6th Edition

Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships Volume II A Commentary on the 1999 Arrest Convention

By Francesco Berlingieri Copyright 2017
    410 Pages
    by Informa Law from Routledge

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    Now presented in two convenient volumes, the sixth edition of Berlingieri on Arrest of Ships is an invaluable source of information, detailing the claims in respect of which a ship may be arrested, the conditions for obtaining an order of arrest, the need for a security, the manner by which the ship that has been arrested may be released, the possibility of a multiple arrest and the jurisdiction on the merits.

    Focused on the 1999 Arrest Convention, volume II provides a unique, thorough, and updated commentary, analysing each provision with reference to its interpretation in a significant number of States Parties. Moreover, the original comments have been reviewed on the basis of the Travaux Préparatoires of the Convention, which the Author has collected and arranged under each article. In addition to this, the Travaux Préparatoires are now included as a new and important appendix to the volume.

    Written by a renowned expert in the field, and analysing the various conventions relating to the arrest of ships in an article-by-article and paragraph manner, this book is a useful reference tool for practitioners, as well as academics and post-graduate students of maritime law.


    1. History of the 1999 Arrest Convention

    2. Implementation of the Convention

    3. Scope of application of the Convention

    4. Definitions of Arrest, Person, Claimant and Court

    5. The Maritime claims

    6. Powers of arrest

    7. Jurisdiction on the merits and recognition and enforcement of judgments

    8. Arrest of the Ship in Respect of Which the Claim is Asserted and Arrest of Sister Ships

    9. Right of Rearrest and Multiple Arrest

    10. Release of the Ship from Arrest and release of the security

    11. Liability for Wrongful Arrest


    Francesco Berlingieri is a renowned Italian lawyer based in Genoa, Italy, specializing in maritime law at Studio Legale Berlingieri, the very first law firm to specialise in maritime law.

    "This is a work of major and collaborative scholarship, Professor Berlingieri having received contributions from notable academics and practitioners from many jurisdictions…The scholarship is evident in, for example: the copious reference to other international instruments and to the potential conflicts between them; the examination of individual countries’ implementation of the Arrest Convention for divergence from the Convention itself; and the frequent reference to the history and the traveux of the Convention."

    James M. Turner QC, The Journal of International Maritime Law