1st Edition

Beyond Free Market Social Inclusion and Globalization

Edited By Fayyaz Baqir, Sanni Yaya Copyright 2021
    246 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    246 Pages 8 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores the causes and consequences of market failure in bridging societal differences to create a shared economy. It questions the current world order and evaluates socio-economic gains in reference to the social origins of the economic agents.

    With a need to counterbalance economic growth with social equality and environmental sustainability, the book proposes innovative approaches to address key questions on the contemporary global economy such as, "Is the Global socio-economic order supportive of the pursuit of rational and enlightened self -interest?", "Is it a unipolar power centre and neoliberal economic policy regime?", "Can the system reinvent itself?", etc. One approach encourages going back to the golden past and making things "great again", insisting that history has ended and the failures of old global institutions be blamed on the "Clash of Civilizations". Another approach advocates giving up the intellectual comfort zone of elegant but irrelevant neo-liberal explanations of global challenges and asking new questions that take academic debate to the public square. The book examines the internal challenges and contradictions that cause disintegration and proposes alternative ideas and practices in moving the global community beyond the free market regime.

    The book will appeal to students and academics of development studies, political economy, political science, sociology, as well as policymakers and public opinion makers interested in creating a new egalitarian global society.

    1. Introduction

    Fayyaz Baqir

    2. Development Alternatives Beyond the ‘Free Market’: Progressive Capitalism, Democratic Socialism, and Socialism

    Susan Spronk

    3. Social Reproduction, Social Movements and Market Failure

    Adrian Murray

    4. Globalization and the Twin Scourges of Illiberalism and Inequality

    Syed Mansoob Murshed

    5. Gender, Climate, and Conflict in Forced Migration

    Tricia Glazebrook

    6. Human Greed Versus Human Needs: Decarbonization of the Global Economy

    Furqan Asif

    7. The Fall of the Dollar

    Abdullah Al Mamun and Sanni Yaya

    8. Global Capital and Human Migration: Dream and Reality of Free Mobility in Asian Labor Migration Regimes

    Kazue Takamura

    9. Demography. Development and Demagogues. Is Population Growth Good or Bad for Economic Development?

    Sanni Yaya, Helena Yeboah, Ogochukwu Udenigwe

    10. Sharing the Pie? The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Sharing/Platform Economy: Distributive Justice Implications

    Rasul Bakhsh Rais

    11. Uneven Development, Discrimination in Housing and Organized Resistance

    Nima Hussein and Josh Hawley

    12. Trade Blocks, Trade Wars, and Decolonization:  Glimpses from the Caribbean Sea

    Juan Velásquez Atehortúa

    13. International Development Financing in a Post-Bretton Woods World

    Syed Sajjadur Rahman

    14. Turning the Tide on Canada, the Empire: Genuine Reconciliation, Pluriversality, and Indigeneity

    Carolyn Laude

    15. Civil Society and Fault Lines of the Global Democracy

    Fayyaz Baqir


    Fayyaz Baqir is a visiting scholar at the University of Ottawa. He served as senior advisor on civil society at the United Nations, and CEO of Trust for Voluntary Organizations. He received top contributors’ awards from UNDP’s global poverty reduction network.

    Sanni Yaya is Full Professor of Economics and Global Health in the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa and holds the Senghor Research Chair in Health and Development.