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Broadband Networking

Broadband Networking

2nd Edition

Edited By James Trulove
November 18, 1999

Broadband Networking shows you how to bring all the benefits of multiservice networks to your company, and build an infrastructure for audio, graphics, animation, full motion video - all types of real-time multimedia applications. Broadband Networking provides easy-to-understand material on service...

Multi-Operating System Networking Living with UNIX, NetWare, and NT

Multi-Operating System Networking: Living with UNIX, NetWare, and NT

1st Edition

By Raj Rajagopal
November 08, 1999

Here is all the practical, hands-on information you need to build, manage and maintain a heterogeneous computing environment with hardware, software, and network equipment from a number of different vendors. Packed with real-world case studies and proven techniques for integrating disparate ...

Internet Management

Internet Management

1st Edition

Edited By Jessica Keyes
July 28, 1999

Internet Management is an encyclopedia of Internet management know-how. Over the course of 50 chapters, experts provide advice on everything from choosing the right Web database to finding a reliable Web consultant, and the implications of using CGI to the pros and cons of using GIF. And throughout...

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