BioMedWomen: Proceedings of the International Conference on Clinical and BioEngineering for Women's Health (Porto, Portugal, 20-23 June, 2015), 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover


Proceedings of the International Conference on Clinical and BioEngineering for Women's Health (Porto, Portugal, 20-23 June, 2015), 1st Edition

Edited by Renato Natal Jorge, Teresa Mascarenhas, José Alberto Duarte, Isabel Ramos, Maria Emília Costa, Maria Helena Figueiral, Olívia Pinho, Sofia Brandão, Thuane Da Roza, João Manuel R.S. Tavares

CRC Press

224 pages

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BioMedWomen 2015 - Clinical and BioEngineering for Women´s Health contains all author contributions presented at BioMedWomen 2015 (Porto, Portugal, 20–23 June 2015). International contributions from countries worldwide provided comprehensive coverage of the current state-of-the-art on different topics:

• Aging

• Physical Activity and Sports

• Physiotherapy

• Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

• Urogynecology

• Imaging

• Biomechanics

• Nutrition

• Health Psychology

• Assisted diagnosis and Treatment

• Tissue Engineering

• Medical Devices

• Prosthesis

• Dental care and Orthodontics

BioMedWomen 2015 - Clinical and BioEngineering for Women´s Health will be of interest to academics and to others interested and involved in clinical and engineering subjects related to women´s health.

Table of Contents

Invited lectures

Biomechanics of female pelvic floor: Bridging experiments, modeling, and clinical practice

M.S. Damaser

Improving women’s health via the bio-psycho-social model: Fibromyalgia management as a case study

H.L. Rogers

Thematic sessions

Biomechanics and numerical simulation of pregnancy

Pregnancy and ergonomics

H.A. Almeida

Kinematical adaptations throughout pregnancy and postpartum sagittal plane

M. Branco, R. Santos-Rocha, F. Vieira, L. Aguiar & A. Veloso

Effect of parity on step width during walking as pregnancy progresses: A case study

W.L. Gilleard

Uterine smooth muscle cell force generation from electrical properties

M. Yochum, J. Laforêt & C. Marque

Female oral medicine

Oral-health related quality of life in patients with removable dentures

A. Assis, J.C. Reis-Campos, M. Sampaio-Fernandes, M.H. Figueiral, A. Correia & S. Pina-Neves

Personality impact on prosthodontic patients

F. Dantas, A. Correia, J.C. Reis-Campos, P. Fonseca & M.H. Figueiral

Prevalence of Denture-Related Stomatitis

M.H. Figueiral, J.C. Reis-Campos, A. Correia, T. Pereira-Leite & P. Fonseca

Differences between genders in oral rehabilitation with complete denture

P. Fonseca, M. Sampaio-Fernandes & M.H. Figueiral

Osteonecrosis of jaw by bisphosphonates: About a case

M. Sampaio-Fernandes, J.G. Carvalho, J. Sampaio-Fernandes & T. Pereira-Leite

The biomechanical response of a restored tooth due to bruxism: A meshless approach

C.S. Tavares, J. Belinha, L. Dinis & R. Natal

Facial Cleft prenatal ultrasound diagnosis at 11 weeks—can be accomplished?

P. Vaz, R. Nogueira, T. Semedo, M. Seabra, V. Campos & F. Valente

Bioinformatics and optimization algorithms for women’s health

Mathematical modelling for assessing fracture risk associated with osteoporosis

D. Monteiro, A. Pereira, M. Batista & E. Fonseca

BodyShifter—somatotype determination and optimisation

C. Silva, E. Oliveira, H. Almeida & R. Ascenso

Image software and statistical analysis applied to expression of RAB25 in breast cancer

M. Rocha, S. Maia, H. Cardoso, J. Ramalho, M. Martins, M. Seabra, T. Barona & D. Santos

Decision support systems for screening BDD in plastic surgery patients

M.J. de Brito, M. Sabino Neto, N.R. Ortega, F.X. Nahas, C.A. Santos Filho & L.M. Ferreira

Contributed papers

Structural differences between breast lesion types by Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging

L. Nogueira, S. Brandão, J. Loureiro, I. Ramos, R.G. Nunes & H.A. Ferreira

Diagnostic performances of DCE and DWI in breast imaging

L. Nogueira, S. Brandão, J. Loureiro, I. Ramos, R.G. Nunes & H.A. Ferreira

The effect of late mastectomy with and without breast reconstruction on balance and body posture

A.P. Ribeiro, T. Maniaes, A.N. Hamamoto & S. João

Evaluation of the shell properties of the PIP breast implants

N. Ramião, P. Martins, A.A. Fernandes, M.L. Barroso & D. Santos

Maternal pathology and fetal abnormalities

P. Vaz, I. Côrte-Real, V. Campos, B. Assunção, A.C. Braga & F. Valente

The impact of surgical wound dehiscence on women’s sexuality and social adjustment

M.F. Duarte, M.J. de Brito, M.M. Resende, N.F. Corrêa, F.S. Santos & L.M. Ferreira

Selected body composition fractions in relation to the Physical Activity in overweight and obese women aged 30–45 years

T. Sofková & M. Přidalová

Differences in the influence of Nordic walking and walking on the anthropometric characteristics of women

N. Čokorilo & M. Mikalački

Symptoms of Eating Disorders in at term pregnancy

F. Volpe, G. Tesolat, G. Soldera, R. Maione, S. Xodo, G. Straface & V. Zanardo

Eating behaviour in women undergoing abdominoplasty

V.Y. Suzuki, F.X. Nahas, F. Furtado, M.J. de Brito & L.M. Ferreira

Contribution of sleep parameters to BMI in a sample of young females

I. Sas, D. Navolan, I. Tuță-Sas, B. Vlaicu, D. Şerban & C. Serban

Body Dysmorphic Disorder in women seeking plastic surgery

M.J. de Brito, F.X. Nahas, G.A. Felix, G.M. Dini, T.A. Cordás & L.M. Ferreira

Contributing reasons behind the wish to lose weight in Romanian young adults

D. Şerban, C. Serban, I. Tuță-Sas, B. Vlaicu, D.B. Navolan & I. Sas

Effects of a 3-month Physical Activity program on Manual Dexterity and Physical Activity levels in a woman with schizophrenia: A case study

R. Costa, E. Gomes, R. Corredeira, O. Vasconcelos & T. Bastos

Body investment and body satisfaction in women undergoing reduction mammoplasty

C.C. Fonseca, E.S. Garcia, G.A.A. Félix, L.M. Ferreira, M.J.A.B. Rocha, D.F. Veiga & M.M. Carvalho

Evaluation of factors of senior fragility of the clients of third age at the Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky University, Olomouc

T. Podzimková, M. Přidalová & M. Cinařová

The effect of exercise training programs on balance in older women

A. Dunsky, T. Yahalom & R. Lidor

Ultrasound evaluation of musculotendinous structures in elderly population submitted to a physical activity program

R. Santos & A.P. Amaral

Relationship between quadriceps Echo Intensity, Muscle Thickness and pain intensity in aged women with knee Osteoarthritis

L. Carrão, R. Santos, M. Espanha, P. Armada-da-Silva, S. Amado, H. Almeida, P. Faria & A. Veloso

Reliability of a Vaginal Finger-Cot Device for measuring Pelvic-Floor Muscles strength

A.G. Pascoal, P. Silva & F. Sancho

Are computerised Respiratory Sounds in COPD gender dependent?

C. Jácome & A. Marques

Database and biological sample collection for antenatal research

D. Navolan, I. Ciohat, D. Grigoras, A. Ratiu, I. Tuţă-Sas, D. Şerban, C. Şerban, I. Sas, R. Denk, S. Vladareanu, M. Mitran, R. Vladareanu, P. Terness, D. Nemescu, M. Onofriescu & D. Badiu

The stability analysis of a model for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis

D. Navolan, D. Stoian, I. Sas & M. Neamtu

Temperature assessment in the drilling of ex vivo bovine and porcine cortical bone tissue

M.G. Fernandes, R.J. Natal, E.M.M. Fonseca & M.I. Dias

Structural and vascular performance of biodegrading scaffolds within bioreactors

S.R. Almeida, D. Freitas, H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bártolo

The quality of enzymatic dispersion viability and cryopreservation of human skin cells

R. Yamamoto, S. Gaiba, F. Zanata, J. França & L. Ferreira

Ultrasound imaging transducer orientation and displacement during Diastasis Recti Assessment

P. Mota, A.G. Pascoal, C. Vaz, F. João, A. Veloso & K. Bø

Otosclerosis-ear disease in women

F. Gentil, C. Santos, M. Parente, P. Martins, R. Natal & E. Almeida

Significance of fibre orientation on passive response of pelvic muscles to evaluate pelvic dysfunction

A. Bhattarai, R. Frotscher & M. Staat

The effects of fetal head trajectory on stress distribution in Levator Ani during vaginal delivery

L. Havelková, L. Hynčík, L. Krofta & J. Feyereisl

The biomechanical effect of damage on the pelvic floor muscles behavior

D. Oliveira, M.P. Parente, R.M. Natal Jorge, B. Calvo & T. Mascarenhas

Biomechanical study on bladder neck displacement during Valsalva maneuver

P. Rocha, S. Brandão, T. Mascarenhas, M. Parente & R. Natal Jorge

Constitutive modeling of vaginal tissue in the transverse fiber direction

R. Martins, P. Martins, T. Mascarenhas & R. Natal Jorge

Optimization of hyperelastic constitutive parameters for the female pelvic floor muscles

E. Silva, M. Parente, R. Natal Jorge, T. Mascarenhas & S. Brandão

The meshless simulation of the atherosclerotic plaque tissue using an elasto-plastic model

J. Belinha, L. Dinis & R. Natal

Bone mineral content and density in female adolescent athletes of sports contrasting in mechanical impact

M.J. Coelho-e-Silva, O. Tavares, A. Seabra, J. Duarte, A. Osorio, L. Luz & J. Valente-dos-Santos

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