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Biological Systems in Vertebrates

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Reproduction of Amphibians

Reproduction of Amphibians

1st Edition

By Maria Oielska
September 18, 2018

This book deals with reproduction of Amphibians belonging to three extant orders: Caecilians, Salamanders, Frogs and Toads. Separate chapters have been written for males and females; the chapters describe gonad structure and development, gametogenesis, urogenital connections, and reproductive ...

Vertebrates Structures and Functions

Vertebrates: Structures and Functions

1st Edition

By S. M. Kisia
April 12, 2010

The book describes the diversity and features of various vertebrate groups, ranging from the oldest living fishes to the relatively more recent groups to evolve such as mammals. The authors cover the structures of body systems including organs and tissues, as well as their functions and how they ...

Biological Systems in Vertebrates, Vol. 1 Functional Morphology of the Vertebrate Respiratory Systems

Biological Systems in Vertebrates, Vol. 1: Functional Morphology of the Vertebrate Respiratory Systems

1st Edition

By J N Maina
January 10, 2002

Gives an account of the morphologies of vertebrate respiratory organs and attempts to explicate the basis of the common and different structural and functional designs and stratagems that have evolved for acquisition of molecular oxygen. The book has been written with a broad readership in mind: ...

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