1st Edition

Bioinstrumentation and Biosensors

By Donald L. Wise Copyright 1991

    This reference text consists of contributed chapters by specialists directly carrying out research and development in this emerging field which joins advanced microelectronics with modern biotechnology. Chapters present novel biotechnology-based microelectronic instruments, such as those used for de

    Preface, Contributors, Chapter 1: Microbial Sensors for Process and Environmental Control, Chapter 2: Artificially Coupled Reactions with Immobilized Enzymes: Biological Analogs and Technical Consequences, Chapter 3: Determination of Fish Freshness with a Biosensor System, Chapter 4: Muscle-Load Oscillations: Detection, Analysis, and Models, Chapter 5: Parallel Information Processing in Biological Systems: From Phototransduction to Neural Networks, Chapter 6: Magnetic Devices for Retaining Dental Prostheses, Chapter 7: Noninvasive Measurement of Intracranial Pressure, Chapter 8: Simultaneous Analysis of Serum Uremic Toxins and Ionic Compounds by Chromatography Using an Immobilized Enzyme Column Combined with a Column-Switching Method, Chapter 9: Chemistry and Potential Methods for In Vivo Glucose Sensing, Chapter 10: Invasive and Noninvasive Blood Gas Monitoring, Chapter 11: Characterization of the Conduction Properties of Nerves with the Distribution of Fiber Conduction Velocities, Chapter 12: Biocatalytic Membrane Electrodes, Chapter 13: Modeling and Identification of Lung Parameters, Chapter 14: Advanced Image Processing, Quantitative Analysis, and Three-Dimensional Display of MR Imagery Applied to Atherosclerosis and Breast Lesions, Chapter 15: Radiation Pressure, Radiation Force, and Particle Banding in an Ultrasonic Field, Chapter 16: Resonant Recognition Model of Protein-Protein and Protein-DNA Recognition, Chapter 17: Noncontact Temperature Measurements in Medicine, Chapter 18: Microcomputer-Based Telemetry System for Heart Rate and Blood Temperature in Dogs, Chapter 19: Suitability of Immobilized Galactosyltransferase as a Detector for Biomacromolecules with Nonreducing Terminal GlcNAc Residues, Chapter 20: Electronically Simulated Hearing Loss and the Perception of Degraded Speech, Chapter 21: Systems for Monitoring Brain Function, Chapter 22: Immobilized Bioelectrochemical Sensors, Chapter 23: Effect of Visual Stimulation on Body Equilibrium, chapter 24: Automated Monitoring and Interpretation of Sensory Evoked Potentials, Chapter 25: Amperometric Enzyme Membrane Electrodes, Index


    Donald L. Wise

    ". . .well written. . .comprehensive. . .. . . .an excellent reference."
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