1st Edition

Big Data Analytics Harnessing Data for New Business Models

Edited By Soraya Sedkaoui, Mounia Khelfaoui, Nadjat Kadi Copyright 2022
    326 Pages 10 Color & 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    326 Pages 10 Color & 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    326 Pages 10 Color & 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This volume explores the diverse applications of advanced tools and technologies of the emerging field of big data and their evidential value in business. It examines the role of analytics tools and methods of using big data in strengthening businesses to meet today’s information challenges and shows how businesses can adapt big data for effective businesses practices.

    This volume shows how big data and the use of data analytics is being effectively adopted more frequently, especially in companies that are looking for new methods to develop smarter capabilities and tackle challenges in dynamic processes. Many illustrative case studies are presented that highlight how companies in every sector are now focusing on harnessing data to create a new way of doing business.


    1. Big Data: An Overview

    Malika Bakdi and Wassila Chadli

    2. Big Data Between Pros and Cons

    Djamila Cylia Kheyar

    3. Big Data Uses and the Challenges They Face

    Nadia Soudani and Djamila Sadek

    4. Twitter’s Big Data Analysis Using RStudio

    Houssame Eddine Balouli and Lazhar Chine

    5. Big Data for Business Growth in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

    Rabia Ahmed Benyahia


    6. The Role of Big Data in Strategic Decision-Making

    Amal Bensautra, Amel Fassouli, and Fella Ghida

    7. Data Mining and Its Contribution to Decision-Making in Business Organizations

    Nadia Hamdi Pacha, Fatma Zohra Khebazi, and Nachida Mazouz

    8. The Strategic Role of Big Data Analytics in the Decision-Making Process

    Yahia Benyahia and Fatma Zohra Hennane

    9. The Role of the Information System in Making Strategic Decisions in the Economic Institution: Case Study of Baticic in Ain Defla, Algeria

    Khedidja Belhadji and Abdellah Kelleche

    10. The Role of Big Data Analysis and Strategic Vigilance in Decision-Making

    Bakhta Bettahar and Abdellah Aggoun

    11. Big Data Analysis and Its Role in Making Strategic Decisions

    Ramdhan Sahnoun and Boulanouar Mokhtari


    12. The Farthest Planning of Big Data in the Light of Information Technology: "Smart Cities: A World to Yet"

    Noureddine Zahoufi and Abdelkader Dahman

    13. Blockchain Technology as a Method Based on Organizing Big Data to Build Smart Cities: The Dubai Experience

    Saliha Hafifi and Fethia Benhadj Djilali Magraoua

    14. The Uses of Big Data in the Health Sector

    Fatma Mana, Redouane Ensaad, and Djazia Hassini

    15. The Role of Big Data in Avoiding the Banking Default in Algeria (The Possibility of Upgrading the Preventive Centers of the Bank of Algeria as a Source of Big Data)

    Mohamed Ilifi and Hamza Belghalem

    16. Marketing Information System as a Marketing Crisis Management Mechanism through Big Data Analytics: A Case Study of Algeria Telecom in Bouira

    Rabah Ghazi and Fatima Zohra Soukeur

    17. Perspectives of Big Data Analytics’ Integration in the Business Strategy of Amazon, Inc.

    Mustapha Bouakel and Amina Zerbout

    18. The Hospital Information System: A Fundamental Lever for Performance in Hospitals

    Zineb Matene and Khalida Mohammed Belkebir


    19. Big Data Analysis and Sustainable Development

    Dehbia El Djouzi

    20. Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals: Theoretical Approach

    Fatima Lalmi and Rafika Benaichouba

    21. Using Big Data in Official Statistics for Sustainable Development

    Khadra Rachedi and Fatima Rachedi

    22. The Initiatives of the UN to Improve the Quality of Big Data and Support the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

    Zahia Kouache and Nadia Messaoudi

    23. Big Data and It Role in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Experiences of Leading Organizations

    Kamel Maiouf and Achour Mezrig


    Soraya Sedkaoui, PhD, is a senior lecturer, data analyst, and strategic business consultant with more than 10 years of teaching, training, research, and consulting experience in statistics, big data analytics, and machine learning algorithms. Leading the Big Data Analytic Consulting Practice at SRY Consulting in Montpellier, France, Dr. Soraya is focused on working with global clients across industries to determine how a data-driven approach can be embedded into strategic initiatives. She worked as a researcher at TRIS Laboratory at the University of Montpellier, France. Her science-oriented research experience and interests are in the areas of big data, computer science, and the development of algorithms and models for business applications and problems. Dr. Sedkaoui’s prior books and research have been published in several refereed editions and journals.

    Mounia Khelfaoui, PhD, is a teacher-researcher and lecturer at the University Djilali Bounaama Khemis-Miliana, Algeria. With experience in research, she is a member of the research laboratory "Industry, Organizational Development of Enterprises and Innovation" of the University of Khemis-Miliana. Her research focuses on sustainable development and especially on corporate social responsibility (CSR), the sharing economy, and the circular economy. She has published in various journals and conferences dealing with the topic of CSR and sustainable development. Dr. Khelfaoui’s research proposes to demonstrate the role of the adoption of the CSR in organizations in light of the principles of sustainable development.

    Nadjat Kadi, PhD, is a senior lecturer at the University of Djilali Bounaama Khemis-Miliana, Algeria. She is the Manager of The Digital Economy Laboratory. Her research relates to economic and statistical analysis and the field of demography. She graduated from the University of Oran, Algeria, with a PhD in in demography and an HDR in economic and demographic analysis.