1st Edition

Belief, Action, and Rationality over Time

Edited By Chrisoula Andreou, Sergio Tenenbaum Copyright 2017
    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    326 Pages
    by Routledge

    Action theorists and formal epistemologists often pursue parallel inquiries regarding rationality, with the former focused on practical rationality, and the latter focused on theoretical rationality. In both fields, there is currently a strong interest in exploring rationality in relation to time. The exploration raises questions about the rationality of certain patterns over time. For example, it raises questions about the rational permissibility of certain patterns of intention; similarly, it raises questions about the rational permissibility of certain patterns of belief. While the action-theoretic and epistemic questions raised are closely related, advances in one field are not always processed by the other. This volume brings together contributions by scholars in action theory and formal epistemology working on questions regarding rationality and time so that researchers in these overlapping fields can profit from each other’s insights. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

    Foreword Chrisoula Andreou and Sergio Tenenbaum

    1. The real puzzle of the self-torturer: uncovering a new dimension of instrumental rationality Chrisoula Andreou

    2. Rationality with respect to people, places, and times Larry S. Temkin

    3. Action as a form of temporal unity: on Anscombe’s Intention Douglas Lavin

    4. Synchronic requirements and diachronic permissions John Broome

    5. The courage of conviction Sarah K. Paul

    6. Continuing on Michael G. Titelbaum

    7. Memory, belief and time Brian Weatherson

    8. A defense of objectivism about evidential support Brian Hedden

    9. Don’t stop believing Jennifer Rose Carr

    10. Understanding Conditionalization Christopher J.G. Meacham

    11. Risk, rationality and expected utility theory Richard Pettigrew

    12. Costs of abandoning the Sure-Thing Principle Rachael Briggs

    13. Revisiting Risk and Rationality: a reply to Pettigrew and Briggs Lara Buchak


    Chrisoula Andreou is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Utah, USA.

    Sergio Tenenbaum is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto, Canada.