1st Edition

Biogeographical Processes

By I. G. Simmons Copyright 1982
    108 Pages
    by Routledge

    108 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Originally published in 1982, Biogeographical Processes is a concise introduction to biogeography aimed at undergraduate students. It provides a detailed overview of man and his environment and includes data from such research projects as that of the International Biological Programme. The book argues that natural processes can be viewed as a datum line to which the human impact through time is added. It suggests that through this datum line, the man and the biological environment are inextricably linked. The book firstly examines the fundamental processes determining the distribution of plants and animals, and the interactions between such processes leading to the concept of the ecosystem. The book also examines major world ecosystems, or biomes, such as forests, grasslands and oceans as if they were in a natural condition and discusses the affect of human impact upon such systems. The book also discusses the alternative future relationships of man and other living organisms. Although over 30 years old, the book still contains a useful and detailed overview of biogeography. It will be of interest to students or lecturers in ecology, biology and the environmental sciences.




    1. Distributional Processes

    2. Ecosystems Processes

    3. Biome Processes

    4. Man and Biogeographical Processes

    5. Envoi

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