Biotechnology and Biological Sciences : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences (BIOSPECTRUM 2019), August 8-10, 2019, Kolkata, India book cover
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Biotechnology and Biological Sciences
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences (BIOSPECTRUM 2019), August 8-10, 2019, Kolkata, India

ISBN 9780367431617
Published December 2, 2019 by CRC Press
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The application of Biotechnology dates back to the early era of civilization, when people first started to cultivate food crops. While the early applications are certainly still relevant, modern biotechnology is primarily associated with molecular biology, cloning and genetic engineering not only to increase the yield and to improve the quality of the crop but also its potential impact has touched upon virtually all domains of human interactions. Within the last 50 years, several key scientific discoveries revolutionized the biological sciences that facilitated the rapid growth of the biotechnology industry. 'Biotechnology and Biological Sciences III' contains the contributions presented at the 3rd International Conference on Biotechnology and Biological Sciences (BIOSPECTRUM 2019, Kolkata, India, 8-10 August 2019). The papers discuss various aspects of Biotechnology such as: microbial biotechnology, bioinformatics and drug designing, innovations in pharmaceutical industries and food processing industries, bioremediation, nano-biotechnology, and molecular-genetics, and will be of interest to academics and professionals involved or interested in these subject areas.

Table of Contents

Table of contents

Introduction xi

Preface xiii

Committees xv

Editors Biographies xvii

Acknowledgement xix

Biomaterials in the advancement of biotechnology research

Effect of doping and surface functionalization on the conformational changes of protein upon interaction with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles 3
K. Kadu, M. Kowshik & S.R. Ramanan

Mathematical modeling of cardiovascular muscle dynamics using lumped parameter approach 9
S. Bhattacharjee & B. Neogi

Influence of physical activity on electrodermal response 18
M.N. Valli, S. Sudha & R. Kalpana

Microstrip patch antenna with fractal structure for on-body wearable medical devices 25
S. Manna, T. Bose & R. Bera

Identification of medical disorders in eye and biometric authentication analysis with iris retina scan using machine learning 29
S. Roy, P. Dutta, A. Bhowmik, B. Roy, K. Sourav & L. Kumari

Development of 2D biocompatible composite matrix for tissue engineering applications with antifungal properties 34
S. Roy Chowdhury, D. Deb, S. Sen & B. Chaudhuri

Fabrication of alginate/poly (γ-glutamic acid) 3D-bioprinted scaffolds and investigating their mechanical physicochemical and biological properties 42
S. Datta, R. Barua, A. Das, A. Roy Chowdhury & P. Datta

Fabrication of beta-tricalcium phosphate/crystalline silica-aluminium metal matrix composites: physical, mechanical, and in vitro biological evaluations 48
S. Debnath & A.K. Pramanick

Multidisciplinary research in the field of biochemistry for human need

Identification and characterization of an industrially important enzyme laccase from Fusarium sp. FW2PhC1 57
R. Debnath & T. Saha

Unprecedented redox scavenging signature along with antioxidant action of silver nanoparticle coupled with Andrographis paniculata (AP-Ag NP) against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) induced toxicity in mice 64
S. Darbar, A. Chattopadhay, K.S. Pramanik & S. Saha

A study on different biochemical components of papaya (Carica papaya) leaves consequent upon feeding of citrus red mite (Panonychus citri) 69
S. Karmakar

Effect of roasting on antioxidants and related compounds in green coffee beans 74
S. Tripathi, R. Srivastava, S. Agarwal, S. Shrimali & N. Mishra

Cytotoxic investigation and photophysical analysis of serum protein binding with betacarboline
alkaloids 79
T. Ghosh & K. Bhadra

A survey on control theoretic research paradigms of insulin signaling pathways study 85
D.M. Joshi & J. Patel

Preparation and characterization of sweetened pineapple cheese ball (rasgulla) 92
T. Sarkar, P. Nayak, M. Salauddin, S.K. Hazra & R. Chakraborty

A comparative analysis of how biochemically varied commonly consumed allergic foods are 98
S. Sengupta, A. Roy, N. Chakraborty & M. Bhattacharya

Phenotypes of vitamin D binding protein in healthy sybjects of Kuwait 102
A.S. Mustafa, S.A. Shammari & A. Bhattacharya

Structure, salt-bridge’s energetics and microenvironments of nucleoside diphosphate kinase from halophilic, thermophilic and mesophilic microbes 107
D. Mitra, A.K. Bandyopadhyay, R.N.U. Islam, S. Banerjee, S. Yasmeen & P.K.D. Mohapatra

Advances in biomedical entity identification: A survey 114
J. Sankhavara & P. Majumder

Study on physicochemical and antioxidant properties of blend of fish skin (Labeo rohita) oil and chia seed (Salvia hispanica) oil 121
N. Ghosh, M. Roy, M. Ghosh & D.K Bhattacharyya

Cadmium induced deterioration of sperm quality: Protective role of coenzyme Q10 in rats 127
R. Saha, S. Roychoudhury, A. Varghese, P. Nandi, K. Kar, A.P. Choudhury, J.C. Kalita,

N. Lukac, P. Massanyi & A. Kolesarova In-silico assessment of various parameters / componenets pertaining to human welfare Assessment of anticancer properties of selected medicinal plants 135
S. Vora

SSR markers for the assessment of stress and genetic diversity in legumes 142
T. Agarwal

Improvement of drug by descriptors and docking criteria: Benzoazetinone-P450 system as a paradigm 147
S. Banerjee, A. Goswami, D. Mitra, S. Bhattacharyya, A.K. Bandyopadhyay, S. Yasmeen, R.N.U. Islam & I. Ansary

Salt-bridge, aromatic-aromatic, cation-π and anion-π interactions in proteins from different domains of life 152
R.N.U. Islam, C. Roy, D. Mitra, A.K. Bandyopadhyay, S. Yasmeen & S. Banerjee

Integrated transcriptional meta-analysis of pigmentation disorders 159
R. Chakraborty, S. Kedia & Y. Hasija

Systems biology approach to predict novel microbial enzymes towards functionalization of piperine biosynthetic pathway in microbial host 165
D. Ghosh, I. Banerjee, S. Sarkar, S. Saha, A. Chakraborty & B. Sarkar

BmNPV late expression factor (lef-1) a potent target for inducing virus resistance against Grasserie infected Bombyx mori by RNA interference technology 169
S. Ismail, K.S.Tulsi Naik, K.M. Ponnuvel, R.K. Mishra & M.V. Rajam

Cell-free mature miR-100-5p expression in plasma and its correlation with the histopathological markers in oral squamous cell carcinoma 176
R.D. Ghosh, A. Bararia, S.G. Majumder, A. Manickam, T.Y. Bhutia, P. Jain, K. Manikantan, R. Sharan & P. Arun

Structure prediction and functional characterization of uncharacterized protein Rv1708 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Strain ATCC 25618/H37Rv) 179
S.K.Paul, T.A. Hasib, P. Ray, L. Kabir & A.B.R Khalipha

Exploration of molecular docking and dynamic simulation studies to identify the potential of CID 50906864 as a potential anti-angiogenic molecule 185
F. Ahmad & P.T.V Lakshmi

Statistical design in accelerated downstream processing 189
A. Jawed, M. Wahid, P. Chaudhury, S. Haque, S.A.Dar & S. Joon

Recent advancement on environmental biotechnology research to provide greener & safer earth

Study on antioxidant properties of bioconverted agricultural waste 203
D. Roy & S. Chakraborty

Evaluation of hypolipidemic and antioxidant potential of Ketoki joha, an aromatic rice of Assam, India 207
S. Sen, R. Chakraborty & P. Kalita

Characterization of soil - extracted arsenic tolerant bacteria from arsenic belt of West Bengal 214
U. Bhattacharyya, S.K. Sarkar & B. Roychoudhury

Monsoonal variability of phytoplankton in a tide dominated river of Sundarban 219
S. Chakraborti, T. Das, G.K. Sen & J. Mukherjee

Evaluation of biomolecular characteristics and phytotoxic effects of organic fish co-composts developed from fish industrial processing wastes 224
L. Aranganathan, Radhika Rajasree. S.R., R.R. Remya, T.Y. Suman & S. Gayathri

Effect of soil arsenic on stress markers of plant – The analysis between a hyper and non-hyper accumulator plant of West Bengal, India 230
S. Paul, T. Tarafdar, A. Dutta, M. Roy & S. Mukherjee

A comparative study on the effect of metal induced stress in two major vegetable crops of West Bengal, India – Brinjal (Solanum melongena) and Chili (Capsicum annuum) 235
S. Mukherjee, S. Agarwal, A. Chakraborty, S. Mondal, A. Haque, D. Bala, A. Ghosh, S. Singh & P. Talukder

Challenges & advancement in microbial biotechnology

Study on efficacy of nano-antimicrobials using automated susceptibility testing device 243
A. Ghosh, M.G. Chaudhuri & P.K. Maiti

Microbial cellular machinery for process intensification in production of nutraceuticals 250
S. Sengupta & S. Chatterjee

Inhibitory characteristics of environmentally preformed biofilm to colonization of other biofilm producers by an in vitro study 255
A.S. Mandal, K. Bhattacharryya & P.K. Maiti

Assessing mycoparasytic activity exhibited by phyto-friendly-fungi (PFF) in combating phytopathogenic fungi by producing various glucanases 259
D. Patel, S. Patel, S. Tekwani, M. Patel, S. Menon, S. Vadakan, D. Acharya & D. Goswami

Study of the effectiveness of antibiotics in management of bacterial wilt in plants 264
S. Sarkar

In-vitro antibiofilm activity of ethyl acetate fraction of Monochoria hastata (L.) Solms 269
D. Misra, M. Mandal, S. Mandal & V. Mandal

A comparative assessment of silver nanoparticles synthesised using aqueous and hydromethanolic Licorice extracts for its antimicrobial and cytotoxicity potential 275
A. Gheewala & S. Menon

Crude polysaccharides from two Russuloid myco-food potentiates murine macrophage by tuning TLR/NF-κB pathway 281
S. Khatua & K. Acharya

Establishment of microbial electrochemical systems as microbial peroxide producing cells for oxidative depolymerization and dye decolorization 287
D. Mukhopadhyay & P. Gupta

Isolation and characterization of lipase producing microbial strain from coastal banks of Bhavnagar 292
R. Panchal, J. Prajapati, D. Patel & D. Goswami

Far ranging antimicrobial and free radical scavenging activity of Himalayan soft gold mushroom; Cordyceps sp. 297
L. Deshmukh, R. Singh & S.S. Sandhu

Extraction and characterization of siderophores from Pseudomonas sp. and assessing the PGPR activity of Pseudomonas sp. 303
D. Patel, M. Patel, S. Patel, B. Kansara & D. Goswami

Parametric optimization for production of chromate reductase from Bacillus sp. under solid state fermentation using by-products of food and feeds 309
B.P. Rath, A.N. Acharya & H. Thatoi

Evaluations of the VITEK 2 BCL card for identification of biosurfactant producing bacterial isolate SPS1001 315
V. Singh, P. Padmanabhan & S. Saha

In-vitro study of the efficacy of ethanolic extract of Zingiber officinale on biofilm formed by pharyngeal isolate 320
D. Lahiri, M. Nag, B. Dutta, I. Mukherjee, S. Ghosh, S. Dey, S. Dash & R.R. Ray

Management of polythene waste through biodegradation by using few species of Aspergillus: An environment friendly approach 325
N. Verma & S. Gupta

Protoplast fusion of yeast strains for strain improvement to enhance mixed substrate utilization range 333
S. Sharma, A. Arora & D. Paul

Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using aqueous extract of microalga Desmococcus Olivaceus and its biological activities 337
K. Sangeetha & U. Ramaswamy

Newer strategies of increasing plant yield and combating with abiotic stresses

Rapid mass propagation and conservation of Rhododendron leptocarpum Nutt 345
M. Singh, O. Rai & K.K. Singh

In vitro micropropagation of rose apple and assessment of plantlets through biochemical analysis and DNA fingerprinting 350
P.K Das, A. Chakraborty & S. Chakraborty

Antioxidant and nutritional properties of Hydrocotyle javanica Thunb 356
M. Mandal, D. Misra & V. Mandal

Production and characterization of xanthan gum by Xanthomonas campestris using sugarcane bagasse as sole carbon source 363
J. Prajapati, R. Panchal, D. Patel & D. Goswami

Development of bio-process strategy for production of Pleurotus eryngii mycelium with improved ergosterol content 368
U. Singh, A. Gautam, V. Sahai & S. Sharma

Isolation of pectinolytic fungi from rotten tomato, brinjal and banana 374
U. Bhattacharyya, P. Paul, S. Mustafi, C. Sen, M. Gupta & B. Roychoudhury

Phyto chemical abundance (in %) and in silico based molecular target interaction aptitude of essential oil components 378
S. Pattnaik, A.K. Das & Mohapatra

Toxicity assessment of naphthalene on Anabas testudineus 385
S. Nayak, D. Raut & L. Patnaik

In-vitro study of antifungal activity of Lentinus edodes mushroom extract against Alternaria triticina 392
P. Kumari, S.K. Choudhary & A. Kumar

In-vitro antioxidant, LC-MS analysis for bioactive compounds of Artemisia nilagirica 396
P. Parameswari & R. Devika

Screening, evaluation and in silico modelling and docking studies of isolated fungal cellulases for enhanced saccharification of lignocellulosic grass (Pennisetum sp.) biomass for biofuel production 401
H. Thatoi, S. Mohapatra & M. Paul

Attempts for genetic transformation of cotton through ternary transformation system in Agrobacterium mediated transformation- a strategy for improvement of gene transfer method 408
N. Bandyopadhyay

Longevity promoting effect of Catharanthus roseus(L.) G. Don in C.elegans is modulated by daf-16 and other genes 417
S. Doshi & V. Braganza

Effect of freeze drying on anti-oxidant properties of bael fruit (Agle marmelos) 426
S.K. Hazra, M. Salauddin, T. Sarkar, A. Roy & R. Chakraborty

Author index 431

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    Dr. Sen’s research interest focuses on Green Process & Product Development for Healthcare Energy & Environment by Microalgal Microbial Biorefinery for Biofuels &Biorenewables, Algal Biofuels with Waste valorization & Bio-CCS Bioprocess Integration Intensification, Optimization Biochemical & Bioprocess Engineering Enzymes and Biofuels Technology, Biomass & Bioenergy Environmental & Marine Biotechnology Probiotics and Nutraceuticals Biosensor development. Dr. Sen received Distinguished Alumnus – Jadavpur University, Kolkata (2017). He was Fulbright Visiting Faculty (2013-2014) at the Columbia University in the City of New York, Manhattan, NY 10027, USA. (2014).He was Runner up (2nd Prize) of the 3rd National Awards for Technology Innovation in Petrochemicals & Downstream Plastic Processing Industries. (2012) and also received UKIERI (British Council) Award for Exchange Visits (UK – RHUL & University of London, London and University of Ulster, Northern Ireland) (2007).

    Dr. Susmita Mukherjee, Head of Department of Biotechnology, University of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, did her Graduation and Post graduation in Zoology. Having more than ten years of teaching experience, she has participated in different national and international conferences and has authored many papers. Her research work is in environmental biotechnology i.e. environmental toxicology; bioremediation. She has done extensive work on the different ecological factors of sewage fed fishery. Presently, she is working on the phytoremediation of soil Arsenic and bioaccumulation and biomagnifications of heavy metals to understand the extent of damage on the crop plants and on food chain.

    Ms. Rajashree Paul has obtained her B. tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Kalyani University, West Bengal, India, and MS degree in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University, Canada. She has over 10 years of experience in software industry and is currently Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department in University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. Her present research interest is the study of electronic, optical and mechanical properties of Quantized Structures. Mrs. Paul is affiliated with the conferences and workshops both in India and abroad, organizes different technical presentations and various industry-University interactions.

    Dr. Narula did his Masters in Biotechnology with Gold Medal as university topper. He did his doctoral thesis on Pathogen Reduction and Recycling of Bedding Materials on Dairy Farms. He joined State University of New York in Canton in Fall 2011, first as an instructor and finally being hired as an Assistant Professor in Environmental Science and Chemistry in Fall 2012. Teaching is his passion and he has been taking Education classes at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY during the summer, since 2012. He has presented his pedagogy skills at several conferences including the International Conference on Education at San Diego in March 2017, The International Journal of Arts, and Sciences in Las Vegas in March 2018. Presently he is working at State University of New York, Canton.