1st Edition

Biotechnology A Comprehensive Training Guide for the Biotechnology Industry

By Syed Haider, Anika Ashtok Copyright 2011
    868 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    All manufacturing companies face the daunting task of designing an employee training matrix that meets the gamut of national and international regulatory standards. Answering the call for a one-stop training resource that focuses exclusively on this multi-faceted, high-tech industry, Biotechnology: A Comprehensive Training Guide for the Biotechnology Industry provides ready-to-implement training templates that save time and expense without cutting corners on critical elements.

    Downloadable Resources: Why Reinvent the Wheel?

    This complete, single-source reference contains 28 complete biotechnology courses and a customizable downloadable resources with hands-on training tools. The book also provides time-saving information on how to orient employees involved in writing and executing batch manufacturing and in-process control documents.

    Key Benefits:

    • Contains adaptable training text, test summaries and papers, test answers, and certificates of completion
    • Streamlines the training process, maximizing efficiency
    • Boosts the marketing edge over competitors

    This valuable training tool presents step-by-step guidance for optimizing research and development expenditures, avoiding marketing delays, gaining a competitive advantage, reducing product development failures, developing skilled manpower, and maintaining local and international regulatory compliance.

    Microbial Growth Text

    Culturing Microorganisms Text

    Bioreactor Configurations Text

    Bioreactor Design Features Text

    Lyophilization: Growing with Biotechnology Text

    Shear Effects in Culture Text

    Energy Input in Bioreactors Text

    Downstream Processing Text

    Mammalian Cell Cultures Text

    Plant Cell Cultures Text

    Fermentation Text

    Characteristics of Cells in Culture Text

    Cell Lysis Text

    Cells Fractionation Text

    Centrifugation Text

    Homogenization Text

    Refolding of Inclusion Bodies Text

    Solubilization and Refolding of Proteins Text

    Inclusion Bodies Solubilization Text

    Sludge Treatment Text

    Freeze Drying Text

    Vacuum Drying Text

    Diafilteration Text

    Partition Chromatographs Text

    Adsorption Chromatographs Text

    Gel Filteration Chromatographs Text

    Techniques of Genetic Engineering Text

    Industrial Biosafety Text

    Certificate of Attainment

    Biotechnology Training Records

    Recommended Readings

    Appendix A ICH Harmonised Tripartite Guideline

    Appendix B Guidance for Industry by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Food and Drug Administration – Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) – February 1999

    Appendix C EMEA European Medicine Agency Guideline



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