1st Edition

Best Practices in Professional Learning and Teacher Preparation Special Topics for Gifted Professional Development: Vol. 2

    250 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Several states offer additional teacher preparation programs by providing either an endorsement or certification in the field, but these are often pursued by teachers specifically enrolled in gifted coursework rather than in general education programs. Practitioners and researchers agree that time and energy should be spent on training teachers in how to address the needs of gifted and talented students, both within the regular classroom and in specialized programs. This three-book series acknowledges this need and provides specific strategies for professional development in a variety of settings using various methods. Drawing on both literature in the field and research-based best practices in professional learning, this series provides the reader with a foundation for designing and implementing effective professional development experiences for educators working with gifted learners. This volume acknowledges specific challenges facing both practitioners and their students. The authors present strategies and helpful resources related to several special populations and topics unique to the field, such as twice-exceptional learners, underachieving gifted students, the underrepresentation of minorities, acceleration options, and assisting educators to work with parents.

    A service publication of the National Association for Gifted Children (Washington, DC)This designation indicates that this book has been jointly developed with NAGC and that this book passes the highest standards of scholarship, research, and practice.

    INTRODUCTION SECTION 1: SPECIAL POPULATIONS CHAPTER 1: Targeted Professional Learning for Twice-Exceptional Students: A Double Target CHAPTER 2: Professional Learning Standards and Practices for Educators of Gifted GLBTQ Youth CHAPTER 3: Reframing Professional Learning to Meet the Needs of Teachers Working With Culturally Diverse Gifted Learners CHAPTER 4: Professional Learning Strategies to Develop Creativity Among Attention Divergent Hyperactive Gifted Students CHAPTER 5: Professional Learning Strategies for Teachers of Underachieving Gifted Students CHAPTER 6: Professional Learning for the Parent: How Educators Can Support Parents SECTION 2: PROGRAMMATIC TOPICS CHAPTER 7: Identifying and Supporting Culturally, Linguistically, and Economically Diverse Gifted Learners: Guiding Teachers Through the Four Zones of Professional Learning.. CHAPTER 8: Empowering Educators to Implement Acceleration: Professional Learning Is Essential CHAPTER 9: Designing Professional Learning Centered on Social and Emotional Issues for the Gifted CHAPTER 10: Finding Gifted English Language Learners: Professional Learning Designed to Change the Lens ABOUT THE AUTHORS


    The National Association for Gifted Children’s mission is to support those who enhance the growth and development of gifted and talented children through education, advocacy, community building, and research. NAGC aims to help parents and families, K–12 education professionals including support service personnel, and members of the research and higher education community who work to help gifted and talented children as they strive to achieve their personal best and contribute to their communities.

    Christine L. Weber, Ph.D., is a professor of Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL at the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville. She instructs teachers in strategies for conceptual teaching and learning, assessment tools, and meeting the needs of gifted learners. She has been a member of the Editorial Review Board for Gifted Child Today since 1998. Under her leadership, the Florida's Frameworks for K-12 Gifted Learners was developed in 2007 and disseminated to all school districts in the state. Dr. Weber has published numerous articles and presented at state, national, and international conferences. She currently serves as the Representative Assembly for CEC-TAG and Chair-elect for the NAGC Professional Development Network. She previously served as Cochair of Awards for the NAGC Research & Evaluation Network.

    In this volume the second of a three volume set, the editors Novak & Weber have created a working guide for use by educators who work with Gifted Learners. Each chapter is written by leading educators who have researched the various topics and set out a working set of goals for the educator to expand their knowledge in that area and each chapter provides highlights and a full reference section. ,Lewie Dunn,Georgia Military College, 7/18/19
    This three-volume work can be used as a reference book for students in teacher-training programs as well as by teachers for lesson planning and professional development programs, especially regarding the aspect of giftedness. It can also be of great value for schools who emphasize giftedness in their mission statement and intend to implement it. ,Helene Rucker,European Council of High Ability-vñsterreich, 12/21/20