260 Pages
    by Routledge

    260 Pages
    by Routledge

    Hoshin is a system which was developed in Japan in the 1960's, and is a derivative of Management By Objectives (MBO). It is a Management System for determining the appropriate course of action for an organization, and effectively accomplishing the relevant actions and results. Having recognized the power of this system, Beyond Strategic Vision tailors the Hoshin system to fit the culture of North American and European organizations. It is a "how-to" guide to the Hoshin method for executives, managers, and any other professionals who must plan as part of their normal job.

    The management of an organization, whether it be large or small, has as one of its principal responsibilities setting the direction of the organization for the future. The most effective way to set the future direction is to develop a shared vision of what the organization will be in the future, contrast it to the way the organization is now, and then to create a plan for bridging the gap: the Strategic Plan. Beyond Strategic Vision shows you how to do this effectively and efficiently.

    Contents: * What is Planning and Why do we do it? * Barriers to Effective Planning * Hoshin Planning Overview * Preparation * Analyzing the Present Situation * The Strategic Vision * Setting the Breakthrough Objectives * Developing the High Level Strategies * Deployment of the First Level Strategies (Catchball) * Implementation Plans * Implementation and Review * How to get Hoshin Started in your Organization * The Tools of Hoshin * Essential Techniques for Strategic Planning


    Michael Cowley has been a teacher and practitioner of management and strategic planning methodologies since 1972. He is a certified instructor for GOAL/QPC and has worked with a wide variety of clients in the automotive, manufacturing, financial, military, healthcare, and educational fields. Dr. Cowley is President of Cowley & Associates, management consultants in Carnelian Bay, California.

    Ellen Domb is President of the PQR Group, a consulting firm specializing in the application of TQM in Upland, California. She has a successful history of teaching and consulting for planning, management, manufacturing, product development, and business systems. Dr. Domb is the author of numerous articles and books on quality management practices.

    "Success in a highly competitive world requires focus and direction. This book will benefit any organization. It provides a template for process-driven thinking which will create bottom-line results." Stuart Levine, CEO, Stuart Levine & Associates LLC, coauthor, The Leader in You

    "Hoshin planning has long been recognized as the premier tool in developing a competitive and successful organization. Beyond Strategic Vision develops a hands-on practical approach to this process. The authors have meticulously collected tools they have seen work, tools which are woven into the Hoshin process in a way that hands the implementor the proper instrument at just the right time." Pete Weber, VP, TQM Implementation, Aerojet General Co.

    "Corporations need vision, but just having a vision is not enough. A vision needs to be translated into action, in a way that produces the desired results. Hoshin Planning is that way. Its message has been artfully and practically put into book-form by Ellen Domb and Michael Cowley. Beyond Strategic Vision represents far more than just knowledge. It is a step-by-step guide, based on the authors' experiences with some of the best organizations in the world. This is a MUST-READ and MUST-HAVE for those executives¦and their corporate staffs¦who want to make their strategic vision happen." James F. Kowalick, President, Renaissance Leadership Institute

    "Major organizational change requires constancy of purpose not only from year to year but throughout the organization. The authors present a clear, straight forward description of the Hoshin planning process, which will assist any organization in accomplishing this deployment and alignment requirement." Joseph W. Martinelli, President (retired), Chevron Pipeline Company

    "If you recognize the value of planning, or even just want to decide if it is worth your time, this book is a must read. In plain and practical language you will learn how to apply some basic and practical techniques that can be implemented in a straight forward manner to any size business." Bert Frydman, Service Policy and Quality Vice President, Pacific Bell