1st Edition

Bioceramics Calcium Phosphate

By K. de Groot Copyright 1983

    The first chapters are fundamental, in that the physical chemistry of calcium phosphate salts is discussed, along with mineralization (with emphasis on teeth) and remodelling of mineralized tissues. Thereafter follows a treatment of the influence of implants o surrounding hard tissues. This topic is followed by a chapter on preparation methods and biomechanical and biological aspects of calcium phosphate implants. In conclusion, two chapters are devoted to (possible) dental and medical applications. It is hoped that basic researchers can use the book in their efforts to improve this promising class of materials further, and that clinicians are inspired to define further possibilities and � at least as important � limitations.

    1. Formation and Stability of Calcium Phosphate in Relation to the Phase Composition of the Mineral Calcified Tissues 2. Formation and Decay of the Tooth 3. Histology of Bone- A Synopsis 4. Tissue Interactions to Bone Replacement Materials 5. Ceramics of Calcium Phosphates- Preparation and Properties 6. Dental Implants 7. Medical Use of Calcium Phosphate Ceramics


    K. de Groot