1st Edition

Beyond the Gods Buddhist and Taoist Mysticism

By John Blofeld Copyright 1974

    First published in 1974 Beyond the Gods argues that true mystics transcend religious boundaries, and that Eastern mysticism has increasing relevance for the troubled minds and spirits of the West. Blofeld’s approach is a highly personal one based on encounters with monks, lamas, and recluses in their mountain retreats. He also includes a vivid description of the Chinese religious scene and chapters on the mystical practices of Taoism, Ch’an (Zen) and the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet. The book seeks to answer broader questions like – what has Eastern mysticism to offer the West, how can we free ourselves from the pressures of modern life or benefit from eastern methods of cultivating the sublime mystical experience?

    This is an interesting read for scholars and researchers of Buddhism, Taoism, and religion in general.

    Acknowledgements Preface 1. The Wish-fulfilling Gem 2. Remnants of the Three Teachings 3. The Path of Observation and Acceptance 4. The Path of Faith and Compassion 5. The Path of Learning 6. The Path of Meditation 7. The Esoteric Path 8. Remedies of Discontent? Short Glossary Index


    John Blofeld