1st Edition

BioMedWomen Proceedings of the International Conference on Clinical and BioEngineering for Women's Health (Porto, Portugal, 20-23 June, 2015)

    BioMedWomen 2015 - Clinical and BioEngineering for Women´s Health contains all author contributions presented at BioMedWomen 2015 (Porto, Portugal, 20–23 June 2015). International contributions from countries worldwide provided comprehensive coverage of the current state-of-the-art on different topics:

    • Aging

    • Physical Activity and Sports

    • Physiotherapy

    • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

    • Urogynecology

    • Imaging

    • Biomechanics

    • Nutrition

    • Health Psychology

    • Assisted diagnosis and Treatment

    • Tissue Engineering

    • Medical Devices

    • Prosthesis

    • Dental care and Orthodontics

    BioMedWomen 2015 - Clinical and BioEngineering for Women´s Health will be of interest to academics and to others interested and involved in clinical and engineering subjects related to women´s health.

    Invited lectures

    Biomechanics of female pelvic floor: Bridging experiments, modeling, and clinical practice
    M.S. Damaser

    Improving women’s health via the bio-psycho-social model: Fibromyalgia management as a case study
    H.L. Rogers

    Thematic sessions

    Biomechanics and numerical simulation of pregnancy

    Pregnancy and ergonomics
    H.A. Almeida

    Kinematical adaptations throughout pregnancy and postpartum sagittal plane
    M. Branco, R. Santos-Rocha, F. Vieira, L. Aguiar & A. Veloso

    Effect of parity on step width during walking as pregnancy progresses: A case study
    W.L. Gilleard

    Uterine smooth muscle cell force generation from electrical properties
    M. Yochum, J. Laforêt & C. Marque

    Female oral medicine

    Oral-health related quality of life in patients with removable dentures
    A. Assis, J.C. Reis-Campos, M. Sampaio-Fernandes, M.H. Figueiral, A. Correia & S. Pina-Neves

    Personality impact on prosthodontic patients
    F. Dantas, A. Correia, J.C. Reis-Campos, P. Fonseca & M.H. Figueiral

    Prevalence of Denture-Related Stomatitis
    M.H. Figueiral, J.C. Reis-Campos, A. Correia, T. Pereira-Leite & P. Fonseca

    Differences between genders in oral rehabilitation with complete denture
    P. Fonseca, M. Sampaio-Fernandes & M.H. Figueiral

    Osteonecrosis of jaw by bisphosphonates: About a case
    M. Sampaio-Fernandes, J.G. Carvalho, J. Sampaio-Fernandes & T. Pereira-Leite

    The biomechanical response of a restored tooth due to bruxism: A meshless approach
    C.S. Tavares, J. Belinha, L. Dinis & R. Natal

    Facial Cleft prenatal ultrasound diagnosis at 11 weeks—can be accomplished?
    P. Vaz, R. Nogueira, T. Semedo, M. Seabra, V. Campos & F. Valente

    Bioinformatics and optimization algorithms for women’s health

    Mathematical modelling for assessing fracture risk associated with osteoporosis
    D. Monteiro, A. Pereira, M. Batista & E. Fonseca

    BodyShifter—somatotype determination and optimisation
    C. Silva, E. Oliveira, H. Almeida & R. Ascenso

    Image software and statistical analysis applied to expression of RAB25 in breast cancer
    M. Rocha, S. Maia, H. Cardoso, J. Ramalho, M. Martins, M. Seabra, T. Barona & D. Santos

    Decision support systems for screening BDD in plastic surgery patients
    M.J. de Brito, M. Sabino Neto, N.R. Ortega, F.X. Nahas, C.A. Santos Filho & L.M. Ferreira

    Contributed papers

    Structural differences between breast lesion types by Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging
    L. Nogueira, S. Brandão, J. Loureiro, I. Ramos, R.G. Nunes & H.A. Ferreira

    Diagnostic performances of DCE and DWI in breast imaging
    L. Nogueira, S. Brandão, J. Loureiro, I. Ramos, R.G. Nunes & H.A. Ferreira

    The effect of late mastectomy with and without breast reconstruction on balance and body posture
    A.P. Ribeiro, T. Maniaes, A.N. Hamamoto & S. João

    Evaluation of the shell properties of the PIP breast implants
    N. Ramião, P. Martins, A.A. Fernandes, M.L. Barroso & D. Santos

    Maternal pathology and fetal abnormalities
    P. Vaz, I. Côrte-Real, V. Campos, B. Assunção, A.C. Braga & F. Valente

    The impact of surgical wound dehiscence on women’s sexuality and social adjustment
    M.F. Duarte, M.J. de Brito, M.M. Resende, N.F. Corrêa, F.S. Santos & L.M. Ferreira

    Selected body composition fractions in relation to the Physical Activity in overweight and obese women aged 30–45 years
    T. Sofková & M. Přidalová

    Differences in the influence of Nordic walking and walking on the anthropometric characteristics of women
    N. Čokorilo & M. Mikalački

    Symptoms of Eating Disorders in at term pregnancy
    F. Volpe, G. Tesolat, G. Soldera, R. Maione, S. Xodo, G. Straface & V. Zanardo

    Eating behaviour in women undergoing abdominoplasty
    V.Y. Suzuki, F.X. Nahas, F. Furtado, M.J. de Brito & L.M. Ferreira

    Contribution of sleep parameters to BMI in a sample of young females
    I. Sas, D. Navolan, I. Tuță-Sas, B. Vlaicu, D. Şerban & C. Serban

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder in women seeking plastic surgery
    M.J. de Brito, F.X. Nahas, G.A. Felix, G.M. Dini, T.A. Cordás & L.M. Ferreira

    Contributing reasons behind the wish to lose weight in Romanian young adults
    D. Şerban, C. Serban, I. Tuță-Sas, B. Vlaicu, D.B. Navolan & I. Sas

    Effects of a 3-month Physical Activity program on Manual Dexterity and Physical Activity levels in a woman with schizophrenia: A case study
    R. Costa, E. Gomes, R. Corredeira, O. Vasconcelos & T. Bastos

    Body investment and body satisfaction in women undergoing reduction mammoplasty
    C.C. Fonseca, E.S. Garcia, G.A.A. Félix, L.M. Ferreira, M.J.A.B. Rocha, D.F. Veiga & M.M. Carvalho

    Evaluation of factors of senior fragility of the clients of third age at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky University, Olomouc
    T. Podzimková, M. Přidalová & M. Cinařová

    The effect of exercise training programs on balance in older women
    A. Dunsky, T. Yahalom & R. Lidor

    Ultrasound evaluation of musculotendinous structures in elderly population submitted to a physical activity program
    R. Santos & A.P. Amaral

    Relationship between quadriceps Echo Intensity, Muscle Thickness and pain intensity in aged women with knee Osteoarthritis
    L. Carrão, R. Santos, M. Espanha, P. Armada-da-Silva, S. Amado, H. Almeida, P. Faria & A. Veloso

    Reliability of a Vaginal Finger-Cot Device for measuring Pelvic-Floor Muscles strength
    A.G. Pascoal, P. Silva & F. Sancho

    Are computerised Respiratory Sounds in COPD gender dependent?
    C. Jácome & A. Marques

    Database and biological sample collection for antenatal research
    D. Navolan, I. Ciohat, D. Grigoras, A. Ratiu, I. Tuţă-Sas, D. Şerban, C. Şerban, I. Sas, R. Denk, S. Vladareanu, M. Mitran, R. Vladareanu, P. Terness, D. Nemescu, M. Onofriescu & D. Badiu

    The stability analysis of a model for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
    D. Navolan, D. Stoian, I. Sas & M. Neamtu

    Temperature assessment in the drilling of ex vivo bovine and porcine cortical bone tissue
    M.G. Fernandes, R.J. Natal, E.M.M. Fonseca & M.I. Dias

    Structural and vascular performance of biodegrading scaffolds within bioreactors
    S.R. Almeida, D. Freitas, H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bártolo

    The quality of enzymatic dispersion viability and cryopreservation of human skin cells
    R. Yamamoto, S. Gaiba, F. Zanata, J. França & L. Ferreira

    Ultrasound imaging transducer orientation and displacement during Diastasis Recti Assessment
    P. Mota, A.G. Pascoal, C. Vaz, F. João, A. Veloso & K. Bø

    Otosclerosis-ear disease in women
    F. Gentil, C. Santos, M. Parente, P. Martins, R. Natal & E. Almeida

    Significance of fibre orientation on passive response of pelvic muscles to evaluate pelvic dysfunction
    A. Bhattarai, R. Frotscher & M. Staat

    The effects of fetal head trajectory on stress distribution in Levator Ani during vaginal delivery
    L. Havelková, L. Hynčík, L. Krofta & J. Feyereisl

    The biomechanical effect of damage on the pelvic floor muscles behavior
    D. Oliveira, M.P. Parente, R.M. Natal Jorge, B. Calvo & T. Mascarenhas

    Biomechanical study on bladder neck displacement during Valsalva maneuver
    P. Rocha, S. Brandão, T. Mascarenhas, M. Parente & R. Natal Jorge

    Constitutive modeling of vaginal tissue in the transverse fiber direction
    R. Martins, P. Martins, T. Mascarenhas & R. Natal Jorge

    Optimization of hyperelastic constitutive parameters for the female pelvic floor muscles
    E. Silva, M. Parente, R. Natal Jorge, T. Mascarenhas & S. Brandão

    The meshless simulation of the atherosclerotic plaque tissue using an elasto-plastic model
    J. Belinha, L. Dinis & R. Natal

    Bone mineral content and density in female adolescent athletes of sports contrasting in mechanical impact
    M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, O. Tavares, A. Seabra, J. Duarte, A. Osorio, L. Luz & J. Valente-dos-Santos


    Renato Natal Jorge, Teresa Mascarenhas, José Alberto Duarte, Isabel Ramos, Maria Emília Costa, Maria Helena Figueiral, Olivia Pinho, Sofia Brandão, Thuane Da Roza, João Manuel R.S. Tavares