1st Edition

Biomedical Applications of Computer Modeling

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ISBN 9780849301001
Published September 19, 2000 by CRC Press
264 Pages

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Book Description

Up to the last decade or so, most general modeling approaches to the study of molecular components of biological responses have required significant amount of computer time, expertise, and resources, as well as highly specialized and often custom-written programs. With Biomedical Applications of Computer Modeling you don't have to be a computer scientist to learn valuable modeling techniques.
The book represents the first single-volume book that describes general approaches to computer modeling as they apply to the biomedical professions, particularly in the realms of pharmacology and biochemistry. Bringing together contributions from researchers with hands-on expertise, the book is loaded with examples, and it also encompasses different types of computer modeling approaches. In fact, the text supports each modeling approach with clinical examples. It thereby provides a convenient source of readily applicable modeling information. In addition, the book offers easy-to-follow information and presents it in a how-to manner that minimizes the use of mathematical jargon.
Biomedical Applications of Computer Modeling includes chapters on equilibrium modeling, dynamic/kinetic modeling, and stochastic modeling, as well as overviews of the application of models to experimental data. With the ubiquitous presence of desktops and notebook computers in biomedical environments, Biomedical Applications of Computer Modeling provides you with an unprecedented means for readily addressing data analysis or computer modeling problems.

Table of Contents

The Pharmacological Consequences of Modeling Synoptic Receptor Systems
The Ternary Complex Model
From the Static to the Dynamic: 3 Models of Signal Transduction in G Protein Coupled Receptors
Intramolecular Dynamics and Ligand-Induced Conformational Changes: A Stochastic Model of Receptor Action
Linking Bioinformatics and Cheminformatics: From Genes to Structure-Activity Relationships
Computer-Intensive Statistical Procedures
Beyond Eyeballing: Fitting Models to Experimental Data

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