In his influential 1991 book Edge City, Joel Garreau argued that every American city is growing in the fashion of Los Angeles, with multiple urban cores. He named these cores edge cities because they perform all of the city functions, but rise in places that were farmlands or villages only decades ago, far from the old downtowns. This new book expands and clarifies Garreau's pioneering concept as it develops a comprehensive theory of edge city growth and functions. The contributors draw on their expertise as geographers, political scientists, economics planners, and sociologists to offer a wide range of insights and analyses.

    Chapter 1 Chapter One Edge Cities in Context, William M.Bowen, DeborahKimble; Chapter 2 Chapter Two The Ohio Edge Cities Project, Richard D.Bingham, William M.Bowen, DeborahKimble; Chapter 3 Chapter Three Metropolitan Ohio, JaneDockery, JackDustin, GaryGappert, Edward W.Hill, Kent P.Schwirian, Howard A.Stafford, DavidStephens; Chapter 4 Chapter Four Balanced Edge Cities I, CraigCampbell, ThomasMaraffa, JaneDockery, Kent P.Schwirian, Gail GordonSommers; Chapter 5 Chapter Five Balanced Edge Cities II, Lynn W.Bachelor, Howard A.Stafford; Chapter 6 Chapter Six Manufacturing Edge Cities, JackDustin, Yosra A.Amara, JaneDockery, David L.McKee; Chapter 7 Chapter Seven Service Center Edge Cities, JaneDockery, Kent P.Schwirian; Chapter 8 Chapter Eight Information/Producer Services Edge Cities, Howard A.>Stafford, David L.>McKee, Yosra A.>Amara; Chapter 9 Chapter Nine Edge City Development along Interstate Corridors, Gail GordonSommers, Yosra A.Amara, David L.McKee; Chapter 10 Chapter Ten The Retail Edge City, Kent P.>Schwirian; Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven Cities on the Edge, David L.McKee, Yosra A.Amara, Kent P.Schwirian; Chapter 12 Chapter Twelve The Science and Art of Spatial Interaction Analysis of Telephone Call Flows in Ohio Edge Cities, William M.Bowen, Richard D.Bingham; Chapter 13 Chapter Thirteen Toward a Theory of Edge City Development and Function, William M.Bowen; ReferencesIndex; Contributors;


    Yosra Amara, Richard D. Bingham, William M. Bowen