1st Edition

Bioreactor System Design

By Juan A. Asenjo Copyright 1994

    Describes the state-of-the-art techniques and methods involved in the design, operation, preparation and containment of bioreactor systems, taking into account the interrelated effects of variables associated with both upstream and downstream stages of the design process. The importance of the initial steps in the development of a bioprocess, such as strain and media selection, that have an overwhelming influence on all further operations, is emphasized.;This work is intended for biochemical, chemical and bioprocess engineers; biotechnologists; industrial biochemists; micro- and molecular biologists; food scientists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

    Series Introduction W. Courtney McGregor

    Foreword Eleftherios Terry Papoutsakis



    Design of a Bioreactor System: Overview

    José C. Merchuk and Juan A. Asenjo

    Part I: Biological Systems and Media Design

    Organism Selection

    Francisco Javier Castillo

    Bacterial, Yeast, and Fungal Cultures: Effect of Microorganism Type and Culture Characteristics on Bioreactor Design and Operation
    Moshe D. White, Bernard R. Glick, and Campbell W. Robinson

    Design, Formulation, and Optimization of Media

    Rodolfo J. Ertola, Ana Maria Giulietti, and Francisco Javier Castillo

    Part II: Bioreactor Design

    Fundamentals of Bioreactor Design

    José C. Merchuk and Juan A. Asenjo

    Stirred Tank Bioreactors

    Matthias Reuss

    Pneumatically Agitated Bioreactors

    Karl Schügerl and Andreas Lübbert

    Membrane Reactors

    Peter M. Salmon and Channing R. Robertson

    Immobilized Microorganism Bioreactors

    Hideki Fukuda

    Immobilized Animal Cell Bioreactors

    Matthew S. Croughaun, Tzyy-Wen Chiou, and Daniel I. C. Wang

    Plant Cell Bioreactors

    Peter D. G. Wilson and Martin G. Hilton


    Aleś Prokop and Larry E. Erickson

    Bioreactor Operation Modes

    Tsuneo Yamane


    Carles Solá and Francesc Gòdia

    Part III: Bioreactor Support Systems

    Sterilization and Containment

    Andrew Sinclair and Michael H. J. Ashley

    Bioreactor System Supplies

    T. M. Roberts, M. J. Kearns, and T. J. Latham



    Juan A. Asenjo