1st Edition

Biophysics and Nanotechnology of Ion Channels

By Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Copyright 2022
    318 Pages 214 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    This book provides a comprehensive review of the biophysics and nanotechnology of ion channels. It details the biological and physiological entities of ion channels in cells and addresses various physical perspectives of ion channel structures and functions. Naturally inbuilt and artificial applicable nanotechnologies of ion channels are modelled and explored. It discusses various methods that can be utilized toward understanding ion channel-based cellular diseases.

    Physical, biochemical, biomedical, and bioinformatics techniques are taken into consideration to enable the development of strategies to address therapeutic drug discovery and delivery.

    This book will be of interest to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in biophysics and related biomedical sciences in addition to researchers in the field and industry.


    • Provides a stimulating introduction to the structures and functions of ion channels of biological cell membranes and discusses the biophysics of ion channels in condensed matter state and physiological condition
    • Addresses natural processes and nanotechnology opportunities for their purposeful manipulation
    • Lays the groundwork for vitally important medical advances

    Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman, a biophysicist and condensed matter scientist, is passionate about investigating biological and biochemical processes utilizing the principles and techniques of physics. He is an associate professor at King Saud University’s Biochemistry Department of College of Science, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the co-founder of MDT Canada Inc., and the founder of Child Life Development Institute, Edmonton, Canada. He also authored Nanoscale Biophysics of the Cell and Membrane Biophysics.

    Chapter 1 Ion Channels

    - Physical Structures and Gating Mechanisms

    Chapter 2 Mitochondrial Membrane Channels

    -Physical Structures and Gating Mechanisms

    Chapter 3 Ion Channels of the Nuclear Membrane

    -Physical Structures and Gating Mechanisms

    Chapter 4 Artificial Ion Channels

    Chapter 5 Nonchannel Membrane Gating

    Chapter 6 Ion Channel Energetics

    Chapter 7 Nanotechnology of Ion Channels

    Chapter 8 Channelopathies and Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets

    Chapter 9 Bioinformatics of Ion channels: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,

    and Deep Learning

    Chapter 10 Quantum Mechanics of Ion Channels


    Mohammed Ashrafuzzaman is an Associate Professor Department of Biochemistry at King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and co-founder of MDT Canada Inc.