1st Edition

Bifurcation and Localisation Theory in Geomechanics

Edited By A.V. Dyskin, H.-B. Muhlhaus, E. Pasternak Copyright 2001

    This work contains proceedings of a workshop on Bifurcation and Localisation Theory in Geomechanics, held in Perth, Australia in 1999. It covers a range of themes from classic civil engineering subjects to non-linear and non-unique geological phenomena.

    Strain Localisation. Modelling and Experiments, Some remarks on stability of elastic-plastic saturated porous media, On the post-localization behavior of elasto-plastic solids with strong discontinuity, Incremental behaviour of a simple deviatoric constitutive CLoE model, Modelling of granular avalanches as material instabilities, Stress induced elastic anisotropy and strain localisation in sand, Forced and spontaneous polarization in shear zones, Pressure- and density-dependent bifurcation of soils, Application of a nonlocal model to the softening behaviour of Hostun sand, Numerical Evolution of Localized Dilated Shear Zones, Effect of transport of pore water on strain localization analysis of fluid-saturated strain gradient dependent viscoplastic geomaterial, Some remarks on shear band analysis in hypoplasticity, Shearing of an infinite narrow granular layer between two boundaries, Quantum Plasticity, Computational aspects, Gradient dependent plasticity and the finite difference method, Modelling industrial fluid flow applications using SPH, A particle-in-cell formulation for large deformation in Cosserat continua, Time- and space-adaptive computations of localization phenomena in standard and micropolar frictional porous materials, Adaptive and fixed mesh study of localization in a strain-softening soil, Numerical analysis of deformation of saturated clay based on elasto-viscoplastic, Cosserat type model, Finite deformation viscoplasticity for localization problems, Partition-of-unity for fracture of brittle materials, A finite element displacement formulation for gradient elastoplasticity, Soil plasticity, An elasto-plastic modeling for structured and overconsolidated soils, An unconventional approach of elastoplastic modeling of soils, Subloading surface model with tangential stress rate effect and its application to soils, On the value of the second order work in homogeneous tests on loose sand specimens, Strain-gradient plasticity theory in large strain, Granular and layered materials, Evolution of polar quantities in a granular Cosserat material under shearing, Dynamical uniaxial and radial flow for hypoplastic granular materials, Friction models of kink-banding in compressed layered structures, Crushing behaviour of granular materials, Micro-structural change during shearing and its contribution to the reliquefaction phenomena of saturated granular soils under cyclic loading, Stress and failure localization associated with sliding in layered materials, Patterning of cracks and interfaces, Bifurcation and damage localisation in a softening interface, Bifurcation in periodic arrays of growing cracks. 2-D analytical solutions, Accumulation and localization of interacting uni-directional microcracks, Localised fault instability triggered by water injection, Analysis of periodic shear band formation: model experiments and numerical simulation, A random lattice solid model for simulation of fault zone dynamics and fracture processes, Geodynamics, Viscoelastic formulation for modeling of plate tectonics, Particle-in-cell solutions for creeping viscous flows with internal interfaces, Multiple scales in rock alteration and ore deposit genesis


    Hans-Bernd Miihlhaus CRIRO Division of Exploration and Mining ,The University of Western Australia, Department of Civil and Resource Engineering Aready V. Dyskin & Elena Pasternak, The University of Western Australia, Department of Civil and Resource Engineering