Dentistry is a branch of medicine with its own peculiarities and very diverse areas of action, which means that it can be considered as an interdisciplinary field. BIODENTAL ENGINEERING II contains the full papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Biodental Engineering (BioDENTAL 2012, Porto, Portugal, 7-8 December 2012). The contributions from 8 countries provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary coverage of the state-of-the-art in biodental engineering, and include the following subjects:

    • Aesthetics

    • Bioengineering

    • Biomaterials

    • Biomechanical disorders

    • Biomedical devices

    • Computational bio-imaging and visualization

    • Computational methods

    • Dental medicine

    • Experimental mechanics

    • Signal processing and analysis

    • Implantology

    • Minimally invasive devices and techniques

    • Orthodontics

    • Prosthesis and orthosis

    • Simulation

    • Software development

    • Telemedicine

    • Tissue engineering

    • Virtual reality

    BIODENTAL ENGINEERING II intends to cover recent advances in new techniques and technologies, and will be of interest to academics and others interested in biodental engineering.

    How do dental students perceive profession demands?
    M.E. Pinho, M.A. Vaz, J.R. Campos & P.M. Arezes

    Designing dental implant surfaces by Laser microtexturing
    M. Oliveira, J. Machado & A. Reis

    Three-dimensional visualization of teeth by magnetic resonance imaging during speech
    S.R. Ventura, D.R. Freitas, I.M. Ramos & J.M.R.S. Tavares

    Backscattered electron imaging for the interface analysis of dental biomaterials
    S.A. Bote, J.M. Osorio, J.M. Arroyo, P.C. Lobato & M.C.M. Céspedes

    Finite element analysis applied to a dental implant-supported structure
    U. Garitaonaindia & J.L. Alcaraz

    Design of orthodontic mini-implants contributing to implantation torque
    V. Kati´c, S. Špalj, M. Opali´c & Z. Domitran

    Effectiveness of passive ultrasonic irrigation time in the smear layer removal
    F. Tadeu, R. Madureira, O. Oliveira & L. Forner

    Impact of fluoride agents on mechanical properties of orthodontic wires
    V. Katic, S. Špalj, J.L. Horina & D. Vikic-Topic

    Use of a clinical decision-support system in implant-supported rehabilitations
    V. Correia, A. Correia & J. Rocha

    Composite-reinforced glass fiber morphology
    S.A. Bote, J.M. Arroyo, J.M. Osorio, P.C. Lobato & M.C.M. Céspedes

    Biomaterials in critical-size bone defects: pointers for a standardized analysis
    M.C. Manzanares, P. Carvalho, O. Torres, B. González, A. Fuertes, S. Arroyo & J.J. Echeverría

    Fluorescence versus confocal microscopy for the assessment of bone remodelling
    P. Carvalho, B. Gallardo, M. Bosch, S. Arroyo & M.C. Manzanares

    Evaluation of the mechanical environment of the median palatine suture during rapid maxillary expansion
    L.C.T. Serpe, L.A. González-Torres, R.L. Utsch, A.C.M. Melo & E.B. de Las Casas

    Numerical model of thermal necrosis due a dental drilling process
    E.M.M. Fonseca, K. Magalhães, M.G. Fernandes, M.P. Barbosa & G. Sousa

    The occlusion in total prosthesis
    P. Fonseca, M.H. Figueiral & M. Vaz

    Implant-abutment geometry and its role in bone level preservation
    J. Ferreira, M. França, A. Correia & A. Reis

    Risk factors for implant treatment failure: a case-control study
    C. Sedarat, S. de Chalvron, B. Ella, M. Mesnard & A. Ramos

    Biomodelling partial anodontia case for analysis and surgical implant rehabilitation
    L. Queijo, J. Rocha & A. Ramos

    In vitro pilot study on bone heating during surgical implant bed preparation
    S. Fangaia, M. Almeida, L. Carvalho & P. Nicolau

    In vivo dental implant micro-movements measuring with 3D digital image correlation method
    T. Rodrigues, F. Moreira, F. Guerra, P. Nicolau & A. Neto

    Projection and construction of universal testing machine to simulate fatigue cycles during the insertion/detachment of implant attachments
    C. Aroso, S. Silva, J.M. Mendes, R. Ustrell, M.C. Manzanares, J.M. Ustrell & T. Escuin

    3D evaluation of dental impaction using Computed Tomography
    S.B. Goncalves, J.H. Correia & A.C. Costa

    Nasal bone in prenatal ultrasound and genetic changes with orofacial manifestations
    P. Vaz, M.J. Catita, M.J. Ponces, A.C. Braga, O. Iskenderva & F. Valente

    Guided tissue regeneration and genetics
    P. Vaz, B.M. Assunção, M. Henriques, C. Pintado, P. Mesquita & M.H. Figueiral

    Different methods for composite removal after bracket debonding
    F.M. Lourenço, S. Castro, M.J. Ponces, J.D. Lopes, P. Vaz & L. Rocha

    Modified core design in an all-ceramic CAD-CAM crown – a numerical stress analysis
    I. Lopes, A. Correia, J.C. Sampaio, Z. Kovacs, N.V. Ramos & M. Vaz

    New method and software prototype for automatized measurement of crestal bone levels around implants
    A. Messias, R. Reis, S. Rocha, P. Nicolau, P. Cunha & M. Lopez

    X-ray fluorescence technique to evaluate in vitro the de/remineralization in bovine enamel
    F.S. Calazans, R.F. Moreira, M.S. Miranda, R.S. Santos, M.J. Anjos & J.T. Assis

    Analysis of a bar-implant using a meshless method
    H.M.S. Duarte, J. Belinha, L.M.J.S. Dinis & R.M. Natal Jorge

    Analysis of dental implant using a meshless method
    J.R. Andrade, J. Belinha, L.M.J.S. Dinis & R.M. Natal Jorge

    Mandible bone tissue remodelling analysis using a new numerical approach
    J. Belinha, L.M.J.S. Dinis & R.M. Natal Jorge

    A meshless method analysis of maxillary central incisor
    S.F. Moreira, J. Belinha, L.M.J.S. Dinis & R.M. Natal Jorge

    Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on the inorganic composition of bovine enamel
    R.F. Moreira, F.S. Calazans, R.S. Santos, M.J. dos Anjos, J.T. de Assis & M.S. Miranda

    Analysis of failure cobalt-chromiun alloy for partial removable dental prostheses
    C.P.S. Porto, E.A. Monteiro, P.G.A. Borges, M.A.R. Nunes & S. Griza

    Stress distribution in a zirconia one-piece dental implant
    A. Correia, J.C.R. Campos, P.C. Viana, Z. Kovacs, N.V. Ramos & M. Vaz

    Clinical records in removable prosthodontics: Paper vs computorized format
    A. Cunha, A. Correia, J.C.R. Campos, M.H. Figueiral & J. Fonseca

    Development of a thematic learning object for removable partial denture teaching
    S. Alves, M.H. Figueiral, A. Correia & A.V. de Castro

    Multimedia tools in the teaching of removable denture prosthesis
    P. Rolino, A. Correia & A.V. de Castro


    R.M. Natal Jorge, J.C. Reis Campos, João Manuel R.S. Tavares, Mário A.P. Vaz & Sónia M. Santos, all from the Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal.