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Biblical Limits

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This series brings together a variety of postmodern perspectives on the understanding of biblical texts. It challenges the traditional field of biblical studies and invites new partners, including critics of literature, gender and culture, to press the boundaries of a familiar - and unfamiliar - Bible.

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Knockin' on Heaven's Door The Bible and Popular Culture

Knockin' on Heaven's Door: The Bible and Popular Culture

1st Edition

By Roland Boer
October 05, 1999

Knockin' On Heaven's Door offers a critically sophisticated and truly interdisciplinary analysis of the relationship between biblical studies and contemporary culture.Specific biblical texts are examined in the light of cultural criticism and areas of popular culture including pornography, heavy ...

Racializing Jesus Race, Ideology and the Formation of Modern Biblical Scholarship

Racializing Jesus: Race, Ideology and the Formation of Modern Biblical Scholarship

1st Edition

By Shawn Kelley
June 21, 2002

Shawn Kelley's groundbreaking study shows how the major intellectual movements of the modern world, such as Orientalism and romantic nationalism, become infused with the category of race. He then traces the processes through which racially-grounded thinking has influenced modern biblical ...

God, Gender and the Bible

God, Gender and the Bible

1st Edition

Edited By David Gunn, Deborah Sawyer, Gary. A Philips
September 20, 2002

Deborah Sawyer discusses this crucial yet unresolved question in the context of contemporary and postmodern ideas about gender and power, based on fresh examination of a number of texts from Hebrew and Christian scripture. Such texts offer striking parallels to contemporary gender theories (...

Reading Bibles, Writing Bodies Identity and The Book

Reading Bibles, Writing Bodies: Identity and The Book

1st Edition

Edited By Timothy K. Beal, David Gunn
December 26, 1996

The Bible is often said to be one of the foundation texts of Western culture. The present volume shows that it goes far beyond being a religious text. The essays explore how religious, political and cultural identities, including ethnicity and gender, are embodied in biblical discourse. Following ...

The Book of Hiding Gender, Ethnicity, Annihilation, and Esther

The Book of Hiding: Gender, Ethnicity, Annihilation, and Esther

1st Edition

By Timothy K. Beal
December 11, 1997

The Book of Hiding offers a fluent and erudite analysis of the parallels between the Bible and contemporary discussions of gender, ethnicity and social ambiguity. Beal focuses particularly on the traditionally marginalised book of Esther, in order to examine closely the categories of self and other...

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