Dentistry is a branch of medicine with its own peculiarities and very diverse areas of action, which means that it can be considered as an interdisciplinary field. Currently the use of new techniques and technologies receives much attention.

    Biodental Engineering III contains contributions from 13 countries, which were presented at BIODENTAL 2014, the 3rd International Conference on Biodental Engineering (Póvoa do Varzim, Portugal, 22-23 June 2014). They provide a comprehensive coverage of the state-of-the art in this area, and address issues on a wide range of topics:

    – Aesthetics

    – Bioengineering

    – Biomaterials

    – Biomechanical disorders

    – Biomedical devices

    – Computational bio- imaging and visualization

    – Computational methods

    – Dental medicine

    – Experimental mechanics

    – Signal processing and analysis

    – Implantology

    – Minimally invasive devices and techniques

    – Orthodontics

    – Prosthesis and orthosis

    – Simulation

    – Software development

    – Telemedicine

    – Tissue engineering

    – Virtual reality

    Biodental Engineering III will be of interest to academics and others interested and/or involved in biodental engineering.

    Thematic sessions
    Scientific committee

    Contributed papersA variable finite element model of the human masticatory system
    S. Martinez, J. Lenz, K. Schweizerhof & H.J. Schindler

    Occlusal splint vs. anterior deprogrammer in bruxism therapy—is surface electromyography a valid tool?
    B. Dalewski & B. Frączak

    Fracture toughness in interface systems Ni-Cr/ceramic, alumina/ceramic and zirconia/ceramic
    C.P.S. Porto, M. Parente, R.M.N. Jorge, L.C. Pereira & S. Griza

    The use of GBR in bone regeneration: An histologic study in the rabbit model
    I. Guerra, M.H. Figueiral, J.C.R. Campos, F. Branco, M. Vasconcelos, A. Afonso & R.Z. Gomes

    Effect of repeated tightening and loosening cycles of prosthetic screws in the micromovements of the abutment-implant assembly: A pilot study
    A. Messias, S. Rocha, N. Calha, P. Nicolau, F. Guerra & M.A. Neto

    Stress analysis of human periodontal ligament: Implications for its damage
    A.P. del Palomar, U. Santana-Mora, J. Cegoñino, U. Santana-Penin, A. Calvo-Echenique & M.J. Mora

    Parametric evaluation of cortical bone thickness behavior on stress/strain of a dental implant
    J.P. de Oliveira Freitas, V. Bianco, J.H. Rubo, P.J.P. Gonçalves & E.A.C. Sousa

    3D Finite Element biomechanical model of the mandible-mucosa-expander apparatus set
    I. Braga, D. Rocha, R. Utsch, E.L. Casas, R. Andrade, R. Braga, R.M.N. Jorge & P.A.L.S. Martins

    Computer-aided design and manufacturing of dental implants with irregular geometries
    J. Chen, X. Chen, X. Zhang, O. Eichstädt, R. Du, F. Deng & Z. Zhang

    Automatic reconstruction of dental CT images using optimization
    P.H.J. Amorim, T.F. de Moraes, J.V.L. da Silva, H. Pedrini & R.B. Ruben

    Overbleaching effects on mineral content and roughness of human enamel
    M.S.F. de Miranda, R.S. Santos, M.J. dos Anjos, E.M. da Silva & C.R. Perez

    The assessment of the generated temperature by the drill bit in the bone tissue
    C.T. Sampaio, E.M. Fonseca, J.E. Ribeiro & R. Cerqueira

    The CAD technology in removable prosthodontics
    M.A. Sampaio-Fernandes, M. Sampaio-Fernandes, P. Fonseca, P.R. Almeida & M.H. Figueiral

    Clinical trial—in vivo endosseous implants micromovements measuring with 3D Digital Image Correlation method
    T. Rodrigues, F. Moreira, F. Guerra, P. Nicolau & M.A. Neto

    Simulation of remodeling of tissue engineered condylar cartilage under static hydrostatic pressure
    C. Bandeiras, A. Completo & A. Ramos

    Cyclic fatigue resistance of five rotary endodontic instruments
    B. Chaveli-Díaz, L. Forner, C. Llena, R. Madureira & F. Tadeu

    A biomechanical analysis of a maxillary overdenture retained by divergent implant attachments
    A. Miler, A. Correia, J.M. Rocha, J.C.R. Campos, N.V. Ramos & M.A. Vaz

    Effects of micromovement on the strain distribution of an implant supported zirconia dental bridge structure during loading: A 3D digital image correlation and 3D finite element analysis
    N. Calha, T. Rodrigues, A. Messias, L. Roseiro, P. Nicolau & M.A. Neto

    Comparative analysis of mandibular symphysis plates 1
    J.C. Dinis, D.T. Kemmoku, P.Y. Noritomi, J.V.L. Silva & R.B. Ruben

    Effect of hydrogen peroxide on the inorganic composition of enamel
    R.M. Moreira, F.S. Calazans, A.C. Lamosa, R.S. Santos, M.J. dos Anjos, J.T. de Assis & M.S. Miranda

    Integration of image processing and 3D techniques to simulate aesthetic dental treatments
    R. Pulido, J.J. Jiménez & A. Rodríguez

    Analysis of autoclave induced dimensional changes on addition silicones
    M. Só, O. Lino, P.R. Almeida, C. Leal, J.C.R. Campos & J. Sampaio-Fernandes

    Relationship between implant primary stability (torque and ISQ) and bone density assessed by CBCT—clinical trial
    R.Z. Gomes, L.L. da Silva, J. Coimbra, I. Guerra, M. Vasconcelos, A. Correia & A.C. Braga

    Fracture resistance of single-tooth implant-supported
    P.A.G. Piloto & J.F. Piloto

    An electromagnetic tracker system for the design of a dental superstructure
    A.H.J. Moreira, S. Queirós, N.F. Rodrigues, A.C.M. Pinho, J.C. Fonseca & J.L. Vilaça

    Optimization of a perfusion bioreactor for tissue engineering
    D. Freitas, H.A. Almeida & P. Bártolo

    Reinforced PCL scaffolds with Eggshell powder
    S.I. Biscaia, T.F. Viana, H.A. Almeida & P. Bártolo

    Optimizing regions for characterization of thermal images in medical applications
    A. Duarte, L. Carrão, M. Espanha, T.F. Viana, D. Freitas, P. Bártolo, P. Faria & H.A. Almeida

    Mechanical behavior of dentures clasps in acetal resin and cobalt-chromium: A numerical analysis
    A.R.D. Lopes, A. Correia, J.C.R. Campos, N.V. Ramos & M.A. Vaz

    Gingiva Assessment Tool—a clinical decision support system to evaluate the esthetic risk for gingiva-shade ceramics in a fixed dental prosthesis
    P.C. Viana, A. Correia, I. Lopes, Z. Kovacs & L. Eustáquio

    Geometric and structural comparison of anatomic models
    R. Zeibak, D. Freitas, H.A. Almeida & P. Bártolo

    Finite element analysis of bio-inert mass effect on stress reduction in bone-dental implant interface
    G. Mehdi, A. Belarbi, B. Mansouri & Z. Azari

    Ideal spacing according to different types of cement—Everest system (KaVo®)
    P. Rocha-Almeida, P. Caniço, C. Leal, J. Reis-Campos & J. Sampaio-Fernandes

    Time dependent constitutive model for a biopolymer derived from castor oil polyurethane
    A.C. Vieira, V. Tita, R.R.C. da Costa & R.M. Guedes

    IL1 gene cluster polymorphisms and peri-implant disease
    M. Sampaio-Fernandes, P. Vaz, P. Fonseca, J. Reis-Campos & M.H. Figueiral

    Quality evaluation of websites with information on child dental trauma in Portuguese language
    M. Crespo, J. Carvalho, A. Correia & P. Mesquita

    Numerical analysis of a teeth restoration: A meshless method approach
    C.S.S. Tavares, J. Belinha, L.M.J.S. Dinis & R.M.N. Jorge

    The bone tissue remodelling analysis in dentistry using a meshless method
    J. Belinha, L.M.J.S. Dinis & R.M.N. Jorge

    Dental tissue classification using computational intelligence and digital image analysis
    G. Vaccaro & J.I. Pelaez

    Influence of composite temperature on the marginal seal in dental restorations
    S.A. Bote, J.M. Arroyo, J.M. Osorio, P.C. Lobato & M.C.M. Céspedes

    Raman Confocal Microscopy to study aesthetic restorative materials
    S.A. Bote, J.M. Arroyo, J.M. Osorio, P.C. Lobato & M.C.M. Céspedes

    Biomechanical analysis of typical structured dental implants and surrounding bone tissues
    X. Zhang, X. Chen, G. Zhang & J. Chen

    Characterization of trabecular bone morphology by isolation and construction of cubic models using computerized microtomography
    P. Carvalho-Lobato, G. Vallespí-Miró, V. Tallón-Walton, M.C. Manzanares-Céspedes, I. Valdivia-Gandur, S. Arroyo-Bote, J. Martínez-Arroyo, J. Martínez-Osorio & M. Herrera-Lara

    Optimization of the procedure for obtaining DPSCs by means of fragile fracture in clean room conditions
    C. Paganelli, A. Lanfranchi, F. Porta, I. Valdivia-Gandur, S. Arroyo-Bote, J. Martínez-Arroyo, J. Martínez-Osorio, P. Carvalho-Lobato, V. Tallón-Walton & M.C. Manzanares-Céspedes

    Evaluation of collagen fibers orientation around different connection implants
    M.A.R. Araujo, D.S.M. Castro, G.M.P. Juanito, M.A.P.P.N. Oliveira, C.A.M. Benfatti, R.S. Magini, A. Piattelli & C.R.P. Araújo

    Evaluation of the bone formation on titanium implants electrically stimulated: Study in dogs
    L.M. Bins-Ely, E.B. Cordero, C.A.M. Benfatti & R.S. Magini

    Thermal residual stresses in functionally graded dental restorations
    B. Henriques, R.M. Nascimento, G. Miranda, F. Silva & J.C.M. Souza

    Study of the porcelain powder injection parameters for the production of zirconia reinforced porcelain composites
    R.L.P. Santos, B. Henriques, R.M. Nascimento, F.V. Motta, F. Silva & J.C.M. Souza

    A finite element study of the Quad-helix appliance deformation when submitted to a force
    A.P. Botto, M.A. Vaz & J.M. Ustrell

    Evaluation of orthodontic forces applied by the Quad-helix apparatus
    A.P. Botto, M.A. Vaz & J.M. Ustrell

    Degradation modelling of bio-polymers used as dental scaffolds
    J. Tarrío-Saavedra, S. Naya, J. López-Beceiro, S. Zaragoza, A. Álvarez, S. Quintana-Pita & F.J. García-Sabán

    Preliminary inertial study of body postures during dental procedures
    V. Silva, J. Reis-Campos, M.H. Figueiral, P. Fonseca, M.E. Pinho & M.A. Vaz

    All-ceramic CAD-CAM Maryland bridge—a numerical stress analysis
    I. Lopes, A. Correia, P.C. Viana, Z. Kovacs, N. Viriato, J.C.R. Campos & M.A. Vaz

    Evaluation of the effects produced by different insertion torques on the internal surface of the neck of different implants systems 2
    M. Ferreira, M.M. Pinho, M.C. Manso, R.F. Almeida, M.A. Vaz & P. Mesquita

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    R.M. Natal Jorge, J.C. Reis Campos, Mário A.P. Vaz, Sónia M. Santos, João Manuel R.S. Tavares