1st Edition

Biomarkers of Environmentally Associated Disease Technologies, Concepts, and Perspectives

Edited By Samuel H. Wilson, William A. Suk Copyright 2002
    608 Pages 9 Color & 109 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The end of the 20th century brought with it a revolution in molecular biology that culminated in advances such as the completion of the human genome. This has brought optimism to the fields of toxicology and environmental health, and the anticipation that molecular biomarkers might soon come of age and have a major impact on human and environmental health. Biomarker research is an area of current interest to scientists in a number of fields that are concerned with environmental exposure to pollutants and environmentally associated disease.

    Biomarkers of Environmentally Associated Disease: Technologies, Concepts, and Perspectives provides comprehensive coverage of the current status and future prospects of a field that will play a key role in emerging areas of public health and medicine. It focuses on the risk to human and environmental health of exposure to persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals, airborne toxics, environmental estrogens, and other environmental pollutants. This material will aid researchers in understanding, treating, and preventing environmentally induced disease.

    Validated molecular biomarkers have long been recognized as invaluable tools for identifying and preventing human disease. As biomarkers begin to be applied more widely, it is also important to assure that they are implemented ethically, with attention to the social and legal issues associated with their use. Biomarkers of Environmentally Associated Disease is an outstanding resource providing state-of-the-art information for the fields that encompass molecular biomarkers.

    Overview and Future of Molecular Biomarkers of Exposure and Early Disease in Environmental Health, William A. Suk and Samuel H. Wilson
    Ethical and Legal Considerations in Biological Markers Research, Richard Sharp and Paul Zigas
    Scientific and Policy Issues Affecting the Future of Environmental Health Sciences, Bernard Goldstein

    Ecogenetics: Genetic Susceptibility to Environmental Adversity, Dan Nebert
    Toxicogenomics and Pharmacogenomics: Basic Principles, Potential Applications, and Issues, Peter Guengerich
    Individual Susceptibility to Exposures: A Role for Genetic Variation in DNA Repair Genes, Harvey W. Mohrenweiser
    Studies of DNA Repair and Human Cancer: An Update, Marianne Berwick, et al.
    DNA Adducts as Biomarkers of DNA Damage in Lung Cancer, S. Vulmiri and John DiGiovanni
    Tamoxifen-DNA Adducts: Biomarkers for Drug-Induced Endometrial Cancer, Shinya Shibutani, Naomi Suzuki, and Arthur Grollman
    Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon DNA Adducts and Human Cancer, Mikhail F. Denissenko, Moon-Shong Tang, and Gerd P. Pfeifer
    Quantitative PCR: A Sensitive Biomarker of Gene-Specific DNA Damage and Repair, Bennett Van Houten, Yiming Chen, Janine H. Santos, and Bhaskar S. Mandavilli
    Fidelity of DNA Synthesis as a Molecular Biomarker, Kandace Williams
    Mutational Specificity of Environmental Carcinogens, Kathleen Dixon and Mario Medvedovic

    Learning-Induced Modulation of Neural Cell Adhesion Polysialytion State as a Biomarker of Prior Inorganic Lead Exposure During the Early Postnatal Period, Keith J. Murphy, Helen C. Gallagher, and Ciaran Regan
    Molecular Biomarkers for Mercury, Thomas Clarkson and Nazzareno Ballatori
    Validity of Mercury Exposure Biomarkers, Philippe Grandjean, Poul J. Jorgensen, and Pal Weile
    Urinary Arsenic Species in Relation to Drinking Water, Toenail Arsenic Concentrations and Genetic Polymorphisms in GSTM1 in New Hampshire, Maragaret Karagas, Heather H. Nelson, Karl T. Kelsey, Steven Morris, Joel D. Blum, Tor D. Tosteson, Mark Carey, Xiufen Lu, and X. Chris Le
    Molecular Responses of Mammalian Cells to Nickel and Chromate Exposure, Max Costa, Konstantin Salnikow, Jessica E. Sutherland, Thomas Kluz, Wu Peng, and Moon-Shong Tang
    Chromium: Exposure, Toxicity and Biomonitoring Approaches Anthony Zhitkovich
    Using Plankton Food Web Variables as Indicators for the Accumulation of Toxic Metals in Fish, Carol Folt, Celia Y. Chen, and Paul C. Pickhardt

    Validation of Exposure and Risk Biomarkers: Aflatoxin as a Case Study, John Groopman, Peta E. Jackson, Paul Turner, Christopher P. Wild, and Thomas W. Kensler
    Biomarkers of Early Effect in the Study of Cancer Risk, Laura Gunn, Luoping Zhang, Matthew S. Forrest, Nina T. Holland, and Martyn T. Smith
    Proteomics in Toxicology - An Experience with Gentamicin, Sandy Kennedy, M.D. Kelly, C. Moyses, R. Ames, and R. Parekh
    Xenopus laevis Genomic Biomarkers for Environmental Toxicology Studies, Perry Blackshear
    Molecular Biomarkers Targeting Signal Transduction Systems: The AH Receptor Pathway, Timothy R. Fennell, Frederick J. Miller, and William Greenlee
    Measuring Oxidative Damage Caused by Environmental Stressors: Potential for Reversal and Abatement, Robert Floyd
    Biomarkers of Male Reproductive Health, Anne Golden
    Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptors: Molecular Biomarkers of Neurotoxicity, Tomás R. Guilarte

    Biomarkers of Organic Injury from Chemical Exposure: Concurrent Inflammation as a Determinant of Susceptibility, Robert A. Roth and Patricia Ganey
    Modulation of GAP Junctional Communication by "Epigenetic" Toxicants: A Shared Mechanism in Teratogenesis, Carcinogenesis, Atherogenesis, Immunomodulation, Reproductive- and Neuro-Toxicities, James Trosko, Chia-Cheng Chang, and Brad Upham
    Exposure to POPs and Other Cogeners, Stephen Safe
    Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers : Route, Dose, and Kinetics of Exposure to Humans, Ake Bergman, Lars Hagmar, Peter Hoglund, and Andreas Sjodin
    Bioanalytical Approaches for the Detection of Dioxin and Related Halogenated Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Michael Denison, Scott R. Nagy, Michael Ziccardi, George C. Clark, Michael Chu, David J. Brown, Guomin Shan, Yukio Sugawara, Shirley J. Gee, James Sanborn, and Bruce D, Hammock
    Application of Biomarkers to Population Studies on Food Chain Contaminants in Nunavik (Arctic Québec, Canada), Eric Dewailly, Pierre Ayotte, Marc Rhainds, Suzanne Bruneau, Chris Furgal, Jacques Grondin, Benoit Levesque, Carole Blanchet, Daria Pereg, and Gina Muckle
    University-Community Partnership for the Study of Environmental Contamination at Akwesasne, David Carpenter, Alice Tarbell, Edward Fitzgerald, Michael J. Kadlec, David O'Hehir, and Brian Bush

    Electronic Biosensing, G.R. Facer, O.A. Saleh, D.A. Notterdam, and Lydia L. Sohn
    Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy: A Review of Recent Advances in Deep-Tissue Imaging, Chen-Yuan Dong, Lily Hsu, Ki-Hearn Kim, Christof Buehler, Peter D. Kaplan, Thomas D. Hancewicz, Peter T. C. So.


    Samuel H. Wilson, William A. Suk