1st Edition

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology

Edited By Antony J. Chapman, Wendy Conroy, Noel Sheehy Copyright 1997
    698 Pages
    by Routledge

    704 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Biographical Dictionary of Psychology provides biographical information and critical analysis of the influences and reception of over 500 people who have made a significant contribution to the field of psychology. Written by an international team of contributors, this volume charts the development of the practice of psychology worldwide from its emergence in the 1850s up to the present day. Biographies range from important historical figures to those who have had a more recent impact on the field, including: * Chris Argyris * Donald Broadbent * Kay Deaux * Leon Festinger * Sigmund Freud * Erich Fromm * Francis Galton * Eleanor Gibson * Doreen Kimur * Ulric Neisser * Jean Piaget * Herbert A. Simon * B.F. Skinner * Amos Tversky Entries are alphabetically organized and similarly structured for ease of access and allowing comparison of information. Introductory biographical details cover main fields of interest, nationality, principal appointments, honours, and places and dates of birth and death. This is followed by full bibliographic details of principal publications, as well as secondary and critical literature which provide a useful route into further research. Following on from there is an invaluable critical appraisal of the major achievements, influences and reception of the psychologists themselves. Thorough indexing allows the reader to access information by American Psychological Association subject division, key concepts, name and institution.

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    Noel Sheehy has been Professor of Psychology at Queen's University, Belfast since 1992. He is editor of Current Psychology and with Tony Chapman co-edits the International Library of Critical Writings in Psychology. Tony Chapman has been Professor of Psychology at the University of Leeds since 1983. His 150 or so major works include 15 books; and he has edited 3 book series and the British Journal of Psychology. Wendy Conroy is a freelance editor.

    'This well organised work is much more up-to-date than comparable resources, and the entries are well-written, hitting all the salient points. Recommended for academic and large public libraries.' - Library Journal

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