1st Edition

Ben-Ami Shillony - Collected Writings

By Ben-Ami Shillony Copyright 2000
    404 Pages
    by Routledge

    402 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume of the Collected Writings of Modern Western Scholars on Japan brings together the work of Ben-Ami Shillony on modern history, crisis and culture, Japan and the Jews.

    My Encounter with Japan: An Autobiographical Introduction PART I: ENIGMA OF THE EMPERORS 1. Divinity and Gender: The Riddle of the Japanese Emperors 2. Emperor and Religion in Twentieth-Century Japan 3. BOOK REVIEW: Author: Kiyoko Takeda. Title: The Dual Image of the Japanese Emperor 4. BOOK REVIEW: Author: Daikichi Irokawa. Title: The Age of Hirohito: In Search of Modern Japan 5. BOOK REVIEW: Author: Mikiso Hane. Title: Emperor Hirohito and His Chief Aide-de-Camp: The Honj6 Diary PART II: THE MEIJI RESTORATION: BETWEEN THE WEST AND CHINA 'Restoration', 'Emperor', 'Diet', 'Prefecture', or: How Japanese Concepts were Mistranslated into Western Languages The Meiji Restoration: Japan's Attempt to Inherit China PART III: THE DOOMED REBELLION 8. The February 26 Affair: Politics of a Military Insurrection 9. Prince Chichibu and the February 26 Rebellion 10. Myth and Reality in Japan of the 1930s PART IV: INSTITUTIONS AND DILEMMAS IN WARTIME JAPAN 11. The Pacific War: Intelligence Failures and Counter[1]Productive Secrecy 12. Wartime Japan: A Military Dictatorship 13. Constraints on Totalitarianism in Japan 14. Universities and Students in Wartime Japan 15. Friend or Foe: The Ambivalent Images of the US and China in Wartime Japan 16. Why Magic Did Not Work 17. BOOK REVIEW: Author: Yoshitake Oka. Title: Konoe Fumimaro: A Political Biography 18. BOOK REVIEW: Author: John W. Dower. Title: War without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War PART V: TERROR, CONFUCT AND DIPLOMACY 19. Patterns of Violence: Political Terrorism in Prewar Japan 20. The Japanese Experience in Termination of Wars 21. Victors without Vanquished: A Japanese Model of Conflict Resolution 22. BOOK REVIEW: 1. Author: Ian Nish (ed.). Title: Anglo-Japanese Alienation, 1919-1952 2. Author: Roger Buckley. Title: Occupation Diplomacy: Britain, the United States and Japan, 1945-52 PART VI: CONTINUITY AND INNOVATION 23. The Princess of the Dragon Palace: A New Shinto Sect is Born 24. Management by Consensus: The Historical Background 25. The Political Tradition of Japan and its Impact on the Development of Japanese Democracy PART VII: JAPAN, THE JEWS AND ISRAEL 26. The Jews and the Japanese 27. The Legend of the Japanese as the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel 28. The Jewish Role in the Russo-Japanese War 29. Japan's Support of Zionism after the First World War Zionism Stirs Messianic Hopes in Japan 31. The Birth of Japanese Anti-Semitism 32. The Abstract Jewish Demon 33. The Flourishing Demon: Japan in the Role of the Jews? 34. The Japanese and the Jews: The Two Societies that Surprised the World 35. Japan and Israel: The Relationship that Withstood Pressures 36. The Jews and the Japanese: Cultural Traits and Common Values


    Ben-Ami Shillony