1st Edition

Biological Application of Anti-Idiotypes Volume I

By Constantin A. Bona Copyright 1988
    210 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The goal of this book is to present findings which are supportive of the concept that the words of the idiotype dictionary and likewise self-recognition are essential for communication between lymphocyte clones while some unfaithful ( infidel ) copies of the words contained in the idiotype dictionary perhaps play a role in the functional regulation of nonlymphoid cells.

    1. Anti-idiotypes 2. Structure and Genetics of AB2 3. Molecular Basis of Anti-Idiotypes Antibodies Carrying Internal Image of Antigens 4. Molecular Basis of Epibody Reactivity 5. Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for VH and VK Isotopes as Probes for the Analysis of the VH Repertoire 6. Expression of Idiotypes and Anti-Idiotypes During Development: Frequency and Function Significance in the Acquisition of the Adult Repertoire 7. Auto-Anti-Idiotype Antibodies 8. Regulatory Function of Anti-Idiotype Autoantibodies 9. Antibodies Specific for the T Cell Receptor 10. The Idiotypic Specific Repertoire is Determined by Idiotype Prevalence 11. Idiotypic-specific Suppressor T Cells.


    Bona, Constantin A.