1st Edition

Biological Determinants of Reinforcement Biological Determinates of Reinforcement

    310 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    This seventh volume, divided into four parts, addresses the biological determinates of reinforcement and memory. Covers topics in electrical brain stimulation, drugs and reinforcement, and cellular mechanisms.

    Contents: M.L. Commons, Preface. J.R. Stellar, Introduction. Part IElectrical Brain Stimulation. C.R. Gallistel, Determining the Quantitative Characteristics of a Reward Pathway. J.R Stellar, M. Waraczynski, K. Wong, The Reward Summation Function in Hypothalamic Self-Stimulation. P. Shizgal, C. Bielajew, P.-P. Rompr , Quantitative Characteristics of the Directly Stimulated Neurons Subserving Self-Stimulation of the Medial Forebrain Bundle: Psychophysical Inference and Electrophysiological Measurement. J.S. Yeomans, O. Kofman, V. McFarlane, Cholinergic Involvement in Hypothalamic and Midbrain Rewarding Brain Stimulation. R.M. Church, W.H. Meck, Biological Basis of Remembered Time of Reinforcement. Part IILearning, Behavior, and Reinforcement. W.H. Meck, Internal Clock and Reward Pathways Share Physiologically Similar Information-Processing Stages. G.F. Koob, Separate Neurochemical Substrates for Cocaine and Heroin Reinforcement. Part IIIDrugs and Reinforcement. G. Heyman, How Drugs Affect Cells and Reinforcement Affects Behavior: Formal Analogies. J.L. Evenden, Reinforcers and Sequential Choice: "Win-Stay" and the Role of Dopamine in Reinforcement. Part IVCellular Mechanisms. J. Farley, Causal Detection in a Mollusc: Cellular Mechanisms of Predictive Coding, Associative Learning, and Memory. L. Stein, J.D. Belluzzi, Operant Conditioning of Individual Neurons.


    Commons, Michael L.; Church, Russell M.; Stellar, James R.; Wagner, Allan R.

    "....The individual chapters [are] found to be informative, readable,...and provocative."
    Contemporary Psychology