1st Edition

Biotechnology for the Treatment of Hazardous Waste

By Daphne L. Stoner Copyright 1994
    244 Pages
    by Routledge

    248 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The development of biologically based processes for the treatment of hazardous inorganic and organic wastes is a multi-disciplinary effort requiring the consideration of a number of biological, chemical, and physical parameters, as well as the effective teaming of biologists, chemists, engineers, and regulatory agencies. This new text/reference bridges the disciplines in a unique way, allowing an exchange of fundamental information to take place. The book begins with a description of the biological transformations of inorganic and organic compounds and a review of strategies that may be used for the treatment of hazardous wastes. It continues with a discussion of the physiological and engineering factors that must be considered for successful process development and concludes with a discussion of the regulations that have influenced biological waste treatment and environmental remediation.

    Hazardous Organic Waste Amenable to Biological Treatment (D.L. Stoner). Inorganic Hazardous Waste Amenable to Biological Transformation (H.KL. Ehrlich). Organic Waste Forms and Treatment Strategies (D.L. Stoner). Biotechnological Treatment of Liquid and Solid Inorganic Wastes (W.D. Gould and R.G.L. McCready). Physiology of Biodegradative Microorganisms (P. Adriaens and W.J. Hickey). Genetic Strategies for Strain Improvement (B.D. Ensley). Engineering Considerations (G. Andrews). Regulatory Considerations (S.M. Day). Index.


    Stoner, Daphne L.