrates and critically assesses the leading theories of embodiment while presenting a new approach to the body. It will, therefore, appeal to scholars of philosophy, social theory, and anthropology with interests in phenomenology and embodiment.


    Chapter. 1: What is this "thing" called lived body?

    Chapter 2: "Being” and/or “having” a body

    Chapter 3: The self-affection of the invisible-pathic body

    Conclusion (to be continued…)



    Tonino Griffero is Full Professor of Aesthetics at the Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy. In the past decade, he has authored Atmospheres: Aesthetics of Emotional Spaces (Routledge), Quasi-Things: The Paradigm of Atmospheres (Suny), Places, Affordances, Atmospheres: A Pathic Aesthetics (Routledge), and The Atmospheric 'We': Moods and Collective Feelings (Mimesis International).