3rd Edition

Biogeography A Study of Plants in the Ecosphere

By Joy Tivy Copyright 1994
    472 Pages
    by Routledge

    472 Pages
    by Routledge

    The third edition of this classic text, presents a broad-based study of the variations in the form and functioning of the biosphere at regional and global scale.

    1. Introduction.
    Part I: The Biosphere
    2. The biosphere.
    3. Environmental variables.
    4. Historical biogeography.
    5. Biomass characteristics.
    6. Biological productivity.
    7. The biological cycling.
    8. Biomass change and soil development.
    Part II: Ecosystems:
    9. Tropical and temperate forest ecosystems.
    10. Boreal ecosystems.
    11. Grassland ecosystems.
    12. Desert ecosystems.
    13. Island ecosystems.
    14. Mountain ecosystems.
    15. Aquatic ecosystems.
    Part III: Biotic resources: use and misuse
    16. Ecosystems, stability and disturbance.
    17. Human impact: ecosystem exploitation.
    18. Human impact: environmental pollution.
    19. Managed ecosystems.
    20. The urban ecosystem.
    21. Conservation.


    Joy Tivy