1st Edition

Bioelectronics Materials, Technologies, and Emerging Applications

Edited By Anuj Kumar, Ram K. Gupta Copyright 2023
    412 Pages 121 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Bioelectronics is emerging as a new area of research where electronics can selectively detect, record, and monitor physiological signals. This is a rapidly expanding area of medical research, that relies heavily on multidisciplinary technology development and cutting-edge research in chemical, biological, engineering, and physical science. This book provides extensive information on the (i) fundamental concepts of bioelectronics, (ii) materials for the developments of bioelectronics such as implantable electronics, self-powered devices, bioelectronic sensors, flexible bioelectronics, etc, and (iii) an overview of the trends and gathering of the latest bioelectronic progress. This book will broaden our knowledge about newer technologies and processes used in bioelectronics. 

    1. Introduction to Bioelectronics
    2. Anuj Kumar, Shumaila Ibraheem, Ghulam Yasin, and Ram K. Gupta

    3. Materials and Their Classifications in Bioelectronics
    4. Lorena Duarte-Peña, Julián E. Sánchez-Velandia, Felipe López-Saucedo, and Emilio Bucio

    5. 2D Materials for Bioelectronics
    6. Piyush Sharma, Shagun Kainth, and P.K. Diwan

    7. Materials for Organic Bioelectronics
    8. Giuseppe M. Paternò and Guglielmo Lanzani

    9. Nanomaterials and Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies
    10. Noorhashimah Mohamad Nor, Nurul Hidayah Ramli, Nor Dyana Zakaria, and Khairunisak Abdul Razak

    11. CMOS Bioelectronics: Current and Future Trends
    12. Ching-Yi Lin, Md. Sakibur Sajal, Yann Gilpin, Fahimeh Dehghandehnavi, Anna Batueva, Kai-Chun Lin, Nicole McFarlane, and Marc Dandin

    13. Identification of the Scientific and Technological Trajectory in the Area of Bioelectronics: A Patent and Networks Analysis
    14. Alejandro Barragán-Ocaña, Paz Silva-Borjas, and María de los Ángeles Olvera-Treviño

    15. Innovative Electronic Approaches for Biomarker Detection
    16. Ummama Saeed, Batool Fatima, and Muhammad Najam-ul-Haq

    17. Bioinspired Prosthetic Interfaces for Bioelectronics
    18. Saadat Majeed, Muhammad Umer Farooq, Sayed Tayyab Raza Naqvi, Naeem Akhtar Khan, Batool Fatima, Dilshad Hussain, Fahad Ali, and Muhammad Najam Ul Haq

    19. Biocompatible and Biodegradable Organic Transistors
    20. Selcan Karakuş, Nazlı Albayrak, Sinem Özlem Enginler

    21. Microbial Nanowires
    22. Ahmed Marroki and Leila Bousmaha-Marroki

    23. Semiconducting Nanostructured Materials for Bioelectronics
    24. Jayshree Khedkar, Anil M. Palve, and Ram K. Gupta

    25. Wide-Bandgap Semiconductors for Bioelectronics
    26. Giovana A. Parolin, Alessandra S. Menandro, Rebeca R. Rodrigues, and Laura O. Péres

    27. Recent Advancements in MOFs based Nanogenerators for Bioelectronics
    28. Ajith Mohan Arjun, Kiran Kumar Garlapati, and Pathath Abdul Rasheed

    29. MXenes-Based Composites for Bioelectronics
    30. Manjushree S. G, Prashanth S. Adarakatti, Abdulraheem SA Almalki,

      and A. Alhadhrami

    31. Bioelectronics with Graphene Nanostructures
    32. Sobhi Daniel, Praveena Malliyil Gopi, and Mohammed Essac Mohamed

    33. Nanomaterial-Assisted Bioelectronic Devices towards Biocomputer
    34. Jinho Yoon, Joungpyo Lim, Jinmyeong Kim, Minkyu Shin, Taek Lee,

      and Jeong-Woo Choi

    35. Conductive Hydrogels for Bioelectronics
    36. Meenakshi Singh, Manjeet Harijan, Ritu Singh, and Akriti Srivastava

    37. Conducting Polymer Composites for Metabolite Sensing
    38. Zondi Nate, John Alake, Darko Kwabena Adu, Blessing Wisdom Ike, and Rajshekhar Karpoormath

    39. Self-Powered Devices: A New Paradigm in Biomedical Engineering
    40. Apurba Das and Pamu Dobbidi

    41. Implantable Microelectronics
    42. Mario Birkholz

    43. Printable and Flexible Biosensors
    44. Khairunnisa Amreen and Sanket Goel

    45. Conducting Polymer-based Biocomposites in Flexible Bioelectronics

    Ragavi Rajasekaran, Atul Kumar Ojha, Gaurav Kulkarni, Jhansi L. Parimi, Baisakhee Saha, Mamoni Banerjee, and Santanu Dhara


    Dr. Anuj Kumar is an assistant professor at GLA University, Mathura, India. His research focus is on molecular as well M-N-C electrocatalysts for H2, O2, and CO2 involving electrocatalysis, nanomaterials, nanocomposites, fuel cells, water electrolyzers, nanosensors, bio-inorganic chemistry, and macrocyclic chemistry. He has published more than 80 articles in reputed peer-reviewed international journals. He has also contributed more than 12 book chapters to Elsevier, Springer, CRC Press, and Bentham Science book series. For outstanding contribution in his research field, he has been the recipient of “Best Young Scientist Award 2021” from the Tamil Nadu Association of Intellectuals and Faculty (TAIF) and GRBS Educational Charitable Trust, India, and the “Young Researcher Award 2020” by Central Education Growth and Research (CEGR), India. He is serving as a section editor, guest editor, and editorial board member for various journals.

    Dr. Ram Gupta is an associate professor at Pittsburg State University. Dr. Gupta’s research focuses on nanomagnetism, nanomaterials, green energy production and storage using conducting polymers and composites, electrocatalysts for fuel cells, optoelectronics and photovoltaics devices, organic-inorganic hetero-junctions for sensors, bio-based polymers, bio-compatible nanofibers for tissue regeneration, scaffold and antibacterial applications, and biodegradable metallic implants. Dr. Gupta published over 250 peer reviewed articles, made over 300 national/international/regional presentations, chaired many sessions at national/international meetings, and edited/written several books/ chapters for leading publishers. He has received over $2.5 million for research and educational activities from external agencies. He is serving as an associate editor, guest editor, and editorial board member for various journals.