1st Edition

Biology of Butterflyfishes

    348 Pages 16 Color & 50 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Butterflyfishes (family Chaetodontidae) are a highly conspicuous component of fish fauna on coral reefs throughout the world. In light of their strong dependence on coral, they are often regarded as the epitome of coral reef fishes. This volume examines the ecology and conservation of coral reef butterflyfishes. It provides important insights on their evolution and key events and adaptations that have led to their proliferation within coral reef ecosystems. Key to the longevity of butterflyfishes is the evolution of coral-feeding—a central focus of the ecological chapters in this volume. The book also highlights key threats and challenges related to the conservation of butterflyfishes and ends with an overview of current and future research directions.

    Importance of Butterflyfishes for Understanding Reef Fishes and Reef Systems; J. Howard Choat
    The Origins and Diversification of Coral Reef Butterflyfishes; David R Bellwood  and Morgan S. Pratchett
    Functional Morphology of the Chaetodontidae; Nicolai Konow and Lara A. Ferry-Graham
    Hybridisation among Butterflyfishes; Jean-Paul A. Hobbs, Lynne Van Herwerden, Morgan S. Pratchett, and Gerald R. Allen
    Biogeography of Butterflyfishes: A Model for Reef Fishes? By Michel Kulbicki, Vigliola L., Wantiez L., Hubert N., Floeter S.R., and Myers R.
    Diversity in Diet and Feeding Behaviour of Butterflyfishes;Reliance on Reef Corals Versus Reef Habitats; Andrew J. Cole, and Morgan S. Pratchett
    Causes and Consequences of Dietary Specialization among Coral-Feeding Butterflyfishes; Morgan S. Pratchett
    Corallivory: The Coral’s Point of View; Evelyn F. Cox
    Social Systems and Spawning Behavior Of Chaetodon Butterflyfish; Shinji Yabuta and Michael L. Berumen
    Susceptibility of Butterflyfish to Habitat Disturbance: Do ‘Chaets’ Ever Prosper? Shaun K. Wilson, Nicholas A.J. Graham, and Morgan S. Pratchett
    Corallivorous Butterflyfishes As Ambassadors of Coral Reefs; Michael P. Crosby, Ernest S. Reese, and Michael L. Berumen
    Harvesting of Butterflyfishes for Aquarium and Artisanal Fisheries; Rebecca J. Lawton, Morgan S. Pratchett, and J. Charles Delbeek
    Captive Care and Breeding of Coral Reef Butterflyfishes; J. Charles Delbeek
    Biology Of Butterflyfishes: Emerging Topics and Future Research; Morgan S. Pratchett, Michael L. Berumen, Rebecca Lawton, David Feary, Christopher Cvitanovic, and Christopher Fulton


    Morgan S. Pratchett, Michael L. Berumen, B. G. Kapoor