1st Edition

Betting for and Against EMU Who Wins and Loses in Italy and in the UK from the Process of European Monetary Integration

By Leila Talani Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  An analysis of the extent to which the outcomes of the process of European monetary integration and, particularly, of the development of the debate over the establishment of EMU, have been influenced by domestic politics and by domestic economic interest groups in Italy and in the United Kingdom. From an empirical point of view, the work provides an account of the development of Italian and British socio-economic interest groups towards the issue of European monetary union from the making of the EMS until the establishment of EMU.

    Introduction; Interests or Expectations? A Political Economy Analytical Approach to Exchange Rate Commitments; I: The Birth of Consensus; 1: Italy and Entry into the ERM: Shifting the Domestic Power Struggle to the European Level; 2: The UK and the Making of the EMS: A Low Temperature Political Debate; 3: The UK and Entry into the ERM: Domestic Considerations and External Threats; II: The Death of Consensus; 4: Italy and the Departure from the ERM: Purely Economic Interests vs Political Economy Strategies; 5: The UK and the Departure from the ERM: Betting against EMU; III: Future Consensus; 6: Italy and EMU : A Widespread Socioeconomic Consensus; 7: The UK and EMU: The City vs the Continent


    Leila Talani