1st Edition

Biomaterials for Stem Cell Therapy State of Art and Vision for the Future

Edited By Loredana De Bartolo, Augustinus Bader Copyright 2013
    662 Pages 29 Color & 84 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Focused on stem cell applications, this book bridges the fields of biomaterials, offering new insights into constructing and regenerating tissues and organs. Its unique feature is linking diseases of the human body to current thinking on how to deal with them in the context of current concepts and technologies by means of an in-depth focus on biomaterials. The book assembles recent advances and covers a range of topics related to stem cell biology, biomaterials and technological approaches such as bioreactors written by top researchers in the field. Stem cells of both embryonic and adult origin are discussed with applications ranging, but not limited to, nerve regeneration, liver, pancreas, skin, trachea, cartilage and bone repair and cardiovascular therapy. Developments in the field reflecting the design and construction of the human body and its principal anatomy are discussed from a materials point of view. The book will be a valuable tool for biomaterial scientists, tissue engineers, clinicians as well as stem cell biologists involved in basic research and applications of adult and embryonic stem cells. It will also be a source of reference for students in biotechnology, biomedical engineering, biology, biochemistry, materials sciences, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary and human medicine.

    Innovative Biomaterials
    Synthetic Polymer-Network Based Materials in Stem Cell Research
    Adam L. Sisson and Andreas Lendlein

    Membrane Systems in Liver Regenerative Medicine
    Simona Salerno, Loredana De Bartolo, and Enrico Drioli

    Blood-derived biomaterials: what role can they play in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy ?
    Chen-Yao Su and Thierry Burnouf

    Pectins as Future Biomaterials
    Hanna Kokkonen and Juha Tuukkanen

    Biointerfaces between Biomaterials and Biosystems in Tissue Engineering: Potential Contributions of Two-Photon Polymerization and Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Coatings
    S. Grohmann, T.Weiß, and K. Liefeith

    Cell-Material Interactions
    Sabrina Morelli and Antonella Piscioneri

    Stem Cells
    Bone Marrow Stem Cells
    Xuetao Pei, Wen Yue, Junnian Zhou, Xinlong Yan, Jingxue Wang, Jiafei Xi, Haiyun Pei, and Hailei Yao

    Umbilical Cord Matrix Cells–Promising Instrument For Regenerative Medicine
    Maslova O.O., Deryabina O.G., and Kordium V.A.

    Cellular Properties of Mesenchymal Cells Derived from the Decidua of Human Term Placenta and Their Applications in Regenerative Medicine
    Daisuke Kanematsu and Yonehiro Kanemura

    Adipose Tissue: a New Source of Hepatic Cells.
    Ana Bonora-Centelles, Ramiro Jover Atienza, Vicente Mirabet Lis, José Vicente Castell Ripoll, and MªJosé Gómez-Lechón

    Engineering Biomimetic Microenvironments Using Biomaterials, Soluble Signals for Ex Vivo Expansion and Differentiation of Stem Cells: Strategic Challenges For Creation of Clinical Grades for Stem Cell Therapy
    Shibashish Giri and Augustinus Bader

    Translational Strategies
    Bioartificial Pancreas
    Yuji Teramura and Hiroo Iwata

    Trachea and Larynx in Regenerative Medicine
    Silvia Baiguera, M. Jaus, A. Gonfiotti, and Paolo Macchiarini

    Organ Printing: a Novel Tissue Engineering Paradigm
    Francoise Marga, Karoly Jakab, IoanKosztin, and Gabor Forgacs

    Stem Cell Microencapsulation for Therapeutic Angiogenesis
    Clara Sanz Nogués, Dilip Thomas, Abhay Pandit, and Timothy O’Brien

    Microencapsulation and Bioreactors for Liver Support
    Murielle Dufresne, Nhu Mai Tran, Stéphanie Capone, Martine Daujat, and Cecile Legallais

    Mass Transfer and Computational Fluid-Dynamics in Bioreactors
    Efrem Curcio and Loredana De Bartolo

    Innovative Solutions for Wound Therapy
    Christina Irene Günter and Hans-Günther Machens

    Neuroprotection and Neuroregeneration Strategies for Neurodegenerative Diseases
    Frank Striggow

    Membrane Emulsification for Cell Delivery
    Emma Piacentini, Enrico Drioli, and Lidietta Giorno

    Regulations and Ethical Issues
    GMP Requirements and Quality Management of Cellular Products
    Markus Neubauer and Saskia Knothe

    From Laboratory Bench to Registration and Marketing Approval: Clinical Development for the Biomaterial Developer
    Rita Dobmeyer

    The Tension between Conflicting Fundamental Values: The Ethical Challenge of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
    Eckhard Nagel


    De Bartolo, Loredana; Bader, Augustinus