1st Edition

Biculturalism and Spanish in Contact Sociolinguistic Case Studies

Edited By Eva Núñez-Méndez Copyright 2019
    318 Pages
    by Routledge

    318 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Biculturalism and Spanish in Contact: Sociolinguistic Case Studies provides an original and modern analysis of the development of Spanish and its contact with other languages using a sociolinguistic framework from both synchronic and diachronic angles.

    Split into three sections​, ​(i) Border speech communities​​, (ii) Outcomes and perceptions in situations of language and dialect contact and (iii) Contact and alternation: social boundaries of language switching, this collection offers new perspectives in the field of language contact and change. Each chapter presents an original study detailing the social factors that have shaped contact varieties of Spanish, providing principal arguments and theories about language use, contact, and change, as well as guided topics for discussion.

     With its wide scope, this book is a landmark in language interaction processes and studies, and will be a valuable reference for educators, scholars, language professionals and students with an interest in the vitality of the Spanish language in contact with other languages.


    List of maps and figures XX

    List of tables XX

    Acknowledgments XX

    List of Abbreviations XX

    List of Contributors XX

    Chapter Abstracts XX

    Introduction XX

    Section I

    Border Speech Communities

    Chapter One 1

    Languages and borders: case studies from the U.S. Southwest

    Glenn Martinez

    Chapter Two XX

    Linguistic encounters in Texas

    Manuel Gutiérrez

    Chapter Three XX

    Bilingualism in California: the case of Los Angeles

    Ana Sánchez Muñoz

    Chapter Four XX

    Attitudes and language behavior at the Brazilian-Uruguayan


    Göz Kaufmann

    Section II

    Outcomes and perceptions in situations

    of language and dialect contact

    Chapter Five XX

    Languages in contact: pidginization and creolization, Spanish in the Caribbean

    John Lipski

    Chapter Six XX

    Dominican-Haitian contact in Hispaniola: historical and sociolinguistic


    Luis Ortiz López

    Chapter Seven XX

    Languages in contact: the case of Colombia

    Armin Schwegler and Alejandro Correa

    Section III

    contact and alternation:

    social boundaries of language switching

    Chapter Eight XX

    Have monolingualism and monoculturalism been overcome in Mexico?

    Mariadelaluz Matus- Mendoza

    Chapter Nine XX

    Languages in contact in Paraguay: cultural fusion in a unique sociolinguistic situation

    Haralambos Symeonidis

    Chapter Ten XX

    Language contact and the indigenous languages of Uruguay

    Yliana Rodríguez

    Chapter Eleven XX

    Languages in contact: grammaticalization and complexification in Northern Andean


    Kathleen Guerra

    Chapter Twelve XX

    Spain's language policies and the discourse of contact linguistics: a diachronic approach

    Eva Núñez Méndez

    Index of subjects XX


    Eva Núñez Méndez is professor of Spanish linguistics at Portland State University, where she has been part of the Dept. of World Languages and Literatures since 2002. Her research focuses primarily on linguistics (phonetics, syntax, and the history of the Spanish language) and on applied linguistics (language variation, text analysis, and translation). Her books include Diachronic applications of Hispanic linguistics (2016), Fundamentals of the history of the Spanish language (2012), Fundamentals of Spanish phonetics and phonology (2012, 2005), and Troilus and Cressida: a bilingual edition (2008).