1st Edition

Biointeractions of Nanomaterials

Edited By Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, Yashwant Pathak Copyright 2015
    480 Pages 8 Color & 95 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    An examination of the widespread application of nano materials in biology, medicine, and pharmaceuticals and the accompanying safety concerns, Bio-interactions of Nano Materials addresses the issues related to toxicity and safety of nano materials and nano systems. It covers the interactions in biological systems and presents various tools and methods used to evaluate the nano toxicity and nano safety issues.

    Written by leading scientists, the book focuses on the bio-interaction of nano materials, covering various techniques and tests which have been developed to evaluate the toxicity of materials at the nano level. The book highlights the challenges of bio-interactions of nano materials and possible solutions to those challenges. It addresses the assessment and characterization of nano systems in bio-environments, toxicity and bio-sensing devices for toxicity assessment, carbon nano tubes and pulmonary toxicity, and nano toxicity of solid lipid nanoparticles. It also discusses nano safety concerns and solutions, including the effects of nano particles on different organs and regulatory implications of nano materials.

    These particles may be used to encapsulate drugs, recognize biological markers, or visualize body tissues among many other possibilities, all enabling their widespread application in biology, medicine, and pharmaceutics. Indeed, these nano materials may have beneficial effects that have not even been imagined. This book gives you an understanding of the safety issues, how to assess for them, and how to mitigate them to move forward in research and development of new applications for nano materials.

    Introduction: Biointeractions of Nanomaterials: Challenges and Solutions; Vijaykumar Sutariya, Vrinda Pathak, Ana Groshev, Mahavir Chougule, Sachin Naik, Deepa Patel, Yashwant Pathak
    Nanoparticles Exposure in Occupational Environment;
    Perng-Jy Tsai
    Physicochemical Characterization Dependent Toxicity of Nanoparticles; Jigar Shah, Ankur Shah, Hiral Shah, Vijaykumar Sutariya
    Cytotoxicity of Stimuli-responsive Nanomaterials: Predicting Clinical Viability through Robust Biocompatibility Profiles; Daniel Wehrung, Moses O. Oyewumi
    Biosensing Devices for Toxicity Assessment of Nanomaterials; Evangelia Hondroulis, Pratik Shah, Xuena Zhu, Chen-zhong Li
    Carbon Nanotubes and Pulmonary Toxicity; Malay K Das, Charles Preuss
    Nanotoxicity of Polymeric and Solid Lipid Nanoparticles; Dev Prasad, Harsh Chauhan
    Analytical Characterization of Nanomaterials in Biological Matrices for Hazard Assessment; Mingsheng Xu, Daisuke Fujita, Huanxing Su, Hongzheng Chen, Nobutaka Hanagata
    Nanoparticles and Human Health: A Review of Epidemiological Studies; Vijaykumar Sutariya, Ana Groshev, Vivek Dave, Hardeep Saluja, Deepak Bhatia, Prabodh Sadana , Yashwant Pathak
    Toxicogenomic Approach to Understand Toxicity of Nanoparticles; Qiwen Shi, Mahavir B. Chougule, Vijaykumar Sutariya, Deepak Bhatia
    Nanomaterial Based Gene and Drug Delivery: Pulmonary Toxicity Considerations; Mahavir B. Chougule, Rakesh K. Tekade, Peter R. Hoffmann, Deepak Bhatia, Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, Yashwant Pathak
    Cardiovascular Toxicity of Nanomaterials; Saijie Zhu, Minghuang Hong
    Toxicity of Nanomaterials on Gastrointestinal Tract; Jayvadan Patel, Vibha Champavat
    Toxicity of Nanomaterials on Liver, Kidney and Spleen; Jayvadan Patel, Anita Patel
    The Regulatory Implications of Nanotechnology; Lynn L. Bergeson, Michael F. Cole
    Ocular Toxicity of Nanoparticles; Anjali Hirani, Aditya Grover, YongWoo Lee, Vijaykumar Sutariya, Yashwant Pathak
    Genotoxicity of Nanoparticles; Amaya Azqueta, Leire Arbillaga, Adela López de Cerain
    Interactions of Polysaccharide-Coated Nanoparticles with Proteins; Christine Vauthier
    Models for Risk Assessments of Nanoparticles; Sanjoy Dey, Bhaskar Mazumder, Yaswant Pathak
    Immuno-Toxicity of Carbon Nanoparticles; Paulami Pal, Bhaskar Mazumder, Yaswant Pathak


    Vijaykumar B. Sutariya, Yashwant Pathak