1st Edition

Biological Membranes in Toxicology

By E. C. Foulkes Copyright 1998

    Using this concise yet complete introduction to all aspects of biological membranes and their responses to toxicants, the reader will understand the role of cell membranes in controlling uptake, distribution, extrusion and excretion of toxic xenobiotics. The book also covers the historical background and critically evaluates some of the experimental preparations and techniques commonly applied to the field. Essential reading for biochemists, physiologists, toxicologists, immunologists and other biomedical investigators concerned with cell membranes.

    1. Toxicological Significance of Biological Membranes 2. Experimental Approaches 3. Constituents, Properties and Functions of Cell Membranes 4. Toxic Effects on Membrane Function 5. Membrane Transport of Toxicants 6. Extrusion of Toxicants and Metabolites from Cells and Adaptive Changes to Membrane Function 7. Cell Membranes in Volume Homeostasis and Effects of Toxicants


    E. C. Foulkes