1st Edition

Biotechnology of Endophytic Fungi of Grasses

By Charles W. Bacon Copyright 1994

    This book considered the biological, ecological, toxicology, and chemical aspects of research topics as they relate to endophytes of grasses. Several chapters reflect the very pragmatic applications of endophytes and endophyte-infected grasses. Other chapters offer future applications for endophytes and are therefore discussed from theoretical viewpoints. This book contains the collective writings of an international group of experts on fungal endophytes of grasses, all of whom are directed toward, understanding, creating, and exploiting the positive aspects of endophytes. With this book, we are attempting to stimulate and facilitate future explorations of the grass endophytes.

    Section 1: Principles of Classification and Taxonomic Groups 1. Taxonomic Relationships Among the Members of the Balansieae 2. Isozyme Characterisation, Persistence, and Compatibility of Fungal and Grass Mutualists Section 2: Methods for Cultivating and Detecting Grass/Endophyte Interactions 3. In Vitro Approaches for the Study of Acremonium Festuca Biology 4. Stains, Media, and Procedures for Analysing Endophytes Section 3: Ecology of Endophyte-Infected Grasses 5. Ecological Relationships of Balansiae- Infected Graminoids 6. The Potential Role of Endophytes in Ecosystems 7. Physiology and Drought Tolerance of Endophyte Infected Grasses Section 4: Chemical Constituents and Toxicity 8. Chemical Constituents of Grass Endophytes 9. Vaccines and Pharmacological Agents to Alleviate Fescue Toxicosis Section 5: Biotechnological Uses of Endophytes 10. Importance Endophytes in Forage Grasses, a Statement of Problems and Section of Endophytes 11. Molecular and Genetic Methodologies and Transformation of Grass Endophytes Section 5: Utilization of Endophyte-Infected Grasses Based on Agronomic Characteristics 12. Utilisation of Endophyte-Enfected Perennial Ryegrasses for Increased Insect Resistance 13. Acremonium Endophytes in Germplasms of Major Grasses and their Utilization for Insect Resistance 14. Role of Endophytes in Grasses Used for Turf and Oil Conservation


    Charles W. Bacon