1st Edition

Biracial Women in Therapy
Between the Rock of Gender and the Hard Place of Race

ISBN 9780789021458
Published February 4, 2004 by Routledge
278 Pages

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Book Description

Get a unique perspective on the female biracial experience!

Biracial Women in Therapy: Between the Rock of Gender and the Hard Place of Race examines how physical appearance, cultural knowledge, and cultural stereotypes affect the experience of mixed-race women in belonging to, and being accepted within, their cultures. This unique book combines empirical research, theoretical papers, and first-person narrative to address issues relevant to providing therapy to biracial women and girls, helping therapists and counselors develop a treatment framework based on sociocultural factors. Researchers, practitioners, and academics provide insight into the biracial reality, taking multiple aspects of clients' lives into account rather than looking for simple hierarchies of well-being based on race.

Biracial Women in Therapy is a building block for mental health practitioners in the construction of theory and practice in working with biracial females. The book examines how a biracial women's racial/ethnic identity intersects with her gender and sexual identity to affect her sense of belonging and acceptance, addressing issues of appearance, social class, disability, power and guilt, and dating and marriage. Topics addressed in the book include:

  • the complexities of multiple minority status
  • how ethnic differences affect biracial adolescents
  • issues encountered by biracial women from a sociohistorical context
  • biracial women's attitudes toward counseling
  • stereotypes of marginalization and identity confusion
  • a multicultural feminist approach to counseling
  • and a first-person narrative of one author's racial and sexual identity development
Biracial Women in Therapy: Between the Rock of Gender and the Hard Place of Race is a one-of-a-kind resource for counselors, therapists, researchers, and academics seeking insight into unique issues of mixed-race women.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Biracial Women in Therapy: Between the Rock of Gender and the Hard Place of Race
  • From Exotic to a Dime a Dozen
  • Utilizing the Strengths of Our Cultures: Therapy with Biracial Women and Girls
  • Biracial (Black/White) Women: A Qualitative Study of Racial Attitudes and Beliefs and Their Implications for Therapy
  • Understanding and Assisting Black/White Biracial Women in Their Identity Development
  • Negotiating Racial Identity: Biracial Women and Interactional Validation
  • Dating Practices, Racial Identity, and Psychotherapeutic Needs of Biracial Women
  • When Face and Soul Collide: Therapeutic Concerns with Racially Ambiguous and Nonvisible Minority Women
  • Counseling Biracial Women: An Intersection of Multiculturalism and Feminism
  • Depressive Symptoms and Attitudes Toward Counseling as Predictors of Biracial College Women’s Psychological Help-Seeking Behavior
  • Biracial Lesbian and Bisexual Women: Understanding the Unique Aspects and Interactional Processes of Multiple Minority Identities
  • Conversations, Not Categories: The Intersection of Biracial and Bisexual Identities
  • Out of the Closet but Still in Hiding: Conflicts and Identity Issues for a Black-White Biracial Lesbian
  • Therapeutic Considerations in Work with Biracial Girls
  • Fitting In and Feeling Good: Patterns of Self-Evaluation and Psychological Stress Among Biracial Adolescent Girls
  • Mixed Race Women: One More Mountain to Climb
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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Cathy Thompson, Angela R. Gillem