1st Edition

Biology of Subterranean Fishes

    496 Pages
    by CRC Press

    494 Pages
    by CRC Press

    In most habitats, adaptations are the single most obvious aspects of an organism’s phenotype. However, the most obvious feature of many subterranean animals are losses, not adaptations. Even Darwin saw subterranean animals as degenerates: examples of eyelessness and loss of structure in general. For him, the explanation was a straightforward Lamarckian one, and one that did not involve adaptation and the struggle of existence. This volume is a comprehensive account of all known species of subterranean fishes. It includes an extensive introduction, history of investigations, consideration of non-stygobitic fishes in caves, and detailed analysis of the conservation status of these very rare animals.

    Cavefish: Retrospective and Prospective, T.L. Poulson
    Biodiversity and Distribution of the Subterranean Fishes of the World, G.S. Proudlove
    Conservation of Subterranean Fishes, M.E. Bichuette and E. Trajano
    Behavioral Patterns in Subterranean Fishes, J. Parzefall and E. Trajano
    The Evolutionary Genetics of Cave Fishes: Convergence, Adaptation and Pleiotropy, R. Borowsky
    Development as an Evolutionary Process in Astyanax Cavefishes, W.R. Jeffery and A.G. Strickler
    Subterranean Fishes of North America: Amblyopsidae, M.L. Niemiller and T.L. Poulson
    Subterranean Fishes of Mexico (Poecilia mexicana, Poeciliidae), M. Plath and M. Tobler
    Subterranean Fishes of Brazil, E. Trajano and M.E. Bichuette
    Subterranean Fishes of Africa, R. Berti and G. Messana
    Subterranean Fishes of China, C. Zi-Ming, L. Jing, X. Heng and Y. Jun-Xing
    Subterranean Fishes of India, A. Kumar Pati and A. Parganiha


    Eleonora Trajano, Maria Elina Bichuette, B.G. Kapoor