1st Edition

Biomaterials for MEMS

Edited By Mu Chiao, Jung-Chih Chiao Copyright 2011
    292 Pages 50 Color & 68 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book serves as a guide for practicing engineers, researchers, and students interested in MEMS devices that use biomaterials and biomedical applications. It is also suitable for engineers and researchers interested in MEMS and its applications but who do not have the necessary background in biomaterials.

    Biomaterials for MEMS highlights important features and issues of biomaterials that have been used in MEMS and biomedical areas. Hence this book is an essential guide for MEMS engineers or researchers who are trained in engineering institutes that do not provide the background or knowledge in biomaterials. The topics include fabrication of devices using biomaterials; biocompatible coatings and issues; thin-film biomaterials and MEMS for tissue engineering; and applications involving MEMS and biomaterials.

    Introduction on Biomaterials for MEMS, M Chia& J-C Chiao

    Micromachining of Polymeric Materials, M Chiao
    Polymers and Surface Coatings, J Kizhakkedathu
    Laser Deposition of Biomaterials, D Chrisey et al.

    Devices and Applications:
    Biomaterials ofMEMS Devices for Use in the Human Body, Y Haga & M Esashi
    Biodegradable Elastomers for Tissue Regeneration, J Yang et al.
    Neuroregeneration, R Bellamkonda & Y-T Kim
    Biocompatible Flexible Microelectrodes, K Cheung
    Micelles and Polymer MEMS Microvalves, B Stoeber

    Vibration Based Anti-Biofouling of Implants, J Yeh et al.
    Biomaterials for MEMS Drug Delivery, G Voskerician et al.
    Characterization of Biomaterials, H Zeng


    J.-C. Chiao is a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas, Arlington. He received his PhD in electrical engineering at California Institute of Technology and has been with the Electrical Engineering Department, UT Arlington, since 2002. Dr Chiao has been chairs for eight and co-chairs for six international conferences; an associate editor for Journal of Nanomedical Sdence and Engineering, and a member of the editorial board of the journal Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medidne. Dr Chiao has published 3 book chapters and 137 peer-reviewed conference and journal papers and edited 2 books and 14 proceedings. He has received four awarded patents.

    Mu Chiao received his PhD from University of California at Berkeley. Dr Chiao has been with Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of British Columbia, since 2003 as an assistant professor and is currently supported by NSERC, CFI and Canada Research Chair.

    …up-to-date coverage of biomaterials and their use in MEMS for biomedical applications, including drug delivery, anti-biofouling and implantable devices. …a guide for practicing engineers, students and researchers. JC Chiao is a Professor of Electrical Engineering University of Texas at Arlington. He has received 4 awarded patents, his research interest include MEMS RF and optical devices, micro/ nanofabrication and applications, wireless sensors, medical micro devices and systems. M. Chiao's current research interests include design and fabrication of MEMS and nanodevices for biomedical applications. He is a recipient of the Young Innovator Award in 2006.
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