2nd Edition

Béla Bartók A Research and Information Guide

By Elliott Antokoletz, Paolo Susanni Copyright 2011

    This research guide is an annotated bibliography of primary and secondary sources and  catalogue of Bartók’s compositions. Since the publication of the second edition, a wealth of information has been proliferating in the field of Bartók research. The third edition of this research guide provides an update in this field and represents the multidisciplinary research areas in the growing Bartók literature.

    Preface to the Third Edition

    Preface to the Second Edition

    Preface to the First Edition

    History of Bartók's Musical Development: An Introduction

    1. Basic Sources of Bartók's Style

    2. Early Germanic Musical Influences from 1897 to 1902

    3. Influence of Liszt, the Magyar Nóta, and First Contact with Authentic Hungarian Folk Music (1902-1905)

    4. Bartók's First Folk-Music Investigations, His Discovery of Debussy, and Early Compositional Results (1905 through World War I)

    5. Expanded Folk-Music Investigations and First Mature Compositions

    6. Toward Synthesis of Divergent Art- and Folk-Music Sources

    7. End of World War I to Mid-1920s

    8. Final Period (1926-1945)

    9. Last Years in the United States (1940-1945)

    I. Published Compositions According to Genre: With Publishers, Archives, Collections, and Catalogues

    Catalogue of Compositions

    1. Piano Solo

    2. Chamber Music

    3. Solo Instruments and Orchestra

    4. Full or Small Orchestra

    5. Solo Voice and Piano

    6. Chorus, A Cappella and with Piano

    7. Voice and Orchestra

    8. Chorus and Orchestra

    9. Stage Works

    10. Bartók's Editions and Transcriptions of Keyboard Works by Other Composers

    II. Primary Sources: Bartók's Writings and Other Documents

    1. Articles by Bartók

    2. Essays in Collected Editions

    3. Letters in Collected Editions

    4. Letters Published Individually in Other Works

    5. Documents, Pictures, Letters, and Essays in Collected Editions

    6. Folk Music Collections

    7. Facsimiles, Reprints, and Revisions of the Music

    III. Biographical and Historical Studies

    1. General Studies of Bartók's Life and Music, His Background, Time, and Forebears

    2. Discussions of Specific Biographical Events, Aspects, and Details

    3. Specialized Studies of Bartók's Career and Work as Ethnomusicologist

    4. Specialized Discussions of Bartók's Personality, Philosophical Views, Political Attitudes, and/or Philosophy of Composition

    5. Discussions Dealing with the State of Bartók Research or Performance

    IV. Studies of Bartók's Musical Compositions

    1. Analytical and Theoretical Studies of Bartók's Works

    2. Studies of Bartók's Style and Aesthetics

    3. Folk-Music Influences on Bartók's Compositions

    4. Art-Music Influences on Bartók's Compositions

    5. Bartók's Influences on Others

    6. Studies of Bartók's Compositional Process (Sketches, Manuscript Drafts, Editions, Versions, His Own Recordings) and/or History of the Works

    7. Bartók's Orientation Toward Pedagogy and/or Performance Interpretation

    V. Discussions of Institutional Sources for Bartók Research

    and Essays in Collected Volumes

    1. Archives, Special Libraries, Societies, Organizations, and Institutes Devoted to Bartók

    2. Bibliographies, Discographies, and Catalogues

    3. Conferences, Festivals, Journals, Newsletters, and Special Issues Devoted or Relevant to Bartók

    4. Computerized Data Bases for Analysis and Research

    5. Bartók Websites

    Author-Title Index

    Index of Bartók's Compositions, Keyboard Editions, and Transcriptions

    Index of Proper Names

    Subject Index



    Elliott Antokoletz