1st Edition

Bioterrorism: The History of a Crisis in American Society 2 Volume Set

Edited By David McBride

    Although at the start of the 21st century bioterrorism was newly feared by the public at large, it is one threat that institutions have attempted to anticipate for years. Originally published in 2003, and now with a new introduction, this unique 2-volume collection provides a multi-disciplinary resource on the challenges bioterrorism poses for American society and institutions, from both legal and political institutions, on one hand, to public health and medical institutions on the other.

    Volume one documents and analyses the challenge bioterrorism poses to these political, economic and legal institutions, putting bioterrorism into its historical context as a problem discussed and anticipated by government for decades. Volume two documents the challenges bioterrorism poses to public health and public policy as a weapon of disease and fear. The materials in these volumes provide case histories and discourse by specialists relating to the ways that the bioterrorism threat has been perceived and approached by US health and law institutions.

    Volume 1 – Epidemics, Bioweapons, and Policy History

    Part A: Epidemics and Early Biological Warfare  Part B: National Defense, Bioweapons, and International Agreements: World War One Through the Cold War  Part C: A New National Threat  Part D: Anti-Bioterrorism Laws and Policy  D.1: Domestic Issues  D.2: Protecting the Public and Legal Order  D.3: International Issues

    Volume 2 – Public Health, Law Enforcement, and Minority Issues

    Part A: Responding to Bioterrorism Attacks  A.1: Public Health and Medical Preparedness  A.2: Federal Agencies and the CDC  A.3: State and Municipal Responses  Part B: Courts, Constitutional Guarantees, and the Accused  Part C: Civic and Community Responses  Part D: Critical Perspectives on Bioterrorism and the Future


    David McBride