1st Edition

Beyond Citizenship and the Nation-State

Edited By Jocelyn M. Boryczka, Sarah M. Surak Copyright 2023

    Beyond Citizenship and the Nation-State examines tensions between a push for clear boundaries defining nation-states and who “legitimately” belongs in them and a pull away from citizenship as capturing what membership in a political community looks like in the twenty-first century. Borders signify and represent these physical and metaphorical challenges in a world where (anti)migration and (anti)refugee rhetoric are central to the production and reproduction of postcolonial and nationalist political discourse and identity formation. With an expansive view of citizenship, authors challenge dominant narratives, explore alternatives to neoliberal frameworks, and link theory and practice through participatory opportunities for non-citizen political participation. In doing so, they present possibilities for reimagining citizenship for a just, more sustainable future.  

    This book will appeal to academics and practitioners working in the disciplines of Sociology, Social Policy, Human Geography, Political Sciences, Citizenship Studies and Migration Studies. It was originally published as a special issue of New Political Science.

    Introduction: Beyond Citizenship and the Nation-State

    Jocelyn M. Boryczka and Sarah M. Surak

    1. Identity and the Demand for Inclusion: The Critique of Methodological Nationalism and the Political Theory of Immigration

    David Watkins

    2. Fluid Decolonial Futures: Water as a Life, Ocean Citizenship and Seascape Relationality

    Rachel Yacaaʔał George and Sarah Marie Wiebe

    3. The Postcolonial State as Container: Lessons on Nation-Building and the Nation-State from Sri Lanka

    Shelby E. Ward

    4. Externalization of the European Union Migration Regime: The Case of Turkey

    Reha Atakan Çetіn

    5. Family Reunification as an Earned Right: A Framing Analysis of Migrant Workers’ Pathways to Neoliberal Multicultural Citizenship in Canada

    Rupaleem Bhuyan, Kate Yoon and Lorraine Valmadrid

    6. Race, Citizenship and Participation: Interrogating the Racial Dynamics of Participatory Budgeting

    Laura Pin


    Jocelyn M. Boryczka is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Education at University of Detroit Mercy (Michigan, USA) who served as Editor and Co-editor of the journal New Political Science from 2016-2020.

    Sarah M. Surak is Associate Professor of Political Science at Salisbury University (Maryland, USA) who served as Interim Co-Editor of the journal New Political Science from 2019-2020.