2nd Edition

Bird's Comprehensive Engineering Mathematics

By John Bird Copyright 2018
    1226 Pages
    by Routledge

    1226 Pages
    by Routledge

    Studying engineering, whether it is mechanical, electrical or civil, relies heavily on an understanding of mathematics. This textbook clearly demonstrates the relevance of mathematical principles and shows how to apply them in real-life engineering problems.

    It deliberately starts at an elementary level so that students who are starting from a low knowledge base will be able to quickly get up to the level required. Students who have not studied mathematics for some time will find this an excellent refresher.

    Each chapter starts with the basics before gently increasing in complexity. A full outline of essential definitions, formulae, laws and procedures is presented, before real world practical situations and problem solving demonstrate how the theory is applied.

    Focusing on learning through practice, it contains simple explanations, supported by 1600 worked problems and over 3600 further problems contained within 384 exercises throughout the text. In addition, 35 Revision tests together with 9 Multiple-choice tests are included at regular intervals for further strengthening of knowledge.

    An interactive companion website provides material for students and lecturers, including detailed solutions to all 3600 further problems. 

    Section A – Number and Algebra. Section B – Further number and algebra. Section C – Areas and volumes. Section D – Graphs. Section E – Geometry and trigonometry. Section F – Complex numbers. Section G – Matrices and determinants. Section H – Vector geometry. Section I – Differential calculus. Section J – Integral calculus. Section K – Differential equations. Section L – Statistics and probability. Section M – Laplace transforms. Section N – Fourier series. Section O - Z-Transforms. Answers to Practise Exercises. Answers to multiple choice questions. Index.


    John Bird (BSc(Hons), CMath, CEng, CSci, FITE, FIMA, FCollT) is the former Head of Applied Electronics in the Faculty of Technology at Highbury College, Portsmouth, UK. More recently he has combined freelance lecturing and examining, and is the author of over 130 textbooks on engineering and mathematical subjects with worldwide sales of over one million copies. He is currently lecturing at the Defence School of Marine Engineering in the Defence College of Technical Training at HMS Sultan, Gosport, Hampshire, UK.

    "Bird is totally comprehensive and is recommended as the ‘bible’ of maths to all students"

    -- David Kennedy, Trafford College Centre for STEM

    "This will be on my new essential reading book list for new students and students moving into Higher Education… Once more John Bird has written a book which will allow the beginner to expert engineer [to] build a sound foundation in engineering mathematics."

    -- Brian Rowe BA (Hons) BENG (Hons), Head of Engineering, East Durham College